You Ain’t Worth Squat

Don't put yourself out with the trash.
Don’t put yourself out with the trash.












“I ain’t worth squat, shit, nothing.”

These are some of the things that you say about yourself. Maybe it is something that people that loved you said to you when you were not behaving in a way they wanted you to. “You’re a lazy good-for-nothing and worthless.” This is one of my old “recordings” (something that used to play over and over in my mind when I was stuck) and it was one of the things my father used to say to me frequently. He said it because my bedroom was always a mess; it was his way of shaming me into cleaning it up. I felt awful when it was happening. However, it did nothing to inspire me to clean the room or even keep it tidy. I had all kinds of responses for his and critical ways. I would just resist what he wanted me to do. However, I know that it did affect me. It affected me in a way that made me want to be really good at all the things that I put my mind to do. I would always be trying to prove something to myself to prove I was not worthless.

My dad has been dead for a number of years and I am used to having his voice ringing in my head when things used to not go my way. It impacted my life in many ways. If I wanted to lounge on my couch, I could not because I would hear his voice. After recognizing this pattern, I decided to work on this mindset because I was and am not lazy, I had to learn to lounge on my couch in peace! I love to work. However, I loved to work at things that I was interested in. It took a minute to clear up that mess and turn off his voice. I always thought I had to work hard to get the things I desired. I discovered that my self-esteem was low because of those conversations in my mind.

How I was able to address this incessant “tape” was to first notice, then recreate the disempowering thought patterns and then retrain my mind. I had to understand that my life was not a representation of what I had, what I was or what I did. I used to be terrified of making mistakes. I had to transform my opinion of myself. Even though my father tried to pump me up with one conversation, saying that I was worthy, he had no idea that he was disempowering me with another.

Changing my opinion of myself and being present to empowered conversations, I have been able to change my internal conversations from negative to positive. The more I felt positive, the higher my self-value became and I am noticeably confident and powerful. I was not born this way. I created myself through sincere examination and transformation. Only then did I begin to experience more opportunities and take more risks. That’s not to say I do not have fear now. The difference is that I do not let fear control me. As a result, I started to become much more present to my ways of being. I discovered the better I thought of myself the more people and invitations I received (I would get invited to the Ball!). In essence, I am becoming the Ball.

The more positive you are about yourself and your life, the more you will attract what you want, whether it be customers, friends, etc. When you feel good about yourself and you have self-esteem, you develop a sense that you can take more risks.

When you have good self-esteem your level of creativity expands and you are free to create. You don’t need to know anything until a challenge or problem arises. You start to see life as an opportunity to learn, grow and develop.

What are you saying or believing about yourself that is an old conversation, and what have you done, or not done, to change it? Consider it might be impacting your life and self-esteem and creating negative conversations.

Live Life Your Way,

Noreen Sumpter Life Coach

Calling In The One Unapologetically 4.0 Has Begun!

Vacation on an island (1)

Last week I had the profound pleasure of starting my workshop Calling in the One Unapologetically (CITOU) and it was amazing. The women came in and I watched with awe as their faces beamed with anticipation and excitement. I stood filled with my own anticipation in the back of the room and watched my dreams begin to materialize. I felt my future husband. I saw/felt CITOU being conducted in the islands, women being healed and taking care of themselves and sharing their dreams and desires, of living their life their way, abundant woman filled up with happiness. Noreen Sumpter is making a difference in the lives of all woman. I am excited. I am so hungry for this experience. I could eat them up. You know that saying when you see a cute little baby and you say “I could just eat you up?” That is how I feel about the women in CITOU. I could just eat them up. I love them so much.

The women who have participated in Calling in the One Unapologetically I am proud to say they have created some amazing things, business, houses, poetry, books, fashion, photography, dating, Jobs, all out of love. September 18 will mark our 4th iteration of CITOU and the women who are in this group are exciting and excited. I cannot wait to see what they will be creating going forward.

As for myself, I am having a wonderful time creating the love of my life. I cannot begin to tell you how my online dating is going. Last year this time, I could not buy a date. Over the last few weeks my profile is being bombarded with amazing men. All the men that are contacting me are amazing even if I do not want to date them. The level of generosity that is being expressed to me by these men is staggering. The men are sharing with me things that they say they would not share with anyone. This year, after creating CITOU, I am a space of unlimited love. I am in love with myself and in love with others. I know in my heart that I will be in a relationship with amazing man very soon. I can feel it. I am nervous and excited.

What have I done differently? I created a safe community for other women. I created a space where they can literally leave their crap behind. I created a space that is free where around me they can say anything they so desire and they can create courage, take risks, create actions and take them. They can find their beauty and begin to feel themselves healthy doses of love every day. People, can I tell you, I am in love with life and in this workshop and I found that the love that I am looking for that I want to last a life time. It is my love. My love lasts an eternity. I do not have to look for it. I have it right here with me. My job is to share it and give it away. When I started doing this workshop and doing transformational work, I did not know that I was not acknowledging that I was hurt, my heart with empty and I was afraid. Today, what I have found is that I had unconsciously made up my mind to heal my heart. Then, I did not have the words to describe my feelings. Today, I also know that love may not come when you want, but it is right on time and my truth about love would never have been revealed until I accepted that aching space within me.

The Workshop Calling in the One Unapologetically is the second to the most amazing things that I have ever created in my life.

Come and Join us Thursday September 18th at 500 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10018 Studio #401, at 7:00 pm.

Live Life Your Way,

Noreen Sumpter Life Coach

20 Things To Contribute To Your Life’s Happiness


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Contribute these 20 things to your life. If you practice them, they will make you happy.

  1. Stop all negative thoughts dead in their tracks as soon as they show up
  2. Do not, text, email, or call anyone when you are angry (I am practicing this one)
  3. When angry find the source of the anger and flush it down the toilet.
  4. Know that love starts and ends with you  (Love never ends, that’s why we get mad)
  5. Start accepting that you and your thoughts are the cause of everything in your life
  6. Happiness is a result of how you feel about yourself moment to moment (Is that why my hair is so great LOL)
  7. Cause someone else to be happy and you will be happy (Who wants to be happy? Lets play)
  8. If happiness is something you desire make something exciting happen for yourself instead of waiting for something to happen
  9. Be happy instead of in reaction. The only thing to react to is Joy and laughter
  10. Laugh 20 times per day. (Don’t question it Just do it!)
  11. Be a yes to love, joy and happiness
  12. Be ready to create a space of forgiveness
  13. Have enthusiasm and passion live together in the same space
  14. Honor your freedom and let others have theirs
  15. Spend time being grateful for how happy and great your life is, and if it does not look happy, fake it until you make it.  One baby gratitude at a time (something like, “I’m amazing when I smile”)
  16. The less judgmental you are of yourself the happier you will become.
  17. Do not put limits on who, what or how you love. Just love
  18. Do not complain to yourself or to others (This is a huge one, I still have a hard time with this one)
  19. The more you love the bigger your vison of life
  20. The more love you give away, the more love you receive back.

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give yourself that you truly give.”  Kahlil Gibran

Live Life Your Way,

Noreen Sumpter Life Coach

What’s Your Self-Accepting Promise?

Accepting yourself is a big step, but it is the most important one of your life.

acceptingAffirmations are part of accepting yourself. Go through your day and say “I accept myself” over and over again.  Keep saying it no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel.  Eventually, it will start to break through and you will understand that you need to accept yourself.

I encourage you to try writing what I call a “Self-Accepting Promise.” Write down all the things you need to start to believe about yourself.  If you cannot think of anything, take all of the negative things you say about yourself and reverse them.  For example, change “I will never find a good partner” to “I deserve a loving relationship.” Here is my Self-Accepting Promise to myself:

I love myself and that helps melove those in my life and those who come into my life

I will accept myself for all that I am and all that I am not.

I am beautiful, loving and kind.

I will not place judgment on myself or others.

My life is a contribution to the world.

Without me the world would not be the same

I will never force love from another.

I am worthy of all relationships that honor me.

For, I am a woman of grace, dignity, courage and joy.

I am a reflection of life itself.

I respect myself and I respect others.

I love myself and so others love me.

I honor myself and so others honor me.

There is no other me ever.

I am compassion for myself and so others are compassionate with me.

I promise myself that I will always speak my truth with love.

I will be forgiving when I have forgotten who I am.

I will be compassion.

I am power, success creative and abundance.

I am fully provided for.

I have fear but fear does not have me.

What is your self accepting promise? I invite you to share your own affirmations.

Live Life Your Way,

Noreen Sumpter Life Coach

Stop Resisting Your Higher Self And Listen To Your Instincts

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Do you ever get a feeling of heaviness when you are doing something that you don’t want to do? For instance, there are people who are working at jobs they don’t want or do not like; dating people or hanging out with people who leave you feeling as though you have just run a race with ten sacks of potatoes on your back.

You are not following your higher self, or your instincts. When higher self and instinct speak to you, you feel joyful and happy, giddy with laugher. If you are forcing yourself to do something that is in the realm of “should,” you’re not listening to your higher self or your instincts.

I had a friend who was always negative and you could never tell whether she would be in a happy or a foul mood. We would go out and men would speak to us and she would get into an argument. We would go to restaurants and she would get into a fight with the wait staff or treat them like poo. I hung out with her on and off for years because we were from England and we had a few things in common. It did not dawn on me that we were incompatible, until one night after going out with her I came home drained. I had to ask myself why I’m so drained – did I have a good time? My answer was no.

The universe is a wonderful friend because not long after that, she cursed me out the way she did the wait staff. I listened and when she was done I shared with her that I could no longer hang out with her any more and we ended our relationship. It was that simple.  Simple, yes, and a little difficult too because we do not make friends with people to end the friendship. However, more often than not, people are in our lives to teach us who we were or are. We might not like it and it is okay.  We learn the lesson and we move on.  My energy level went up and I started embracing people who were in alignment with my new energy.  People who love people, people who love sharing and enjoying life, giving and receiving compliments.

Do you find yourself resisting and sabotaging yourself?  Now to answer this question you have to be insightfully straight and honest with yourself. In order to tell on yourself, you have to be willing to feel uncomfortable for a moment, but it’s well worth it.

Live Life Your Way,

Noreen Sumpter

Who Really Says How Your Life Goes?


What if you had only three months to live, and the only way you could extend your life was by doing the things that you always wanted to do but never did? Take a moment and think about it. The stipulations are as follows: it has to be do-able within three months, it has to be something that you daydreamed about constantly; it has to be something you never fulfilled or completed in the past.

Consider the following:

The first step would be to calm down, because you may be panicking about the impending end.

Think for a moment and pull yourself back together.

Express yourself and don’t censor or edit yourself in any way.

Be how you want to be and create what you want.

It is no one’s business what you choose to do.

It must be something fun that you would derive pleasure from.

It makes you happy and it is important to you and it could if you choose make others happy.

You have only yourself to please.

Ultimately it is nobody’s business but your own.

You do not have to focus on anything other than your daydream and your creations.

These are the rules

  • You must be completely honest with yourself and that may be something you have never done before in a truly conscious way.
  • Full self-expression, it is necessary to unleash your passions and everything that makes you, you.
  • Willingness to fall on your face and risk embarrassment (FYI embarrassment can be eliminated)
  • Speak to someone every week to keep you accountable
  • It must be something you have never done before
  • You have to be willing to fail and fail big.
  • You must be patient
  • You must trust yourself and you cannot ever make yourself wrong (FYI there are ways to resolve it if you do).

You must be willing to experience trusting yourself and creating your dreams so they will materialize. The other side of this experience is that negative thoughts materialize and unlike your daydreams and fantasies, negative thoughts take little or no energy to materialize.  So you must recognize your words have power to create thoughts, and thoughts create actions.

You must be willing to admit when you are afraid. When you do not, your fear becomes worse.  If however, you admit that you are afraid, the fear can disappear and you will discover you have power.  When you admit to your concerns, they too will disappear. When you do not, they stay in your head and they become even bigger.

You must be willing to distinguish each concern and barrier separately, rather than roll them all into one mass, which tends to show up as procrastination.

The Flipside

The flipside, if you really only had three months, you would start believing in yourself like never before. You would transform your mindset and start playing in the universe; then you would realize it is an abundant playground. You could start believing that you are the captain of your own life. You create and generate your life, job, relationships, finances and you can really have whatever you want. This is because you do it already.  (Don’t believe me, just look at yourself, your nice apartment, crappy apartment, money, no money – you created all of that!) You would either realize that you are amazing, you are beautiful and there is nothing ugly, bad, broke or fat about you.  You would become naturally generous with yourself which in turn would transfer to others who would want to be around you so much more.  Let’s imagine that you created a fabulous week for yourself. You had a wonderful experience this week because on Monday you said everything you needed to say, you were honest with yourself, you honored you word, you did all the things you said you would do. You generated courage to follow through and it’s now Friday and your week went the way you planned it and it all turned out really well.  What’s next?  You get to say.  You always get to say how it goes.

Do What You Want – But Take Care Of Yourself!

The truth is you will always have time for busy. Do whatever you want to take care of you.

There will always be times in life when you have a lot of things going on.  Especially if you are a woman that wants a huge life.  There will always be emergencies where things will and can always go wrong or don’t work out.  I can guarantee that. There will be deadlines at work, and you period has not come, and you have a medical emergency, you feel guilty about what you did last night, last week and last year. The world, hell the Universe will be screaming for your attention.  I am getting sick just writing this list. These are 13 ways to Live Life Your Way and live by your own design.

happylife No is what you say to anything that is not important to you.

Laundry is not important to me.  Clean clothes is what important you don’t have to do it, you can give it to someone else to do it.  People who do not stand for me and who want to make me feel bad about myself you know the people that want something and guilt you into it.  Your mother, boyfriend, friends even the mailman.  You know it’s bad if the mailman can guilt you into stuff.  Things that are not important to you and not necessary to you.  Say No, Good way to handle that is to say I prefer and to do that.

Asking for Help

Asking for help is really important.  A lot of people would rather sit in their misery than ask for help are you one of these people.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help and when you do ask for make sure that you use it.  Don’t waste people’s time talking about help and then not using it.  Most people want to help want to revel in seeing you successful and happy.  People when helping it makes them feel useful, important and important.  You can ask for anything you want anything.  Know when asking People they have to right to say yes or no.  People are grown and responsible for the choices they make it is not you position to choose for them.  Just don’t underestimate people and try to take negative advantage of them.

Stay on contact

It is important to stay in contact with your friends.  No matter the length of time that you have know the person.  People like to be acknowledged and to feel like they are friends.  There are 6+ billion people on the planet and if you do not feel like you have no friends, no one loves you then you know what you are not being a good friend.  You might be expressing love and sharing love.  Love is addictive.  Giving love and expressing love is a good feeling.  Try it.  Send a message, send a text letting people know that you are thinking of them makes a world of difference in another life.  It does not have to be a two lunch it could be a 5 min checking in just to see how they are doing.  Try this on for size,  send out I was thinking out you messages to your friends and people that you want to be friends with and see what comes back.  No it is not weird.  I am doing 5 right now.  Stop what you doing and just do it.  The 1st five people in your phone to start.  I’m back, just sent out 8 instead of five.  Got 3 responses already in 8 mins.  Generally if they are in your phone most are friends.   You don’t have to keep in contact with everyone, most will be okay about it.  However, keep in touch with people are best as YOU can it will keep you happy and keep you inspired around life, making friends and being inspired.

Surround yourself with things that you like.

Surround yourself with only the things that you enjoy or like.  Do not buy or bring into your emotional space things that you do not enjoy or like as they was pull emotional energy from you.  When you in a dumpy mood or low energy having things around you that you enjoy that you can focus on will and can cheer you up and bring up your energetic level.  Pinterest is an awesome app as you can put it on your computer your phone and you can get little boost of inspiration.

Gratitude List

I usually provide this as a tool to my clients, at first they find it difficult as in another thing in life to do then they do the gratitude list as chore then they.  When you are being grateful about what you have in your life.  You do not have time to whine about the things you don’t have.  Gratitude provides you with a tool to protect yourself against negative influences whether you are making, or the result of the activities of negative people around you.  Recognize that you have to power, and put it into constant use until you have created for yourself a wall of immunity against negative influences in your own mind. Our negative thoughts and influences usually work on you through you subconscious mind and are often difficult to detect.  So having a daily gratitude list, even creating one where you share back and forth with friends of like mind will empower you creating dialog instead of monolog where the negative thoughts do not have a chance to pollute you mind.  Gratitude has power to move you forward.  Keep a journal for your gratitudes where  you can go back whenever you need a little boost.

Keep a Planner for your life, and your fun times

Keeping a planner makes you life less crazy.  It is good practice to put all the things that are important to you also adding things that are fun.  Many people put in doctors appointment, work things, children but they don’t really schedule time for fun.  Get in the practice of adding into your planner time for fun.  It is a really exciting thing to look in your planner and see that you have schedule time for vacation, but it is also great to see inside of your day that you have scheduled time for fun things with friends or on your own.  When you keep a planner is it important to schedule everything so you don’t have any shocks surprises and missed meetings.  Once you have got that the difficult part will be to learn to use the planner in a way that is effective and does not make you regret the appointments that you have made.  Balance things, and give your self the right to say no thank you to an appointment.

Keep track of your wins

Write down you wins.  Weekly wins are important so that you can have a real record of your wins and your achievements.  I got a write up in an online magazine that’s  a big win if I don’t write that down.  I will never remember.  Make a habit of writing down your wins and achievement’s  write down you milestones they will help you when you feel that you have hit a wall in your personal achievements’ at the end of the day you can check in.

Your appearance: Make sure you like you

Also make sure that you like what you wearing and that you have your own personal style and that you look the way you want.  That your style is yours.  You don’t have to have the latest blah blah, but it is good to have your own look that unique to you.  With regard to your clothes take on your body, do you feel good about your body, are you a little overweight or a lot overweight, but you wear your body well.  Do you slouch to cover up certain flaws? Could your arms do with a little firming and you find yourself complaining about them.  Then work on them or shut up.  You style has a lot to do with how you carry yourself.  Be bold and move with boldness.  Mousiness will never look great in best of clothes.  Generate your energy.  You could be wearing sweat pants and give an air of confidence where you are wearing them they are not wearing you hiding something about yourself.  When you go out to shop make sure you shop for what you really like, bring a trusted friend who can share with you how the item looks.  However, truth is if you are confident in your image you will find clothes that will state that as a fact.

Create a go to Group

Have a go to group. A go to group is a group of friends that you respect and trust, that when you hit a wall or experience anything that derails you.  These woman are a bigger stand for your life than you are and they will support you to get back on the tracks of life.  They will remind you whether gently or they will shake up if you need a good shake up.  If you cannot afford a coach, a go to group is perfect.  These woman must not coach you or tell you what to do, what they will do is remind of who you are and the commitment and goal that you have or are creating for your life.  They will provide you with a pep talk or a reality check.  

Do something silly that makes you laugh until you tummy hurts

Go and see a really stupid move, there are a ton of them out there.  When you go to this movie, you should laugh naturally, when I mean naturally I mean at your own level and length of time.  Be you, do not go to the movie and do what everyone does, the movie laugh track, when everyone starts are the same time and finishes at the same time.  So unnatural.  That is censoring a natural emotion.  Laugh until you are completely done.  I went to the movies, with this guy once it was a date.  We went to see Fat Albert  The movie was everything and corney. It made me laugh so much that even after people stopped laughing I was still laughing.  It was great to just laugh.  However, the guys said “Note to self never take you to see a movie again”  as me if I cared.  I think that laughing in a movie is a compliment to all the hard work it took to bring it to the movie, I had a great time and was completely expressed and free.  Laughing is good for you . Laugh often and laugh loud its contagious. Make jokes, engage your peeps, share jokes and laugh at lot.  It makes you feel better and is good for your health.  Every time you laugh a comedian get his chops. Lol.

Be emotionally okay

Be ok with your emotions, you have to emotions so that you can express them.  Unexpressed emotions can cause a lot of emotional pain. If you sad, express it.  However, express it a way that allows you to complete the cycle.  Do go digging for sadness, don’t go dregging up old relationships and add them to your new ones.  If you need a good cry, cry and complete it.  Do not blame other people for your sadness your need to cry or for your crying.  If you stressed out, look at what is causing the stress and create new actions to take to relieve the stress.  Stress in a big killer and I am sure you don’t want to die or suffer some stress induced illness.  Do not cover your emotions express them.  She them responsible.  Release all the emotions, frustrations, and the anger in a responsible way.  You will feel so much better with the release and so clear actions to take.  (Here’s an action step call me and ask me how to clean your stress and get your in action).

Write things down

Conversation and thoughts disappear, so write them down.  Get yourself a little book and save your brain cells, ever get those times when you get a great idea, or your hear something.  Or someone gives you the name of something and you think you can remember it.  Well you cannot.  If you have a full life, it is rare that you will remember the thing.  Also, when you can whip out your little book of remembering you actually are telling the other person that what they are saying is valuable enough to write it down.  Don’t waste time trying to remember stuff write it down.

Accept yourself as you are and as you’re not.

Make an agreement with yourself to appreciate, validate, accept and love yourself every moment of every moment.  Don’t think about things that you have not achieve yet.  Love yourself and accept yourself without reservation.  You are very different  and unique from every one else.  You are one of a kind and quite beautiful.  Accept your uniqueness your path is different from everyone eles.  Start loving yourself by stopping the comparisons of yourself to others.  Loving yourself means stepping outside of guilt.   Detach yourself from the reactions of others. Assert yourself with a some compassion.  Show people who you are.  When you show people who you are they get a chance to share themselves with you.  When you judge yourself you stand in the way of your self-love.  Every time you judge yourself you separate your-self from others.  Stop separating and accept yourself now.  You do not have to change anything about yourself.

Live Life Your Way,

Noreen Sumpter

Last Chance To Sign Up For Calling in the One Unapologetically (CITOU)

Few days left to go Calling in the One Unapologetically (CITOU) – RECORDING

If you missed the introduction on Sunday, you really missed something great. It was amazing, fabulous and wonderful. We sipped chilled Champagne in frosted flutes – like the bubbles and fizz of life – and ate the season’s juiciest fruits to remind us of the deliciousness of life.


We had graduates of the course in attendance and I do not have words to describe the texture and flavor that these ladies brought to the evening. The women who took the workshop had discovered their passion and we all are now passionate about our journeys. They became courageous where courage was missing, now taking risks and walking out on the skinny branches by facing fear in the face. We are women and we have fear, fear does not have us.

CITOU women rock their internal houses like never before.

If you are weak of heart, CITOU might not be for you.

In this workshop you lay your heart on the line, you expose your underbelly so that you can step into the woman that you truly are.
• You speak up boldly
• You tell your truth
• You are listened to with passion and compassion
• Judgment gets left at the door.
• The space is filled to the brim with support; you take on your power
• You get to face your fears no matter what they are
• We have the Vegas Rule – everyone’s confidentiality is protected

At the introduction to the Calling In the One Unapologetically workshop, the guests were honored and cherished and they had an opportunity to get a sense of what CITOU is about from women who participated in the last two courses. The introduction was powerful because not only did the guests hear about the power and magic of the workshop, but the previous participants shared some of their personal experiences. Some women had not dated in a number of years and are now having dates where dating is no longer a daunting experience. Women who for years had been trying to fit into some mythical club, are now members of their own fan club and found their own inner peace.

A woman shared about going on a date with an ex-boyfriend and described how she changed her attitude powerfully by seeing her own beauty and experiencing him afresh – and their get together turned intimate and he told her she was “astonishing.”

A gay woman found that she could either feminine herself up or butch it up when she felt like it, discovering the only rules she has to follow are her own.

Within CITOU, the women discovered a myriad of inner and external gifts they already had but weren’t aware of.

Calling in the One Unapologetically calls you in to look at your life and find out what you desire so you can actually receive it.


CITOU is a 9-week workshop and the next one begins THURSDAY JUNE 26TH 2014 AT 7:00PM


Pearl Studios

500 Eighth Ave

New York, NY 10018
Room 401 


What are you willing to do to put fun back in your life?

Last week I was exploring how the past impacts my life in areas that are so young that I did not know that I even had those barriers. I don’t realize these barriers exist until something triggers a response. I do not have the memory of what happened just the response I created to survive.  I also got to see that even though I am playing and having fun in my life,  I am not really playing in areas of my life that matter to me.  One area is a love relationship as I don’t have a man. I also saw that while I am very serious about my business, there is no play in that area at all.
I also got to see a big fat area of my life where there is no play.  I have no play in the area of money and that I do not relate to money as a fun tool.  My adult life has no real spontaneity of play.  So, knowing that I am taking a look from where I am now and creating where I would like to go. What will it take to upgrade my inner conversations t0 first class so I have a first class that is created with ease, grace and freedom.


There is an old adage that says whatever you want, give it away. So I am creating having a first class life in all areas of my life with a focus of love, and abundance and I plan on sharing this with you.

Photo by AForestFrolic
Photo by AForestFrolic

The questions below are something for you to ask yourself.

  • Where in your life is play missing and what would you be willing to do to put play back in?
  • Answer these questions honestly to yourself. You can even answer them with another person.
  • When you talk with others, are you in monologue or dialogue? Could you share more of yourself by being in a open and free dialogue?  Yes or No?  If yes, try it?

Play exists in conversations and is a back and forth experience.

  • What is your experience of play? Is it hard work, easy or do you just not play at all?
  • Are you having relationships and conversations that are back and forth – free of jumping to conclusions, experiences upsets, releasing anger and losing control?
  • Does playing make you feel uncomfortable?

Think back to when you were a child and were really good at playing:


  • What were your favorite games?
  • When you became an adult, did you notice that you stopped playing in your life? When and why did you stopped playing?
  • What are the nature of the kinds of conversations you are currently having in your life? Are they complaints? Are your conversations exciting and happy? Or are your conversations leaving you exhausted or afraid?


Have you forgot to play in your life?

This weekend I had a fabulous time.  I went to a seminar called Wisdom Unlimited, a community event where you could invite your loved ones and play.  The cornerstone of Wisdom Unlimited is play. People who came got to explore the qualities of a child at play—such as curiosity, wonderment, invention, and engagement – with the maturity and wisdom of adulthood. It was the sheer enjoyment of “being” in the moment of daily life with no motives or agendas. Where does one get to live like that? I feel that this experience will have me growing throughout the year. During the event, I saw people being touched, moved and inspired by their own humanity. They got an opportunity to share themselves without barriers, with people they knew and strangers.
In the seminar, I decided to create a 1st class life. It showed up immediately! At the airport, I was bumped up to a seat with extra legroom. We received free food. I realized on my return that I only spent in total $35 for the whole weekend.  Why? because I allowed myself to be taken care of.  How does one do that? By approaching life differently.  What I am taking on in my bones is knowing that anything I want for my life is right under my nose and all I have to do is reach out and ask.  I am taking on asking without fear and accepting that it comes naturally.

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Do you know that we stop growing unless we deliberately take action in our growth and development? Our lives are a series of conversations that we have with people. If we examine at our conversations, we will get a complete look at that kinds of lives that we are living and creating.  Some of us are not creating lives, as we are stuck in our limiting conversations.  I’ll tell you more of my story next week.

You Have The Power To Create The Life You Want

What state do you have to be in before you seek help to transform your

Napoleon Hill was a great man of our time.  He masterminded with the most
powerful men in the world.  He believed that we had the power to create anything we want.  I agree. We can create anything we want.  He created some questions and here are a few of them. (If you want the all the questions contact me at

Please look these questions over and answer them thoroughly.  Be straight
with yourself. If you cannot answer the questions, ask your friends and
see how they see you.

We all have fears: fear of death, poverty, illness, loss of love, criticism and old age.  It is important that we know that negative influences can
work through our subconscious mind and that makes it difficult to
recognize them.

* Do you like what you do for a living?
* Do you often complain about “feeling bad”? And if so, what is the cause?
* Are you envious of people who excel?
* Do you cater to people because of their social or financial status?
* How much time do you spend working about success or failure?
* Who are you inspired or influenced by?
* Do you permit others to think for you?
* Do you neglect to mentally cleanse until auto-intoxication makes you crazy?
* How many needless disturbances annoy you, and why do you tolerate them?
* Do you resort to liquor, narcotics, or cigarettes to quiet your nerves?
* Do you face circumstances that make you unhappy?
* What is your greatest worry?
* Why do you tolerate it when you have access to coaching what is that stops you from taking it?

These are the questions that I am asking people this week. The more
you know about yourself, the stronger your control over your thoughts.
You have to protect you mind from negative thoughts that drag you off
course when trying to accomplish your dreams.   If you fail to have
control of your thoughts, you may be sure you will not control
anything else.

Can’t Get No Satisfaction

I cannot imagine the thought of having to go out to work and perform a job that I do not like or am not happy with.  According to the Conference Board research group, only 45% of American people are satisfied with their jobs.  That leaves 55%  of the population that are not happy with their job. Can you imagine, a doctor or Health care provider training all these years and deciding that they do not like their job or the people they take care of?  Scary.

Not receiving job satisfaction can have a profound impact on how you not only do your job, but how you are left feeling at the end of the day.  Are you satisfied?

•    Do you think it is important to enjoy your job or are you just in it for the money?
•    Do you think that if you enjoy your job your life is fuller?
•    Is it important for you to be able to express yourself in the work that you do?
•    Do you think that you can either have money or happiness at work, and have to give up one for the other?
•    Do you think it takes courage to go after your passions?

In the past, enjoying your job was considered a foreign concept by some.  Most people were raised to grin and put up with the jobs that they had.  Going for a job that you enjoyed was considered to be stupid. It was only important that you gained security and that garnered you the all important paycheck.

People who are working at jobs they enjoy, enjoy their lives a lot more than ones that just accept their situation.  Today, it is important to create a life that you love and a job that you enjoy.  More people are evaluating what is really important to these days.
What is important to you?

•    Are the things that are important to you things that you can share with others?
•    Are you snuffing out your passion and accepting a second best life or third best life?

It is time to re-evaluate your life and focus on what is important to you.  What are you willing to do to have your job provide you the satisfaction you want?

Go for the life that you want NOW! Stop talking, stop making yourself wrong.
Make yourself RIGHT – Today, Tomorrow, Always. Call me to see how 718 834 9450.