The Secrets Google Analytics Can Reveal About Your Business

Understanding Google Analytics and regularly reviewing the activity reports is one of the most important things you can do for your business as it tells you whats working and what is not working in your overall digital marketing efforts. It can help you clearly define and target where and how you should spend your time in attracting new business.

Every business owner has pressing questions which include;

  • What do you see when you Google yourself or your business online?
  • How do your potential customers find your business website?
  • Who is visiting your website, and when?
  • What are they looking at when they visit?
  • How much is a click worth to you?
  • How long are website visitors staying on your site?
  • Which pages or blogs are most popular or drive the most lead conversions?

November’s Lunch Lady event went over how to answer these questions as we took a deep dive into the world of Google Analytics!

  • We reviewed some of the most important steps to improving and setting up your Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and Search Console properties and showed you how to connect them to your Google Ads account if you have one.
  • We also covered how to set-up regular reports that focus on just the information important to you, and get them delivered to your inbox as often as you’d like.

Learning to navigate Google Analytics is one of the most important things you can do for your business.

About the presenter:

Alexandra Gebhardt is the Chief Strategist for Inside Media Networks, her digital marketing firm. In her current role, Alex delivers over 10 years tactical hands-on experience promoting brand content on emerging social and mobile platforms. She helps startups and Fortune 500 firms develop their content strategy, build online communities, encourage conversations, and generate leads. An evangelist and active member of the tech community, Alexandra is considered an expert in social media, content marketing, web / blog development, SEO, email marketing, marketing automation, podcasting/monetization, and online content distribution. She was also Executive Producer for a range of technology broadcast and online programming. Prior to starting her own agency, Alexandra held global senior marketing, sales, and tech positions at Agfa and was Manager Digital Color, Pantone, Inc.

Her contagious passion for technology, marketing, and social media helps her advise her clients on how to best integrate the latest tools into their business plans to drive results and ROI. Her unique insight into new media technologies brings a fresh spin to traditional communications, PR, and media content. Alexandra delivers the experience, content, and edge that empower content strategies her clients employ or seek to implement.

Alex has worked with a broad range of firms across multiple industries. Some of the companies she’s helped include; Apple Inc. (FileMaker), Microsoft, HP, Olibra/Bond, Beddit, Bendheim, Looker, Tamr, Nifti, Carpooling (before being purchased by BlaBlaCar), Oomnitza, AVCON,, Phottix.

Ms. Gebhardt is a also seasoned speaker, who for most of her career has presented technical, marketing, and social media related topics regularly at global industry conferences such as; CES, National Association of Broadcasting NAB (Post|Production World) Conference for 8 years, and Photokina’s Business Forum Imaging conference in Cologne, Germany for 3 years.

Black Girl Magic | Live Life Your Way


Click play to listen to audio only:


Join Noreen as she mashes it up with one of the most gracious and smartest woman she knows.

Maisha Walker was the Past President and power behind NAWBO NYC. She rocked NAWBO, bringing her black girl magic to the table. She structured, organized, and put NAWBO on the map in NYC.

Maisha is also the Owner and Founder of Message Medium, a digital marketing company. If you have ever sat in one of her classes, you would know that it is an honor to have her on my show, Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way.

Segment 1

Noreen talks about why today was the best she’s had (so far). She talks about how today she launched “Lunch Lady” and why she’s so excited about it. Noreen introduces her guest Maisha, who talks about her background and her current role in digital marketing. Maisha talks about how one of the first things she created as a young coder was study guides for school and budgets for her family.

Segment 2

Noreen comes back in to talk more about Maisha’s background, and about how she went to a private school in a different town and how that led her to Princeton. Maisha and Noreen talk about their first jobs, and how Maisha was first a secretary. After working as a secretary Maisha talking about working for a magazine publisher and how she used to use multiple spreadsheets to get simple tasks done. Noreen also trades stories of how she got fired from a store when she was young. Maisha also talks about her story of being fired and how it helped her find out what she actually liked. She ended up temping for a couple of different companies, and eventually got a job as an analyst at Morgan Stanley.

Segment 3

Noreen came back asking Maisha how she got eventually got into digital marketing. Maisha talks about how she looks for what she wants to work as. She started coding again and started doing Internet marketing. She became a freelance full-time programmer and she also does digital consulting. When she first started managing her own business she thinks about the way she wants to be managed.  She then talks about leadership, Noreen added that its all about working together as a team. Maisha teaching digital marketing for 15 years and started her online teaching course recently.

Segment 4

Noreen throws the question to Maisha about what she’s looking to create in her life. She talks about how she thinks about how she wants her retirement to look like. She said it is not about retirement it’s about being financially independent. She wants to invest her money by double it every eight years. Then Noreen asks Maisha about how she pictured herself in the future. Maisha talks about she wants to be financially independent and have a family.