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Join Noreen as she mashes it up with one of the most gracious and smartest woman she knows.

Maisha Walker was the Past President and power behind NAWBO NYC. She rocked NAWBO, bringing her black girl magic to the table. She structured, organized, and put NAWBO on the map in NYC.

Maisha is also the Owner and Founder of Message Medium, a digital marketing company. If you have ever sat in one of her classes, you would know that it is an honor to have her on my show, Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way.

Segment 1

Noreen talks about why today was the best she’s had (so far). She talks about how today she launched “Lunch Lady” and why she’s so excited about it. Noreen introduces her guest Maisha, who talks about her background and her current role in digital marketing. Maisha talks about how one of the first things she created as a young coder was study guides for school and budgets for her family.

Segment 2

Noreen comes back in to talk more about Maisha’s background, and about how she went to a private school in a different town and how that led her to Princeton. Maisha and Noreen talk about their first jobs, and how Maisha was first a secretary. After working as a secretary Maisha talking about working for a magazine publisher and how she used to use multiple spreadsheets to get simple tasks done. Noreen also trades stories of how she got fired from a store when she was young. Maisha also talks about her story of being fired and how it helped her find out what she actually liked. She ended up temping for a couple of different companies, and eventually got a job as an analyst at Morgan Stanley.

Segment 3

Noreen came back asking Maisha how she got eventually got into digital marketing. Maisha talks about how she looks for what she wants to work as. She started coding again and started doing Internet marketing. She became a freelance full-time programmer and she also does digital consulting. When she first started managing her own business she thinks about the way she wants to be managed.  She then talks about leadership, Noreen added that its all about working together as a team. Maisha teaching digital marketing for 15 years and started her online teaching course recently.

Segment 4

Noreen throws the question to Maisha about what she’s looking to create in her life. She talks about how she thinks about how she wants her retirement to look like. She said it is not about retirement it’s about being financially independent. She wants to invest her money by double it every eight years. Then Noreen asks Maisha about how she pictured herself in the future. Maisha talks about she wants to be financially independent and have a family.

From Uzbekistan To New York | Live Life Your Way

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Uzbekistan. Where is it, what kinds of people live there. What brings them to NY. Join me tonight as I speak with Shakhlo Makhmudova who is new in NY she will tell you why.

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Segment #1:

Tonight on the show Noreen greets us with the weight and the importance of family as one ages. Noreen introduces her guest Shakhlo Makhmudova and tells how they came to know each other at a networking event. Shakhlo found a pull to New York through her interest in culture and developed education system. On top of that, close friends in New York made the option all the more attractive.

Segment #2:

Returning to the show Shakhlo regales us with stories of Uzbekistan’s subway system sans rats. The two of them speak on Shakhlo’s experience moving here. Shakhlo hadn’t felt totally natural in Uzbekistan, though that wasn’t fixed overnight after moving to New York. She feels that moving here has made her more independent. Shakhlo’s finds difficulty completely relating and translating her experiences into Russian when talking to her friends and family.

Segment #3:

Noreen talks about her experience of traveling to the US from England. She talks about the difference in immigrating to this country back then compared to the present day. Although she doesn’t know what it’s like to be an immigrant today, she does sympathize with the struggles that they are facing. Shakhlo talks about what she wants for herself in the US. She wants to have a fulfilling career, start a family and travel. She then tells Noreen what advice she would give to children in Uzbekistan. She believes that it’s crucial to build up as many skills as possible and always ask questions. Chaklao felt she needed to get out of Uzbekistan and not fall into the cultural norms. Noreen talks about growing up in NYC and forcing herself to break away from her parent’s advice.

Segment #4:

Shakhlo talks about the different types of foods that are common in Uzbekistan including kebabs and where you can find Uzbek food in New York City. Noreen talks about how you can get food from all over the world in New York City and her dislike for shrimp. Shakhlo talks about not regretting move to New York and how she loves the energy and opportunities that come with living here. She talks about the doubts and challenges people tried to tell her about before she moved and how she wanted to still do it anyway. Noreen and Shakhlo talk about learning different languages and English being a difficult one to learn.