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Taiya is an actress, singer, and songwriter and joins Noreen on the show. She will be sharing her story, her journey, and she  sings a couple of songs.

Noreen is very excited to have her. She will sharing her experience performing with SouljahBoy and her song, Instagram Famous.

Protecting Animals | Live Life Your Way


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There is something for everyone to commit to in society. Pei Su has worked with the world society for the protection of animals for 2 decades.

People love animals. However, love and relationships with animals are very different in other countries outside of America. In some Asian Countries, there are such things as bear farming, illegal wildlife trades and the left-behind children who investigate that stuff.

Join me as I speak with Pei Su from ACTA Asia as she shares about her work and what is happening. She says many of society’s issues are not a quick fix.

Segment 1:

Noreen begins the show introducing her guest, Pei Su. Noreen talks about how they met and how she thinks what Pei is doing stuff that influences other people to do it with her. Pei Su first talks about her work and volunteer experience in Taiwan. She then talks about why she decided to leave Taiwan. Pei then talks about the difference she saw how animals are treated in other countries outside of America.

Segment 2:

Noreen came back talking about the cultural differences that they saw between each country. Such as it is very common in America that people let their dogs get in to their houses or walk them but in some other countries dog lives in the backyard and they are not allowed to go in to the house. Pei also talks about how she had once talked to a five year old kid about his dog. The kid likes the dog but his mother did not allow him to play with the dog because she said the dog is very dirty. She talks about how kids mind is formed by their parents and it affects how they treat the animals.

Segment 3:

Noreen came back talks about the importance of educating kids and parents at the same time.

Pei also talks about the charity that she works to improve the kids that was left behind, she is trying to improve their education with fifteen dollars for one child to learn ten lessons. Pei then talks about her thoughts about the Climate changes in China and how she thinks it can be improved.

Segment 4:

Pei continuous to talk about how she wants to make some changes and help the left behind children. Pei also talks about how kids are seeing their parents as role models. Noreen phrase it as “they don’t do what they what we tell them to do, they do what they see us doing” Kids copy what their parents are doing in their early stage which means the parents acting is very important.

The Cannabis Doctor | Live Life Your Way

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My guest this week is Mary Clifton, M.D., a board-certified, licensed, internal medicine doctor practicing in Manhattan and a recognized expert in CBD, Cannabis and the founder of

Dr. Clifton is also a leading voice in telemedicine for bridging the gap in healthcare availability and affordability for acute care, long-term wellness, and disability.

She works in telemedical cannabinoid consultation and helps companies find telemedical solutions for their platforms and regularly sees patients from around the world on telemedicine platforms.

Her complimentary video library is available at no cost to help patients use cannabinoids safely and effectively for medical and recreational purposes.

Her training tools teach healthcare providers and experts how to provide guidance and recommendations for their patients and clients.

Segment 1

Our guest, Mary Clifton, M.D. opens the show by telling the audience about her childhood and where she grew up. Mary talks about what brought her to New York. She then begins to explain what Telemedicine is. She talks about the history of telemedicine and the obstacles doctors had to go through in order to practice this type of medicine. Mary discusses different studies regarding telemedicine and how there are different laws in each state regarding the legalities of this type of medicine.

Segment 2

This segment opens with Mary discussing her book and her online videos. Her online videos are useful high-quality videos that help people use different medicines, among other things. The ladies then discuss the cannabis treatments and how useful it is to certain illnesses. The conversation transitions into the different types of CBD products. Mary believes that in just mere years, we all will have some type of CBD in our medicine cabinets. Mary informs the audience of how the HIV epidemic really pushed the CBD formulas to the forefront of the medical world. The segment ends with a discussion about the benefits of CBD.

Segment 3

Noreen begins this segment by opening up a conversation about how you can figure out which CBD treatment works best for you. Mary talks about how companies are now labeling their products differently, so consumers will know which product to use form their particular issue/illness. Mary starts to discuss the CBD industries and how several people are getting into the business. She would like there to be more regulation around the CBD industry. Mary begins to discuss the current vaping epidemic. The segment ends with a brief discussion on weed.

Segment 4

Noreen and Mary discuss weed and how it has an impact on the male’s sperm. Although, Mary cannot say that weed causes negative effects regarding the quality or quantity of sperm, she says it changes it. She informs the audience that CBD products are mainly for handling anxiety. Mary then discuss some laboratory studies that are looking to treat other types of  more terminal diseases, such as alzheimer’s. Mary discusses her recent trips overseas, and prison reform around non-violent weed offenses. The show ends with Mary giving out her information around where you can find her.

The Social Media Guru | Live Life Your Way


Alexandra Gebhart is a social media strategist, Google Analytics strategist and featured speaker for Lunch Lady on November 19th.

She is the Chief Strategist for Inside Media Networks. She delivers years of tactical hands-on experience promoting brand content on emerging social and mobile platforms, media, content marketing, web/blog development, SEO, email marketing, marketing automation, podcasting/monetization, and online content distribution.

Most people want to be good at social media and still many people do not understand the real value of social media and the tools they provide you with, the knowledge that you are winning in your social media game.

Join Noreen on Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way as she chats with Alexandra.

Segment 1

Noreen opens up the show by discussing her past week’s activities. She talks about how humans love company. Noreen then introduces her guest of the night, Alexandra Gebhart. Alexandra begin to talk about her dog. She goes on to discuss how she likes living life by her own rules. She talks about how she loves helping people and not having to work a corporate 9-5 job. Alexandra ends the segment by informing the audience about her background and where she grew up.

Segment 2

Alexandra starts this segment by telling the audience about what she loves about her current jobs (Google analytics, social media, etc). Although she works from home, she meets several interesting people and learns of a plethora of things. Even though her job is a “mysterious” online job, she is proud to be apart of this modern internet era. The conversation continues by discussing how technology is constantly changing and evolving. Alexandra discuss how analytics are important to look at, so entrepreneurs will know where their audiences are coming from, demographics, and other basic information about their audiences. The segment ends with Alexandra informing the audience about your Bounce Rate.

Segment 3

Alexandra opens this segment by continuing to discuss how people should look at their Google analytics. She interprets some of the analytical categories for the audience. She actually tells Noreen her top 6 Google searches that led people to her website. Alexandra says people should look at their analytics at least once a week. She then delves into the many other things that you can look at within your analytics, ie location, laptop or PC, male or female, etc. Alexandra ends the segment by discussing how you can test many things on your website to see if you get different results in your analytics. We should leverage our analytics.

Segment 4

Noreen opens up this segment by discussing Lunch Lady; her new venture. Lunch Lady is a community that empowers and educates women entrepreneurs. Since Alexandra will be apart of Lunch Lady, she begins to discuss what she will share with the Lunch Lady audience at its upcoming session/forum. Alexandra explains how there are different types of content creators. You have to make your online content work for you. Different strategies work differently for each business/website. Alexandra ends the segment by reminding the audience that you can live life your way, when you have the right information behind you.

Your Biggest Organ | Live Life Your Way

What’s the biggest organ on a human being? It stretches. It protects. It is beautifully designed.

With the weather changing, find out some way to protect the skin you’re in. Seven Brown, Owner and Founder of Harlem Skin Clinic, will be talking about the secrets – good and bad – of the beauty industry.

Segment 1:

Tonight’s guest is the beautiful, Seven Brown. Seven tells us a little bit about herself. She is a native New Yorker, however she traveled a lot as a kid, due to her dad being in the military. Seven talks about how she started off as a Global Skin Agent. Seven currently owns Harlem Skin and Laser Clinic. She tells us how she originally started her business. She actually rented a small place in a yoga studio and began doing facials. Seven ends the segment by telling the audience about how being an entrepreneur is way more than the product or service. She says she would do it over again, but would go by it a different way, if she had the opportunity again.

Segment 2:

Seven opens up this segment by discussing the laser technology and the science behind it. She delves into a discussion about the different ingredients in laser treatments. She explains how laser can be used for more than hair removal. The human skin is the next topic of discussion. Seven recommend sunscreen for EVERYONE. Seven discusses the history of the human skin and the importance of sunscreen. Seven shares a beauty tip with the audience of how LED light can be a remedy for swollen and burnt skin. Seven’s ends the segment by telling the audience to keep it simple with skin care; cleansing, makeup remover, moisturizer.

Segment 3:

We come back by dissecting the metaphor of how the face is like a mattress. A dent in the mattress is similar to a wrinkle on your face. Seven talks about collagen and the ways it can be corrected. According to Seven, skin products are recession proof. Noreen has Seven discuss the number 1 thing that people complain about when it comes to their skin: dark spots. Seven continues by explaining facial peels. Seven lets us know how most beauty treatments have a calculated injury and why. Seven ends the segment by discussing different skin care procedures. She gives us a little gem about how a specific type of doctor is better for the face/skin, than a plastic surgeon.

Segment 4:

Seven opens up with an anecdote about one of her clients and body dysmorphia. She continues by telling us of how she educate her clients on their skin care; it’s about feeling, not about what you think you look like. Her business motto is a quote by Coco Chanel: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” The conversation transitions into a discussion about plastic surgery and society. Seven ends the segment by informing the audience about her next endeavours.

Younger Than Last Year, Again! | Live Life Your Way

This week’s guest is Robert Troch, Founder of Younger Than Last Year.

His clients are older people who have not worked out in a long time. He trains people and helps them develop their strength to feel younger than they were before, focusing on body and spirit.

Join Noreen as she welcomes him back on the show to talk about his principles of health.

Segment 1

Noreen introduces the guest of the night, Robert Troch. Robert gives us an update on his progress since the last time he’s been on the show. His gym has become very successful. Robert explains the mechanics of his classes; he says it’s more about movement and less about “exercises”. Robert continues by informing the audience of how the movement is his class isn’t hard. He ends the segment by discussing the first things to “go” when you first begin exercising.

Segment 2

Robert starts by explaining in great exactly what it is that does being that he doesn’t consider himself a “trainer”. He has 7 core foundations in his program. He goes through each foundation and explain why it is essential within his program. He explains “getting older” versus “aging”. The conversation continues by Robert explaining how you exercise differently in your 20s than in your 60s. Noreen opens up a conversation about exercise machines vs outside training. Robert explains how while on exercise machines, the body and mind are not aligned. The conversation ends by both of them discussing all the new exercise equipment that has come to the market…i.e., the Mirror.

Segment 3

Noreen begins the segment by asking Robert to explain how exercise/movement can slow down the signs of aging. Robert tells us of how certain things we do in life can speed up the signs of aging. He continues the conversation by talking about stress, sleep, and eating habits and their effects on the body. One specific movement that Robert using in his classes is Crawling. He explains his reasoning for incorporating it into his classes. He gives the example of how babies get stronger by crawling. The segment ends with a discussion on how consistency is key when exercising.

Segment 4

We open up the last segment by discussing stretching, mobility, and flexibility. Robert shows the audience how they can test their flexibility vs their mobility! Robert goes on by discussing the Five Tibetan Rites (you can learn more on his website). He also gives the audience details on how the Five Tibetans came about. Robert ends the show by informing the audience of upcoming classes he is hosting.

From Learning Disabilities To Business Owner | Live Life Your Way

What were you doing at 17?

Join Noreen and find out what 17-year-old Joshua Conrad is doing. Owner of JCSURGE Marketing, Joshua was diagnosed with a learning disability and was failing in school, not because he couldn’t learn. He learns differently.

Joshua said, “Fuck it! I’ll learn my way.” He graduated in the summer 2019 and is now full-time in his SEO business.

Segment 1:

Noreen starts the show talking about her wonderful weekend spending time in one of her friend’s apartment. Then Noreen introduces her guest, Joshua Conrad and talks about how they met. Joshua then talks about his background and childhood. Joshua’s family has a different culture. Joshua then talks about how he found himself having difficulty learning when he was a child. Joshua then talks about how he started to know what he wanted to do when he was in his junior year in high school.

Segment 2: 

Noreen came back asking Joshua how he gets motivated. Joshua talks about how he started exercising and wake up early in the morning and take a cold shower to get more motivated. Joshua then talks about how he first started his business. Joshua then talks about how his learning disability affected him but he still overcame and started talking with others and looking for business opportunities.

Segment 3:

Joshua came back to talking about his SEO business. Then Noreen asks Joshua what he imagines himself after 5 years. Joshua talks about how he liked to learn different languages and in the future, he wants to integrate technology to help people to learn the language better. Joshua then talks about he wants to move out soon and start exploring. Joshua then talks about he is living his life differently from the teenagers that are the same age as him.

Segment 4:

Noreen came back talking about how she thinks Joshua lives his life the way he wants to at this young age. Joshua talks about his family supported what he does makes him thankful. Joshua then gives advice for people that is the same age as him today to go for it and do what they want to do to live their way.


Event Planning Done Right with Aryn Chapman | Live Life Your Way


Join Noreen Sumpter for Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way as she mashes it up with Aryn Chapman from AX3 Studios.

Aryn is an event planner. Aryn’s self-expression and mantra is “be like a river always flowing to the sea.” Aryn is positive and not much phases her.

Noreen has had the pleasure of seeing her in action with some of the most difficult people and situations. She is straight forward and detail-oriented. Anyone wanting to become an event planner should listen to this show because you will learn that event planning is not party-planning as some people think. With a varied background in fine arts, film, and theatre,

Aryn will share her journey of how she came to be and what it takes to be good at her job.

Click the replay and check out the show notes below:

Segment 1:  

Noreen starts the show talking about how she sold a piece of artwork that she painted.

Then she introduces her guest, Aryn Chapman. Noreen mentions that they only knew each other for a few months but she felt like they know each other for a long time because she lives her life her own way just like Noreen. Aryn started her first event planning with a gentleman but he left at the end and she stayed and worked through it. She also mentions that In order to have good planning she has to be organized and have everyone that involves going in the same direction.

Segment 2:

Noreen came back asking Aryn to walk through some of the steps for a small event. Aryn says that the message that people want to send out is the first thing that she will look for. Noreen then talks about how people worry about the budget for the event. Aryn talks about how most people think that going to professional event planning will cost more but she mentions that going to a professional event planning can save more money because they know how things actually work.

Aryn then talks about different types of events that she worked on before. Aryn also talk about how she thinks a big and long conference is necessary because it is better for people to share the idea and time together in the same space.

Segment 3:

Noreen came back asking Aryn how to become an event planner. Aryn talks about that being organized and detail is not the only thing that matters it is also important that “the show will go on whether you’re ready or not”. She also mentions that have a good team is also very important. Noreen then talks about how she defines success for herself is when she is happy and Aryn agrees. Aryn shared the best piece of advice that she received is from her dad that “do whatever she loves and hire others to do the same”.

Segment 4:

Noreen came back asking Aryn when do she feel most alive. Aryn answer that she feel most alive when she is multitasking, she enjoys the busy moment. She then talks about one of her pressure moment. Her team had a big conference in Jerusalem in 2018 and they faced a lot of problems at the moment that she thought they couldn’t make it but eventually, they pulled it off and she learned a lot from it. Aryn then mentions that the most important thing for good event planning is to have a good team of people.

Fly Fishing with Sara Slagle | Live Life Your Way

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In this week’s episode of Live Life Your Way, Noreen speaks with Sara Slagle about fishing. Yes, fishing, fly fishing for that matter.

Fishing is on Noreen’s bucket list – maybe also on yours? Find out why Sara has such a passion about fly fishing. It’s not an easy sport and is mostly practiced by men. However, today many women are taking in the sport.

Why not? It brings nature, peace and patience together. Join Noreen and Sara and find out more as Noreen learns about fly fishing.

Did you know that it is named fly fishing because of the lure that resembles a fly?

Click the replay and check out the show notes below:

Segment 1

Noreen begins the show talking about how she had fun the past Sunday. Then she introduces her guest Sara Slagle. Sara Slagle is a fly fisher, woman fisher, angler. Noreen first talks about how she thinks Sara runs the cafe shop that she works in. Noreen then asks Sara what brings her into fishing. Sara mentioned that her family does fishing and that made her begins to fish at the age of six. Sara then talks about ‘Angling’, a method of fishing.

Segment 2

Noreen came back asking Sara what got her into fishing. Sara’s family went fishing all the time and it is passing from generation to generation and she grew up fishing with her parent so it brings her into fishing. Sara also mentioned that she enjoyed fishing because it connects her with nature. Noreen then says that she searched up online why Fly fishing is called fly fishing and its because the fish eats the fly. Noreen also talks about the history and techniques of fly fishing that she knows.

Segment 3

Noreen came back to talking about fifty-fifty underwater. Sara talks about women and men fishing together and different supplies to stay underwater. Noreen then mentioned how she saw people ice fishing in the movies and Sara talks about how she doesn’t like ice fishing because of the coldness and the unknown things going underwater. Sara then talks about how she only saw women always go fishing with men because people think it is not an easy sport for women.

Segment 4

Sara talks about there are fishing clubs that would teach people how to fishing. Sara also talks about the fishing book that she read and it also teaches people how to fishing. Sara then talks about how she wants a fishing club where men and women are treated equally because she had been into fishing clubs that men and women are treated the same way. Sara encourages people to try and enjoy nature through fishing.

Black Girl Magic | Live Life Your Way


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Join Noreen as she mashes it up with one of the most gracious and smartest woman she knows.

Maisha Walker was the Past President and power behind NAWBO NYC. She rocked NAWBO, bringing her black girl magic to the table. She structured, organized, and put NAWBO on the map in NYC.

Maisha is also the Owner and Founder of Message Medium, a digital marketing company. If you have ever sat in one of her classes, you would know that it is an honor to have her on my show, Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way.

Segment 1

Noreen talks about why today was the best she’s had (so far). She talks about how today she launched “Lunch Lady” and why she’s so excited about it. Noreen introduces her guest Maisha, who talks about her background and her current role in digital marketing. Maisha talks about how one of the first things she created as a young coder was study guides for school and budgets for her family.

Segment 2

Noreen comes back in to talk more about Maisha’s background, and about how she went to a private school in a different town and how that led her to Princeton. Maisha and Noreen talk about their first jobs, and how Maisha was first a secretary. After working as a secretary Maisha talking about working for a magazine publisher and how she used to use multiple spreadsheets to get simple tasks done. Noreen also trades stories of how she got fired from a store when she was young. Maisha also talks about her story of being fired and how it helped her find out what she actually liked. She ended up temping for a couple of different companies, and eventually got a job as an analyst at Morgan Stanley.

Segment 3

Noreen came back asking Maisha how she got eventually got into digital marketing. Maisha talks about how she looks for what she wants to work as. She started coding again and started doing Internet marketing. She became a freelance full-time programmer and she also does digital consulting. When she first started managing her own business she thinks about the way she wants to be managed.  She then talks about leadership, Noreen added that its all about working together as a team. Maisha teaching digital marketing for 15 years and started her online teaching course recently.

Segment 4

Noreen throws the question to Maisha about what she’s looking to create in her life. She talks about how she thinks about how she wants her retirement to look like. She said it is not about retirement it’s about being financially independent. She wants to invest her money by double it every eight years. Then Noreen asks Maisha about how she pictured herself in the future. Maisha talks about she wants to be financially independent and have a family.

Reaching Young Women | Live Life Your Way


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What were you doing at 17 years old? At 17 I was partying and dating.

Join Noreen as she mashes it up with a 17-year-old who has had a profound reach to women in the workforce. Megan Gole will direct us to come together as women to be brave and build our confidence and build each other up.

Segment 1

Noreen starts off the show by introducing her guest Megan Gole, and talks about what she’s been up to lately, including a new series for women called “lunch ladies.” Lunch lady is all about women and money, and the complicated relationship many women actually have with money and how to grow their businesses and leadership. Megan starts talking about how she met Noreen and her life-changing research paper about gender equality and debating. After Megan sent Noreen her paper she was able to talk for Nabo– a women’s empowerment organization. Megan talks about the response she got when she was able to speak for them, and the gratitude that she received.

Segment 2

Noreen came back asking Megan what make her started the research. Megan started debating in her freshman year in high school. She talks about how girls and boys are debating on certain topics that people are expecting to hear from certain gender. Megan also talks about how men are overpowering women in debates. She then talks about how people criticized how women dressed but she thinks women shouldn’t care about how others look at them and should be who they wanted to be. Megan also encourages incoming female freshmen in her school that joined her debate group to speak for themselves. Noreen then asks Megan if she thinks older women are not as confident as younger women. Megan think that all women should be themselves and live their own life.

Segment 3

Megan talks about a story at the Yale Invitational where she debated a high ranking debater in the country. She describes the moment where she picked up her speed and became more articulate and called him out during the debate. The topic was on gender equality which is the area of focus that she is most important about. She then talks about the lack of intersectionality in the debate field and that she wants to look at that closer for the future. She highlights the barriers that poorer people face in the debate field. The money and resources that you need to succeed in this area prevent more people from becoming involved. Megan gives advice to younger people who want to get into debates and public speaking. She then talks about the unintentional sexism that goes on in these kinds of public forums. Megan looks towards the future, wanting to go to law school and having more women in power.

Segment 4

Megan continues to talk about being empowered in whatever you do and allowing women to be whatever kind of women they want. This is something that’s important to iterate to girls at an early age as they go through the high school process. Megan talks about the different things she works on besides the debate team, including Nabo and The Borgen Project. Megan and Noreen discuss what kind of music they are into. Megan then says that the current political climate scares her and the polarization that is within the country. She says that it’s important for people to interact with people who they don’t agree with and is optimistic about the two sides being able to come together.

The Killer Pitch Master | Live Life Your Way


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Precious, the #Killerpitchmaster, is a world-class master communicator. She has had a life, and like a huge ball, she bounces back. She is generous authentic and committed.

Join Noreen as she mashes it up with Precious, and she shares her journey thorough life.

Segment 1

Noreen kicks off the show by talking about how grateful she was for an event that happened over her weekend. She continues to talk about another she has coming up where the main topics will be surrounding women and money. Noreen then introduces her guest Precious, the Killer Pitch Master, who does her own pitch on air. Precious talks about her personal and professional life, and how she went from Missouri to New York. Precious talks about her reasons to come to New York, and how her family background influenced her decisions growing up. Precious tells an emotional story about how she wanted to, and eventually how she got to her dream college.

Segment 2

Noreen came back asking Precious how her time in college was. Noreen then asks Precious why she wants to be the “Pitch Master”. Precious talks about the time she went on the Shark Tank TV show, where she showed off her pitching skills and got praise from Mark Cuban. Precious then talks about her lowest point in life and how she became an alcoholic. She also talks about the man that she dated back in 2010 who inspired her to create the Curvy Girlz Lingerie.

Segment 3

Precious talks about when she hit rock bottom. It got so bad that she stopped taking showers and taking care of herself. She talks about being a people pleaser due to the fact her parents never gave her approval as a child. When she woke up in the hospital after her suicide attempt her father was there and told her he loved her and that he messed up as a father. After her suicide attempt, she was in a psych ward in St. Louis and then went back to New York. She had lost everything and was homeless but had support from The Bowery Mission, where she stayed for a year and a half. She left the mission a year ago and her life has completely changed for the better and she now has a beautiful home in Brooklyn. Precious talks about how her life experiences have affected her work with her clients.

Segment 4

Precious says that “she’s here to live” and that she feels many woman are dead inside and aren’t living to their fullest potential. She always makes sure that her clients know that they have value and no matter how far you’ve gone down in life, you are somebody. Precious’s dream is to be a nationally syndicated talk show host and be able to send five kids to college. Precious has a book coming out about branding and pitches and how to win at the game of life and build a business career. Precious spends a lot of time talking with God and being grateful for being alive.

Limitless Potential | Live Life Your Way

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Join Noreen as she mashes it up with Carmen Dollinger, personal, life and spiritual counseling.

When Noreen thinks of the color yellow, she thinks of Carmen. A few years ago Carmen helped her clear out some blocks that she had been carrying around.

Tune in and listen to what could have been a negative relation become an extremely positive one.  Join with love and light as we mash it up on Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way..

Segment 1

Noreen explains the rearrangement of her closet and dresser. She gets rather emotional about how neat and organized everything is now. She’s going to do the same reorganization with her kitchen and living room in the near future. She says it’s all about structuring and organizing your life. She then introduces her guest Carmen Dollinger who personal, life and spiritual counselor who lives in Atlanta. They met at an event in Atlanta and instantly clicked. They say they have great energy between them even though they don’t see each other that often. Dolly was originally working in corporate America until she left her job and tapped into her spiritual side, which she’s always had a passion for.

Segment 2

Carmen explains her upbringing in Germany and finding her interest in life and spiritual coaching. She says that working a corporate job put her real passion in the background, but she was still able to find outlets to express it. She then talks about the sacred sites that she gives tours on throughout Europe. One specific area she goes to is the countryside of Ireland and she takes people to sacred wells throughout the country. She has a wide range of people with various traditions who come on these tours. She then talks about the impact that these tours have on her emotionally.

Segment 3

Carmen talks about some of the things she had to sacrifice in order to follow her passion. She says it’s all been worth it as she’s constantly amazed by the different synergies she sees when she goes through these spiritual journies with other people. Noreen and Carmen talk about what it’s like coaching people and trying to help people out of their problems. They both discuss the connection they feel to their clients and how important that is. They emphasize the importance of balancing their client’s energy fields.

Segment 4

Carmen talks about living your life in harmony and taking all the different parts of your life and making sure they work together. There are many different things that people can do that can alter the balance in their life. She makes sure her clients know how important it is to make time for yourself. The most important person in your life is you, so this is an essential step in finding balance. Carmen then talks about her most profound spiritual experience, which happened in a national park in Wyoming.

Back from Britain | Live Life Your Way

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Noreen is back from her vacation in Britain. Tune in and listen!

She will share what she discovered while she was away, and update you on the latest in her life.

Segment 1: 

Noreen starts by talking about the great time she had in London. She unplugged and slept in, which she said was a great and relaxing feeling. The purpose for her going to London was to celebrate her mother’s 90th birthday. She says it was great to spend time with family. The only negative experience was her flight with Norwegian Airlines. Noreen details a fun experience she had with one of the kids in her family, named Storm. She was also able to reconnect with some of her close friends that she hadn’t seen in around 40 years.

Segment 2: 

Noreen compares the New York and London subway environment. She says that New York has a much more lively and energetic vibe. Noreen also jokes about the New York smell that hits you the second you get back to the city. She compares the laws in England and the US, specifically regarding the safety of citizens. She uses biker safety as an example where there is some discrepancy, in that it seems England takes more of a “people first” approach. She then talks about some of the different cultural food and music experiences she had when she was in London.

Segment 3: 

Noreen says that this trip made her realize that she needs to travel more frequently. Her business has trapped her with clients and meetings and she wants to get to a point in her life where she can separate her personal life from her business. She wants to create memories and have more fun experiences with family and friends. Noreen then switches gears to talk about England’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson. From what she saw is that most people don’t like Boris. Even though she had an amazing time in London, she says she’s glad to be back in New York.

Segment 4: 

Noreen brings it back by talking about the food in London. She says that the food like meat and vegetables taste cleaner and fresher than in New York. This is due to the fact that it’s less processed over there. She then talks about some of the culture shocks she had when she came back to New York. Noreen says that the people in London look a lot prettier than they did when she lived there. This weekend as Noreen came back to New York she went to Sundae Sermon hosted by previous guest DJ Stormin Norman.

From Uzbekistan To New York | Live Life Your Way

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Uzbekistan. Where is it, what kinds of people live there. What brings them to NY. Join me tonight as I speak with Shakhlo Makhmudova who is new in NY she will tell you why.

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Segment #1:

Tonight on the show Noreen greets us with the weight and the importance of family as one ages. Noreen introduces her guest Shakhlo Makhmudova and tells how they came to know each other at a networking event. Shakhlo found a pull to New York through her interest in culture and developed education system. On top of that, close friends in New York made the option all the more attractive.

Segment #2:

Returning to the show Shakhlo regales us with stories of Uzbekistan’s subway system sans rats. The two of them speak on Shakhlo’s experience moving here. Shakhlo hadn’t felt totally natural in Uzbekistan, though that wasn’t fixed overnight after moving to New York. She feels that moving here has made her more independent. Shakhlo’s finds difficulty completely relating and translating her experiences into Russian when talking to her friends and family.

Segment #3:

Noreen talks about her experience of traveling to the US from England. She talks about the difference in immigrating to this country back then compared to the present day. Although she doesn’t know what it’s like to be an immigrant today, she does sympathize with the struggles that they are facing. Shakhlo talks about what she wants for herself in the US. She wants to have a fulfilling career, start a family and travel. She then tells Noreen what advice she would give to children in Uzbekistan. She believes that it’s crucial to build up as many skills as possible and always ask questions. Chaklao felt she needed to get out of Uzbekistan and not fall into the cultural norms. Noreen talks about growing up in NYC and forcing herself to break away from her parent’s advice.

Segment #4:

Shakhlo talks about the different types of foods that are common in Uzbekistan including kebabs and where you can find Uzbek food in New York City. Noreen talks about how you can get food from all over the world in New York City and her dislike for shrimp. Shakhlo talks about not regretting move to New York and how she loves the energy and opportunities that come with living here. She talks about the doubts and challenges people tried to tell her about before she moved and how she wanted to still do it anyway. Noreen and Shakhlo talk about learning different languages and English being a difficult one to learn.

DJ Stormin’ Norman | Live Life Your Way

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Join Noreen as she mashes up the place with DJ Stormin’ Norman on Tuesday on Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way.

DJ Stormin’ Norman originally hails from East London, UK and is now a resident of Harlem, USA. In the 90’s, he was part of a groundbreaking DJ collective who brought the Thunderstorm Mix on WBLS 107.5FM NYC, introducing live mixing to daytime radio, previously reserved for weekend nights broadcasted from night-clubs, setting a new precedent in national radio.

For over 20 years, he’s played major New York clubs, exclusive downtown spots, elite private events and world tours. Currently, DJ produces the most anticipated event of the Summer season in New York City- Sundae Sermon, bringing thousands of attendees together in Harlem parks… termed by many “the Woodstock of Harlem”.

Continuing his brand, DJ Stormin’ Norman hosts his own show entitled Sundae Sermon Radio on WHCR 90.3fm, has a record label (Sundae Sermon Recordings), and for 2015 the not-for-profit Sundae Sermon Foundation. DJ Stormin’ Norman is also the DJ resident of Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster in Harlem.

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Segment #1:

Noreen greets our guest and immediately dives into Norman’s early life in East London. Norman worked his way through education through acting school at Iona, but soon found himself totally preoccupied with Djing. The two of them speak on the pressures of notoriety and celebrity life. Through Djing Norman ran into Idris Elba.

Segment #2:

The DJ lifestyle kept Norman occupied until a sudden loss of inspiration for Norman. From here Norman transferred to a career in real estate. Norman goes into how he was able to continue playing at his home. His neighbors loved it. With his rekindled enthusiasm for music Norman decided to get back to Djing. Norman speaks on Sundae Sermon and Noreen weighs in expressing the familial quality this party carries with it. A glimpse into the club kid scene from Norman as he recounts his earlier club experiences leaves us before commercial.

Segment #3:

Norman continues to talk about the evolution of Sundae Sermon. Norman loves the impact that this event has on the people that come and the light that it brings to their lives. Noreen went for the first time recently and said she loved it. Sundae Sermon is now at St. Nicholas Park, but Norman believes that soon they will need to change locations and find a bigger space. While this may move the show out of Harlem he says it’s necessary when something grows so much. Norman talks about how the digitalization of music has changed the industry, especially with the spread of house and disco music. Norman especially loves these genres of music because there are no rules to the dancing, you just do whatever your body tells you.

Segment #4:

Norman gives detail about the only Sundae Sermon of the year which will occur on August 11th from 1-6 P.M. at St. Nicholas Park in Harlem. Norman then talks about his massive record collection and how the art of record collecting and using records for DJ’ing has decreased over the years. This has completely changed the culture of DJ’ing and clubbing and made it more one dimensional. Noreen asks Norman about the possibility of him creating a documentary about DJ’s. He says that he’s been in multiple focusing on the history of dance and hip-hop music.

Surf Your Mind | Live Life Your Way

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Join Noreen Sumpter as she mashes it up with the Founder and Creative Director of Seymour ProjectsMelissa Unger.

The SEYMOUR+ space. Melissa leverages her experience and one of her many goals is to nurture human consciousness in a world increasingly dominated by technology. Melissa’s years of collaborating with artists, forward-thinkers, and leading minds from a wide range of creative fields coupled with a decade of research have afforded Melissa unique insights that she strives to communicate in an innovative and impactful manner.

Via Seymour Projects and all of her work, she endeavors to leverage creative ideas and concepts to effect positive social change, promote social cohesion, empower and inspire.

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Segment #1:

Noreen starts the show by introducing her guest Melissa Unger, Founder and Creative Director of Seymour Projects. They talk about the first time they met at a coffee shop in Brooklyn and the instant connection they had. Melissa goes into her diverse resume and the different creative projects she’s been involved with, including production management of music videos for heavy metal bands. Both Noreen and Melissa talk about having careers that haven’t gone in a straight line.

Segment #2:

Melissa fights back against the negative stigma of being an english major and how her studies helped her going forward in her life. Melissa talks about goofing off in school and that she felt she was too young to be going to college at the time. Noreen discusses her own experience in college in the U.S. They relate their college experiences to how they both think outside the box and felt restricted by testing; Melissa describes it as 360-degree thinking. Noreen feels that school was a form of domestication and that they were treated like robots. They both agree that the creation of the internet has combated this problem and allowed people to think more freely.

Segment #3:

Melissa talks about how she started the Seymour Projects after working on movie sets and after working for an animation company. She explains how during this time she came into contact with Harvard University’s Project Zero and how this sparked her desire to use creativity to enact change. She chronicles how she decided to go to school to pursue her Masters, but ultimately left to start work and how in her mid-40s she decided she was tired of working for others and decided to create the Seymour Projects, which is named after her father. Melissa talks about the influence her father had on her and how his personality has influenced the core elements of the project. She talks about the different jobs she had, her work in Paris and how going to France was the first time she took control of her own destiny.

Segment #4:

Melissa talks about knowing from very early on that money does not create happiness and how she wanted more freedom with non-profits. She talks about it being important for people finding their path to realize that who they are and their priorities change from decade to decade and to take stock with each decade.  She talks about how when she came back from Paris she wanted to lean back and let things come to her rather than lean in and want it right away. Noreen and Melissa talk about women discussing their ages and the taboo that surrounds it and at what ages they feel like they became their person.

Fashion and Working Hard | Live Life Your Way

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Join as Noreen mashes it up with Giannie Couji. She is an artist, model and cursor of an awesome art magazine that is published a few times per year.  She is very creative and in touch with a series of people that you only know if you are in the scene.

Learn about what brings art alive on the pages of her magazine.

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Segment 1

Noreen starts off by explaining that if you have a plan in life, you don’t potentially need to follow that plan. Life is all about experiencing new journeys and in our life she wants people to know that life is not static. We should look at life as your always growing and shifting to achieving new goals. Noreen than gives a background story on how she met Giannie Couji. Noreen and Giannie met through a mutual friend name Phaedra at her dinner party. Phaedra’s dinner party was full of fashionable, artistic and creative friends. Giannie came to New York at the age of 17 and later lived in Paris for a year. Eventually she moved to London where she studied to be an accountant for 3 years.

At first, she wanted to become a dancer, but her mom wanted more for her daughter. Giannie became into fashion through her friend name fefe who introduced her to another friend who is a fashion editor. A fashion editor is a person who studies magazines, which is different from a fashion stylist because a fashion stylist is a person who styles celebrities. She then explains how her mother made her an independent woman and how she later moved out and became a waitress to start her fashion career. She developed an internship in fashion and she was the first in charge to return the clothes from the shoot. This means she was in charge of the room that was full of clothes and returned them to the PR people. She managed clothes roughly around 100 people and she had to return the clothes within 2 weeks.

Segment 2

Giannie then became an apprentice for 6 weeks and later stayed with that career for 3 years. She learned that fashion is not all about beauty, it’s more of labor. Giannie and Noreen talk about the history of fashion and Giannie believes that Europeans have more experience in fashion than Americans. They are less uptight than  Americans and Americans spend more money on clothes than Europeans. When she worked in the fashion industry, she noticed that everyone would wear the same clothes, but in America we spend more money on clothes than we need to.

The inspiration for starting her magazine was to be the first black girl to create a magazine full of multicultural topics. Giannie has a wonderful team that helps her create these magazines and it wasn’t hard for her to start her magazine. She knew who she wanted to work with and she knew what she wanted to talk about in her magazines. Giannie creates two magazines a year and she realized in order for her to be successful in her career she needed to overcome her shyness.

Segment 3

Giannie talks about the differences between who she is today and who she was with the early issues of her magazine and how she has grown during the time. She talks about the struggles of functioning a magazine, including getting advertisers. Giannie explains how she finds her artists for her magazine and how she uses Instagram to dofind them. Noreen and Giannie talk about Giannie’s eye for art and how her magazine has helped her to become more detailed. Giannie talks about who she would love to have in the magazine including Cicely Tyson and Nelson Mandela.

Segment 4

Giannie explains how she came up with the name Ubikwist for her magazine.  She explains how to find her magazine on and on Instagram and iTunes. Giannie talks about what she looks for in an intern and how people she works with need to have good energy. She talks about how her mother still thinks she’s crazy for pursuing a career in fashion but it overall proud of her. Noreen asks Giannie if she’s happy with her choices and Giannie talks about some of the feedback she gets about the magazine.

The Ups and Downs of Being an Entrepreneur | Live Life Your Way

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Fill your cup up with what you love. Join Noreen as she will be talking about being an entrepreneur.

The highlights, the ups and downs of it. Why is it important to love what one does when it come to their work? Join Noreen and mash it up as she shares about her life as a business person.

Find out why business is not for the squeamish and tell her about your world as an entrepreneur.



Benefits of CBD: A Billion-Dollar Investment Business & New Frontier | Live Life Your Way

We are upon a new frontier of Weed, Marijuana, & CBD. Join her as she mashes it up with Thomas Charpié, owner and found of BKLYN CBD. Brooklyn CBD is really great stuff.

Thomas Charpie, Owner and founder talks about discovering CBD from friends who found it help them sleep and reduced their stress. He had a background in finance that he loved and he started a swimwear company on Instagram and now he is now an owner of Brooklyn CBD.


Burning Down the House | Live Life Your Way

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We can change our lives if we want. The Bible said that God created the world in 7 days. He created the heaven and the earth and said “Let there be light.” Join Noreen as she talks about her new program, Ten Tips in Ten Weeks Challenge. Consciously transform your life from within.

How Long Does Menopause Last | Live Life Your Way

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How long does Menopause last?

Menopause is the thing that women don’t readily talk about. Seriously, if you a woman with a pussy, vagina or whatever you may call it. You will go through menopause. Getting older losing you’re sexy. I think it is important to talk about it. My vagina plumpness. The face is losing plumpie, the vagina is losing plumpie as well. Menopause, night sweats, losing flexibility, dry vagina, what the hell is going on.


Homage to My Sister | Live Life Your Way

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Join Noreen this week on Beyond Potential as she pays homage to her sister.

Her sister recently died of breast cancer last month. She was a trooper. She fought a good fight. She knew that it could take her out. She fought for 10 years.

Join Noreen as she remembers her sister and join Noreen if you have lost someone close to you and would like to pay homage to their memory on

Aladdin On Broadway | Live Life Your Way

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Broadway comes to Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way! Join Noreen Sumpter as she gets up close and personal with Stanley Martin, Broadway performer, now performing in Aladdin.

This show is going to be fun. Find out how he handles being Aladdin on Broadway. Find out what sets him apart from the hundreds of people who don’t look like him on Broadway. Let’s talk about his Broadway acting career.

Find out what it takes to be on Broadway and maintain a life. #Aladdin

The Hero Club | Live Life Your Way

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Join Noreen Sumpter as she mashes it up with Tricia Benn, General Manager of The Hero Club.

She is fearless and spiritual and works with big data. She knows that having big data is not enough. She is honest about what marketing really is. I love that she uses the M-word.

Join me and find out what the M-word really is and all about the Hero Club. Why is the M-word important to all who are in business and work with data marketing…

What Roles Are You Playing In Life? | Live Life Your Way

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Join Noreen Sumpter on Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way as she mashes it up with Van Dirk Fisher, the Founder and Artistic Director of The Riant Theatre and the Strawberry One-Act Festival.

He has spent his career nurturing and inspiring New York City’s emerging actors and playwrights. A native of Brooklyn, he performed on stage and screen. Like most people who are committed to living their dreams, their dreams start early in life.

Van Dirk has always been fascinated by plays and musicals, exploring human behavior and seeing what he could reveal by how a story was told. Join Noreen and Van. Find out if you have a story in you that would look great on the stage.

The Procrastinator in Motion | Live Life Your Way


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David Parker, author of The More You Do, The Better You Feel.

Overcoming depression and procrastination. David David will share what it was like for him to live life as a totally inadequate adult. His twisted logic simply made no sense.

So, he spent a large amount of time doing nothing but watching television while cursing himself for his inactivity. Is procrastination is just a substitute word for laziness? DAVID PARKER suffered for years with depression and anxiety. During a particularly low point, he recalled a friend’s advice and started keeping a feelings diary which he does not keep anymore. After keeping the diary for some time, he saw a connection between the tasks that he avoided facing and his poor feelings and low self-esteem. Armed with this insight, Mr. Parker taught himself to face his tasks and the overwhelming feelings they brought by learning to focus on using the J.O.T Method.

Talk is Cheap | Live Life Your Way

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Join Noreen Sumpter as she Mashes it up with Robyn Hatcher, speaker, and coach, on Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way. Robyn was not a natural-born speaker. She was shy, and her nickname was shy.

Robyn helps people communicate. I love when people master their early fears and weakness and master them. I believe that gives the coach/teacher an edge to see what is missing to help others expand their skills.

Join me while Robyn shares her skills that can help you elevate the way you communicate so that you can remove your communications straight jacket.

How to Manage an Event Perfectly | Live Life Your Way

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Join Noreen Sumpter as she mashes it up with Cheryl Gentry, CEO and Founder of Glow Global, a full-service and award-winning event management agency.

Last year, Glow celebrated their 20th year in business. Cheryl Gentry and Glow provide passionate seamless planning for her clients. She is knowledgeable. Her company has received 12 awards. Cheryl has created and established a name for herself by perfecting even the most minor event.

This week, on Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way, Noreen will be discussing all the in’s and out’s of what it takes for Cheryl Gentry to run an event planning business and, most importantly, what is it that makes her so detail-oriented. Find out if she was born this way and how she got to be the way she is.

Can Anyone Write a Book? | Live Life Your Way


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Stephanie Gunning, a 34-year veteran of the mainstream publishing industry, specializing in books on the topics of health, spirituality, personal growth, and new thought. She has lost track of the number of books she has written. Her creative endeavors are dedicated to individual empowerment and the conscious evolution of humankind. “Working with visionary thinkers gives me an advanced education in human potential,” Stephanie says.

“Each day they inspire me to contribute my own talents and message to the world, as best as I am able.” Her clients include publishing firms, literary agencies, small presses, and entrepreneurs. She is a writer and ghostwriter for some today extremely popular books and publishing houses.

Join us as Stephanie Gunning shares with me why she writes for people and who can write a book and what it takes to do it. Even you can do it. Yes, you can write a book. Find out why Stephanie stays the writing is an unstable business. Receive a copy of her structure and layout of how to write your book successfully.

My Last Bad Day | Live Life Your Way


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Michael O’Brien, author of Shift and My Last Bad Day.

Drawing on the personal story of his ”last bad day,” Michael shares the emotional and physical recovery from his near-death accident on the morning of July 11th, 2001. A keen cyclist out on a training ride in New Mexico, Michael was hit head-on by an SUV that crossed into his lane traveling 40 miles per hour.

Shifting mindset helped him regain his life. Join Noreen as she goes with Michael on this journey into the darkness of his recovery. Who was Michael before the accident? Who has he become after this incident? Family is most important to him. Discover Michael’s perspective about life, love, work and living.

I Can’t Bloody Believe It! 3,544!



In January, I had 3,544 listeners on my radio show.  I want to say thank you to all of the people who have listened to my show.  I am excited! 3,544 just for January. Come on! I cannot believe it!  Thank you to all the guests who have been on the show. Thank you to the people who have snored and said something snotty about it. I don’t care; my belief is no matter what people say about my show- positive or negative- it’s something. It is better to have people say something than nothing at all. It is still better than nothing. Thank you for all of it.  I am a cowboy, or in my case a cowgirl, in the Wild West, which is the radio- the good, bad and ugly of it.  Let me tell you, at times it can get ugly, way ugly. But, I love it.  

Taking on the responsibilities of working, being a personal life coach, and having all the other responsibilities that I have taken on, it is not easy. As I said in one of my shows, It ain’t easy having a radio show- none of it. Finding the guests, creating topics/subjects, presenting or anything about radio. I have to give a big shout out to Oprah, Jimmy Kimmel, Larry King, Ira Glass, and This American Life. ( I have been on This American Life that show). Now, I see why my interview on This American Life was so long, and then they cut it down to a small segment. Being interviewed for an hour for a 10-minute radio segment takes time, and I am not a professional.  So shout out to Howard Stern and all the others.  Nuff respect.  I raise my hat to you all.  Being on the radio is not easy. Being in the public eye is not easy. However, it is exciting. Guys, last week I got my first call-in from a stranger.  It was amazing.  A stranger- that’s big time. You have no idea how that feels, but it felt good.  

Radio is learning; I genuinely have no idea how I sound. A few nights ago, I had a conversation with a neighbor who told me that me she listened to 3 of my shows.
I asked, “How was it?”

She said, “Err.”

I pushed.

“It was ok.”  

Gosh, okay, I thought.  Just okay?  “What worked and what didn’t?” I said.  

“I love your laughing. It makes me laugh. But, one show you were laughing too much.”

Well, what can I tell you?  It’s funny sometimes. I can’t take myself so seriously. I get it. Some people are funny. The truth is, I am enjoying myself.  However, I have made a note of that and will curb the laughing or keep it to a minimum. Not. I will be natural.  I cannot be what I am not. I live life my way which means being happy.  

Beyond Potential Live Life Your Way The radio show is a testament to the kind of person I am.  I just jumped in and took a risk and am still risking it. I have a thing that I say when I am going to start something new: “Jump, Noreen, Jump!” It’s usually something that I have been thinking about a while, and then I just jump. I have been a jumper since I was 16 years old.  I knew at 13 that I wanted to visit New York. It was a dream. I had seen it on television millions of times.  So, when I turned 16, I left school and got my passport together, saved some money, then told my mother that I was going to New York on Friday.  My mother looked at me and said how you are going to do that.  It’s already done I said. Friday came, and I jumped.  Then when I turned 19 after going to NY a few other times, I jumped again, and the rest is history.  Beyond Potential Live Life Your Way show is a lot like my life. I’m a jumper. My guests are jumpers.  Yes, it is scary to face my fears and do it anyway.  What I know is that if I don’t jump, I will not experience new and different things that live as dreams in my life. Then, I would be a hypocrite, and my clients cannot get what they want. So I jump, and I live life my way.  

Most entrepreneurs that I’ve met, worked with, or read about are people that took risks and jumped in.  They enjoy/love what they do and get involved and engrossed in projects that they are working on.  Most entrepreneurs get engaged. Furthermore, being an entrepreneur is the last thing on an entrepreneur’s mind. They want to be successful. They know what they want to do, like Mark Ruben, who wanted to be rich and mastered being a salesperson. It’s about doing what they love, putting their heads down, and getting stuck in. They burn every kind of oil- midnight and the rest. Being involved and stuck in can mean no food, no bathroom breaks- just love.  They are totally tuned in.

So thank you to the 3,544 people who have listened to my show in January and the people who have listened since the beginning.  Here’s to more laughter, fun, and massive growth.  I am still reeling, and I want to tell you it ain’t easy, but I am happy.  So, thank you for your contribution and thanks for your ears.

#Entrepreneurs #Enjoy #Happy #Beyondpotentiallivelifeyourway. #MarkRuben #ThisAmericanlife

Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way radio show

Noreen Sumpter is a Personal Life Coach, certified by New York University (NYU). She is an Ambassador for the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and also the Vice President of Business Referral Group (BRG3) of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and Vice President, of Member Engagement for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). Noreen has been featured in Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine, Reader’s Digest and was interviewed by Ira Glass on This American Life.

Noreen founded the “Live Life Your Way Program” to address the demands of people being stuck in their lives in ways that trap and inhibit their personal and professional growth. Noreen is a potentiator, helping you to not only reach your potential but go beyond your personal potential by owning your voice, speaking your truth and to ‘Live Life Your Way’.



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