What state do you have to be in before you seek help to transform your

Napoleon Hill was a great man of our time.  He masterminded with the most
powerful men in the world.  He believed that we had the power to create anything we want.  I agree. We can create anything we want.  He created some questions and here are a few of them. (If you want the all the questions contact me at Noreen@NoreenSumpterCoach.com)

Please look these questions over and answer them thoroughly.  Be straight
with yourself. If you cannot answer the questions, ask your friends and
see how they see you.

We all have fears: fear of death, poverty, illness, loss of love, criticism and old age.  It is important that we know that negative influences can
work through our subconscious mind and that makes it difficult to
recognize them.

* Do you like what you do for a living?
* Do you often complain about “feeling bad”? And if so, what is the cause?
* Are you envious of people who excel?
* Do you cater to people because of their social or financial status?
* How much time do you spend working about success or failure?
* Who are you inspired or influenced by?
* Do you permit others to think for you?
* Do you neglect to mentally cleanse until auto-intoxication makes you crazy?
* How many needless disturbances annoy you, and why do you tolerate them?
* Do you resort to liquor, narcotics, or cigarettes to quiet your nerves?
* Do you face circumstances that make you unhappy?
* What is your greatest worry?
* Why do you tolerate it when you have access to coaching what is that stops you from taking it?

These are the questions that I am asking people this week. The more
you know about yourself, the stronger your control over your thoughts.
You have to protect you mind from negative thoughts that drag you off
course when trying to accomplish your dreams.   If you fail to have
control of your thoughts, you may be sure you will not control
anything else.