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My guest this week is Mary Clifton, M.D., a board-certified, licensed, internal medicine doctor practicing in Manhattan and a recognized expert in CBD, Cannabis and the founder of

Dr. Clifton is also a leading voice in telemedicine for bridging the gap in healthcare availability and affordability for acute care, long-term wellness, and disability.

She works in telemedical cannabinoid consultation and helps companies find telemedical solutions for their platforms and regularly sees patients from around the world on telemedicine platforms.

Her complimentary video library is available at no cost to help patients use cannabinoids safely and effectively for medical and recreational purposes.

Her training tools teach healthcare providers and experts how to provide guidance and recommendations for their patients and clients.

Segment 1

Our guest, Mary Clifton, M.D. opens the show by telling the audience about her childhood and where she grew up. Mary talks about what brought her to New York. She then begins to explain what Telemedicine is. She talks about the history of telemedicine and the obstacles doctors had to go through in order to practice this type of medicine. Mary discusses different studies regarding telemedicine and how there are different laws in each state regarding the legalities of this type of medicine.

Segment 2

This segment opens with Mary discussing her book and her online videos. Her online videos are useful high-quality videos that help people use different medicines, among other things. The ladies then discuss the cannabis treatments and how useful it is to certain illnesses. The conversation transitions into the different types of CBD products. Mary believes that in just mere years, we all will have some type of CBD in our medicine cabinets. Mary informs the audience of how the HIV epidemic really pushed the CBD formulas to the forefront of the medical world. The segment ends with a discussion about the benefits of CBD.

Segment 3

Noreen begins this segment by opening up a conversation about how you can figure out which CBD treatment works best for you. Mary talks about how companies are now labeling their products differently, so consumers will know which product to use form their particular issue/illness. Mary starts to discuss the CBD industries and how several people are getting into the business. She would like there to be more regulation around the CBD industry. Mary begins to discuss the current vaping epidemic. The segment ends with a brief discussion on weed.

Segment 4

Noreen and Mary discuss weed and how it has an impact on the male’s sperm. Although, Mary cannot say that weed causes negative effects regarding the quality or quantity of sperm, she says it changes it. She informs the audience that CBD products are mainly for handling anxiety. Mary then discuss some laboratory studies that are looking to treat other types of  more terminal diseases, such as alzheimer’s. Mary discusses her recent trips overseas, and prison reform around non-violent weed offenses. The show ends with Mary giving out her information around where you can find her.

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