Live Life Your Way Program​

I designed the Live Life Your Way Program with you in mind. You have the most incredible power of all and hold within you a vision of the life you want to live. Through the live Life Your Way program, you will set out on a journey to change your energy within yourself by developing your confidence and self-esteem in all areas of your life.

If you are ready for change and open to trying new things, the Live Life Your Way Program is perfect for you. We will work together to re-create and re-design your life, your way – not your parents’, friends’, or society’s way – your way!

As your coach, I will support you and help you see things you cannot see with yourself. There is no judgment nor criticism. I am here to help you live your life with radiant confidence and self-esteem. You have all the tools. The Live Life Your Way Program will teach you to use them.

With my help and your energy, your life will be shiny, and everything will be possible. If you are motivated to change and ready to make yourself a priority in your life, the Live Life Your Way Program is for you!

The free 15-minute Hello Call will help us get to know each other and see if we will work well together. During the Call, we will learn more about each other and what you want to accomplish.

This is your chance to ask me questions about how I will support you accomplish your goals and develop your confidence. This session will help you decide whether you are ready to have a coach.

The Life Audit is the first step in committing coaching in the live life your way program. The Life Audit is a Deep Organic Dive into your life. Be open for lots of questions and coming to an organic stop that can go over 60 min.  (please be open)

  • Identify negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that block your growth as well as impact your confidence and goals and dreams.
  • Discover what inspires you by clearing nagging thoughts, frustrations, and the transgressions of things left undone.
  • Develop plans and implement actions that will build your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Generate a positive force and envision the possibilities in your life
  • Charge into action to achieve your goals

The Life Audit Call is an investment in you! It is an opportunity for both coach and client to assess their compatibility. You will know if you are ready to move forward and get the chance to see if further coaching is right for you.

Your Life Audit Call Investment: $545.00

In the Live Life Your Way program is based on a frequency process, I coach you to create your game, your design, and your life.  I help you see things you cannot see about yourself. Having me as your personal expert and using the Live Life Your Way program will give you the right tool to do the job. I am the expert who is committed to supporting you in designing your life your way and in living your life with confidence and self-esteem. You will develop the skills to Live Life Your Way.

Relationship Breakup Call

Breakups. Betrayals. Life Transitions. Whether you have been with your partner for a short time or several years, the sting of any breakup/separation is brutal, complex, and complicated. The bottom line is that it hurts. You feel broken and confused. It might be so painful that you don’t even recognize yourself. Maybe you feel ashamed of your feeling and confusion. Or perhaps you are hurting and want revenge.

Are you having difficulty finding the clarity or words to get you past your breakup? Do you want the ill-feeling to stop? Do you wish that there was someplace that you could go to take away the pain and stop this vicious cycle?

Let me help you through the process. Share everything! No holds barred!

We have all had those experiences (including me) more than once. Relationships are complex and challenging. I am here to help you release negative emotional energy, understand what did not work, see the blessings, and create possibilities for future joy.

I will help you love yourself and see how fantastic you genuinely are. I will help you change the record, heal the wound and pull yourself out of this emotional rut.

Book a call with me. Find peace, and clarity, to chart a new path forward.

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