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Alexandra Gebhart is a social media strategist, Google Analytics strategist and featured speaker for Lunch Lady on November 19th.

She is the Chief Strategist for Inside Media Networks. She delivers years of tactical hands-on experience promoting brand content on emerging social and mobile platforms, media, content marketing, web/blog development, SEO, email marketing, marketing automation, podcasting/monetization, and online content distribution.

Most people want to be good at social media and still many people do not understand the real value of social media and the tools they provide you with, the knowledge that you are winning in your social media game.

Join Noreen on Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way as she chats with Alexandra.

Segment 1

Noreen opens up the show by discussing her past week’s activities. She talks about how humans love company. Noreen then introduces her guest of the night, Alexandra Gebhart. Alexandra begin to talk about her dog. She goes on to discuss how she likes living life by her own rules. She talks about how she loves helping people and not having to work a corporate 9-5 job. Alexandra ends the segment by informing the audience about her background and where she grew up.

Segment 2

Alexandra starts this segment by telling the audience about what she loves about her current jobs (Google analytics, social media, etc). Although she works from home, she meets several interesting people and learns of a plethora of things. Even though her job is a “mysterious” online job, she is proud to be apart of this modern internet era. The conversation continues by discussing how technology is constantly changing and evolving. Alexandra discuss how analytics are important to look at, so entrepreneurs will know where their audiences are coming from, demographics, and other basic information about their audiences. The segment ends with Alexandra informing the audience about your Bounce Rate.

Segment 3

Alexandra opens this segment by continuing to discuss how people should look at their Google analytics. She interprets some of the analytical categories for the audience. She actually tells Noreen her top 6 Google searches that led people to her website. Alexandra says people should look at their analytics at least once a week. She then delves into the many other things that you can look at within your analytics, ie location, laptop or PC, male or female, etc. Alexandra ends the segment by discussing how you can test many things on your website to see if you get different results in your analytics. We should leverage our analytics.

Segment 4

Noreen opens up this segment by discussing Lunch Lady; her new venture. Lunch Lady is a community that empowers and educates women entrepreneurs. Since Alexandra will be apart of Lunch Lady, she begins to discuss what she will share with the Lunch Lady audience at its upcoming session/forum. Alexandra explains how there are different types of content creators. You have to make your online content work for you. Different strategies work differently for each business/website. Alexandra ends the segment by reminding the audience that you can live life your way, when you have the right information behind you.

Limitless Potential | Live Life Your Way

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Join Noreen as she mashes it up with Carmen Dollinger, personal, life and spiritual counseling.

When Noreen thinks of the color yellow, she thinks of Carmen. A few years ago Carmen helped her clear out some blocks that she had been carrying around.

Tune in and listen to what could have been a negative relation become an extremely positive one.  Join with love and light as we mash it up on Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way..

Segment 1

Noreen explains the rearrangement of her closet and dresser. She gets rather emotional about how neat and organized everything is now. She’s going to do the same reorganization with her kitchen and living room in the near future. She says it’s all about structuring and organizing your life. She then introduces her guest Carmen Dollinger who personal, life and spiritual counselor who lives in Atlanta. They met at an event in Atlanta and instantly clicked. They say they have great energy between them even though they don’t see each other that often. Dolly was originally working in corporate America until she left her job and tapped into her spiritual side, which she’s always had a passion for.

Segment 2

Carmen explains her upbringing in Germany and finding her interest in life and spiritual coaching. She says that working a corporate job put her real passion in the background, but she was still able to find outlets to express it. She then talks about the sacred sites that she gives tours on throughout Europe. One specific area she goes to is the countryside of Ireland and she takes people to sacred wells throughout the country. She has a wide range of people with various traditions who come on these tours. She then talks about the impact that these tours have on her emotionally.

Segment 3

Carmen talks about some of the things she had to sacrifice in order to follow her passion. She says it’s all been worth it as she’s constantly amazed by the different synergies she sees when she goes through these spiritual journies with other people. Noreen and Carmen talk about what it’s like coaching people and trying to help people out of their problems. They both discuss the connection they feel to their clients and how important that is. They emphasize the importance of balancing their client’s energy fields.

Segment 4

Carmen talks about living your life in harmony and taking all the different parts of your life and making sure they work together. There are many different things that people can do that can alter the balance in their life. She makes sure her clients know how important it is to make time for yourself. The most important person in your life is you, so this is an essential step in finding balance. Carmen then talks about her most profound spiritual experience, which happened in a national park in Wyoming.

Back from Britain | Live Life Your Way

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Noreen is back from her vacation in Britain. Tune in and listen!

She will share what she discovered while she was away, and update you on the latest in her life.

Segment 1: 

Noreen starts by talking about the great time she had in London. She unplugged and slept in, which she said was a great and relaxing feeling. The purpose for her going to London was to celebrate her mother’s 90th birthday. She says it was great to spend time with family. The only negative experience was her flight with Norwegian Airlines. Noreen details a fun experience she had with one of the kids in her family, named Storm. She was also able to reconnect with some of her close friends that she hadn’t seen in around 40 years.

Segment 2: 

Noreen compares the New York and London subway environment. She says that New York has a much more lively and energetic vibe. Noreen also jokes about the New York smell that hits you the second you get back to the city. She compares the laws in England and the US, specifically regarding the safety of citizens. She uses biker safety as an example where there is some discrepancy, in that it seems England takes more of a “people first” approach. She then talks about some of the different cultural food and music experiences she had when she was in London.

Segment 3: 

Noreen says that this trip made her realize that she needs to travel more frequently. Her business has trapped her with clients and meetings and she wants to get to a point in her life where she can separate her personal life from her business. She wants to create memories and have more fun experiences with family and friends. Noreen then switches gears to talk about England’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson. From what she saw is that most people don’t like Boris. Even though she had an amazing time in London, she says she’s glad to be back in New York.

Segment 4: 

Noreen brings it back by talking about the food in London. She says that the food like meat and vegetables taste cleaner and fresher than in New York. This is due to the fact that it’s less processed over there. She then talks about some of the culture shocks she had when she came back to New York. Noreen says that the people in London look a lot prettier than they did when she lived there. This weekend as Noreen came back to New York she went to Sundae Sermon hosted by previous guest DJ Stormin Norman.

Dream Big and End the Cycle

I am powerful.

I am passionate.

I love to take action.  

I know that I can be successful.  

Do you say things like this about yourself?

You know these things about yourself yet know something is still missing?  

Well, if you are reading this note, you’re in the correct place.

You’re powerful, passionate, action-oriented, and successful. However, you can’t see your eyeballs, and you require some reflection. The mirror in your bathroom is not enough, and it can be annoying because you’re not getting any answers.  You might be sick of this hum that you keep hearing.

Your biggest challenge is that you’re an extraordinary achiever and the people in your circle are not playing at the level that you are. You might be dumbing yourself down, plunging head first into an abyss of frustration that is hindering you and holding you back from what is possible in your life.

I am an expert at helping you go beyond your potential to live life your way. I will help you reach your levels of success by coaching you to connect to your truth and step into your power, success, creativity, and abundance.   

You have been doing what you know to do which now looks like a what I call the wash, rinse, and repeat cycle.  You might have heard it that said before, or you’ve experienced it. You might even have a checklist to the fact.  However, that process, despite your success, is losing its effectiveness, and the sequence is not going to provide you with the success you want.

In fact, the qualities that have had you experience this success are dated and are losing their juice which might be causing you frustration and, in turn, a loss of self. You might even hear yourself saying things like, “I always know what to do and now I don’t, and that is not me.”  Well, my dear, it is you. If you keep doing what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten. I am here to tell you, you’re dated, and it might be time for an upgrade.

Through my work, I have discovered and experienced qualities or ways of being that help high achievers to be successful and to move forward. Being held back can become a curse and a blessing at the same time, making you a jack of all and a master of none.  

You’re a visionary; you’re able to dream big and create.  You have an unbelievable amount of projects. You have incompleted projects, and you have so many options which are detrimental to your success. You know these people.  They are filled with ideas and have a hard time starting.

Exponential success. You experience success quickly.  However, you judge, access, and make yourself wrong because it seems like you’re not working hard enough. And you suffer a sense of worthlessness (your private hell) because of your judgments.  People around think you’re amazing and powerful. However, you don’t feel good enough, smart enough. So you’re hiding out and feeling like a fake because you’re able to create exponential success in a short period.  You get what you want when you take action.

You know you’re not as productive as you could be.

You know you don’t have to work as hard as the average person, and if you don’t watch out, you’ll know you can get stuck in your life. Not being as productive as possible, and you know it.  Your truth is only you know that you’re underperforming because most people think you’re a rock star, and you have no one to hold you accountable to your goals and actions.

You are a problem-solver. You get inspired and energized by challenges.  Where most people struggle, burn out around problems, you solve them in a beat.  This has you keeping to yourself and struggling to meet your long-term goals without support and accountability.  

You never get the support you require because you do not share. People think that you don’t need it.  People are intimidated by you because they see you as a person that doesn’t require help. So, you are a lone ranger who is not accountable to anyone, not even yourself, missing out on creating the relationships with people who would be so happy to help you.  

You focus on the future, not living in the present moment.  So, you work toward the future, forgetting to live in the present, missing out on the life that you want to create.

As a high achiever, you do not get the opportunity to engage with people in a whole, complete, and perfect way.  The higher your status- be it a career, economics, or just your way of being- people around you never know the true you.  You don’t share and open up to others, and in turn, people are not open to speaking their truth. It is hard for them to be there because you cannot say what your “truth” is. When you are a top performer, you have a small number of people who are able or willing to speak, be courageous, and say the things that you need to hear. As a high achiever, it can be a lonely world.  

I am the only person in my client’s world who will speak honestly with them.  I don’t give you mud covered with icing and tell you it’s cake. It’s mud no matter what. I don’t sugar coat. You pay me for support, truth, reflection, and accountability so that you can fulfill your dreams, goals, and desires.  I tell it to you as I hear it by reflecting back to you so that you can see and hear your bullshit. I am not here to please you. I am your coach. I tell you what others are not bold or courageous enough to say. I coach from an authentic and vulnerable space.

Stop Resisting Your Higher Self And Listen To Your Instincts

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Do you ever get a feeling of heaviness when you are doing something that you don’t want to do? For instance, there are people who are working at jobs they don’t want or do not like; dating people or hanging out with people who leave you feeling as though you have just run a race with ten sacks of potatoes on your back.

You are not following your higher self, or your instincts. When higher self and instinct speak to you, you feel joyful and happy, giddy with laugher. If you are forcing yourself to do something that is in the realm of “should,” you’re not listening to your higher self or your instincts.

I had a friend who was always negative and you could never tell whether she would be in a happy or a foul mood. We would go out and men would speak to us and she would get into an argument. We would go to restaurants and she would get into a fight with the wait staff or treat them like poo. I hung out with her on and off for years because we were from England and we had a few things in common. It did not dawn on me that we were incompatible, until one night after going out with her I came home drained. I had to ask myself why I’m so drained – did I have a good time? My answer was no.

The universe is a wonderful friend because not long after that, she cursed me out the way she did the wait staff. I listened and when she was done I shared with her that I could no longer hang out with her any more and we ended our relationship. It was that simple.  Simple, yes, and a little difficult too because we do not make friends with people to end the friendship. However, more often than not, people are in our lives to teach us who we were or are. We might not like it and it is okay.  We learn the lesson and we move on.  My energy level went up and I started embracing people who were in alignment with my new energy.  People who love people, people who love sharing and enjoying life, giving and receiving compliments.

Do you find yourself resisting and sabotaging yourself?  Now to answer this question you have to be insightfully straight and honest with yourself. In order to tell on yourself, you have to be willing to feel uncomfortable for a moment, but it’s well worth it.

Live Life Your Way,

Noreen Sumpter

Do What You Want – But Take Care Of Yourself!

The truth is you will always have time for busy. Do whatever you want to take care of you.

There will always be times in life when you have a lot of things going on.  Especially if you are a woman that wants a huge life.  There will always be emergencies where things will and can always go wrong or don’t work out.  I can guarantee that. There will be deadlines at work, and you period has not come, and you have a medical emergency, you feel guilty about what you did last night, last week and last year. The world, hell the Universe will be screaming for your attention.  I am getting sick just writing this list. These are 13 ways to Live Life Your Way and live by your own design.

happylife No is what you say to anything that is not important to you.

Laundry is not important to me.  Clean clothes is what important you don’t have to do it, you can give it to someone else to do it.  People who do not stand for me and who want to make me feel bad about myself you know the people that want something and guilt you into it.  Your mother, boyfriend, friends even the mailman.  You know it’s bad if the mailman can guilt you into stuff.  Things that are not important to you and not necessary to you.  Say No, Good way to handle that is to say I prefer and to do that.

Asking for Help

Asking for help is really important.  A lot of people would rather sit in their misery than ask for help are you one of these people.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help and when you do ask for make sure that you use it.  Don’t waste people’s time talking about help and then not using it.  Most people want to help want to revel in seeing you successful and happy.  People when helping it makes them feel useful, important and important.  You can ask for anything you want anything.  Know when asking People they have to right to say yes or no.  People are grown and responsible for the choices they make it is not you position to choose for them.  Just don’t underestimate people and try to take negative advantage of them.

Stay on contact

It is important to stay in contact with your friends.  No matter the length of time that you have know the person.  People like to be acknowledged and to feel like they are friends.  There are 6+ billion people on the planet and if you do not feel like you have no friends, no one loves you then you know what you are not being a good friend.  You might be expressing love and sharing love.  Love is addictive.  Giving love and expressing love is a good feeling.  Try it.  Send a message, send a text letting people know that you are thinking of them makes a world of difference in another life.  It does not have to be a two lunch it could be a 5 min checking in just to see how they are doing.  Try this on for size,  send out I was thinking out you messages to your friends and people that you want to be friends with and see what comes back.  No it is not weird.  I am doing 5 right now.  Stop what you doing and just do it.  The 1st five people in your phone to start.  I’m back, just sent out 8 instead of five.  Got 3 responses already in 8 mins.  Generally if they are in your phone most are friends.   You don’t have to keep in contact with everyone, most will be okay about it.  However, keep in touch with people are best as YOU can it will keep you happy and keep you inspired around life, making friends and being inspired.

Surround yourself with things that you like.

Surround yourself with only the things that you enjoy or like.  Do not buy or bring into your emotional space things that you do not enjoy or like as they was pull emotional energy from you.  When you in a dumpy mood or low energy having things around you that you enjoy that you can focus on will and can cheer you up and bring up your energetic level.  Pinterest is an awesome app as you can put it on your computer your phone and you can get little boost of inspiration.

Gratitude List

I usually provide this as a tool to my clients, at first they find it difficult as in another thing in life to do then they do the gratitude list as chore then they.  When you are being grateful about what you have in your life.  You do not have time to whine about the things you don’t have.  Gratitude provides you with a tool to protect yourself against negative influences whether you are making, or the result of the activities of negative people around you.  Recognize that you have to power, and put it into constant use until you have created for yourself a wall of immunity against negative influences in your own mind. Our negative thoughts and influences usually work on you through you subconscious mind and are often difficult to detect.  So having a daily gratitude list, even creating one where you share back and forth with friends of like mind will empower you creating dialog instead of monolog where the negative thoughts do not have a chance to pollute you mind.  Gratitude has power to move you forward.  Keep a journal for your gratitudes where  you can go back whenever you need a little boost.

Keep a Planner for your life, and your fun times

Keeping a planner makes you life less crazy.  It is good practice to put all the things that are important to you also adding things that are fun.  Many people put in doctors appointment, work things, children but they don’t really schedule time for fun.  Get in the practice of adding into your planner time for fun.  It is a really exciting thing to look in your planner and see that you have schedule time for vacation, but it is also great to see inside of your day that you have scheduled time for fun things with friends or on your own.  When you keep a planner is it important to schedule everything so you don’t have any shocks surprises and missed meetings.  Once you have got that the difficult part will be to learn to use the planner in a way that is effective and does not make you regret the appointments that you have made.  Balance things, and give your self the right to say no thank you to an appointment.

Keep track of your wins

Write down you wins.  Weekly wins are important so that you can have a real record of your wins and your achievements.  I got a write up in an online magazine that’s  a big win if I don’t write that down.  I will never remember.  Make a habit of writing down your wins and achievement’s  write down you milestones they will help you when you feel that you have hit a wall in your personal achievements’ at the end of the day you can check in.

Your appearance: Make sure you like you

Also make sure that you like what you wearing and that you have your own personal style and that you look the way you want.  That your style is yours.  You don’t have to have the latest blah blah, but it is good to have your own look that unique to you.  With regard to your clothes take on your body, do you feel good about your body, are you a little overweight or a lot overweight, but you wear your body well.  Do you slouch to cover up certain flaws? Could your arms do with a little firming and you find yourself complaining about them.  Then work on them or shut up.  You style has a lot to do with how you carry yourself.  Be bold and move with boldness.  Mousiness will never look great in best of clothes.  Generate your energy.  You could be wearing sweat pants and give an air of confidence where you are wearing them they are not wearing you hiding something about yourself.  When you go out to shop make sure you shop for what you really like, bring a trusted friend who can share with you how the item looks.  However, truth is if you are confident in your image you will find clothes that will state that as a fact.

Create a go to Group

Have a go to group. A go to group is a group of friends that you respect and trust, that when you hit a wall or experience anything that derails you.  These woman are a bigger stand for your life than you are and they will support you to get back on the tracks of life.  They will remind you whether gently or they will shake up if you need a good shake up.  If you cannot afford a coach, a go to group is perfect.  These woman must not coach you or tell you what to do, what they will do is remind of who you are and the commitment and goal that you have or are creating for your life.  They will provide you with a pep talk or a reality check.  

Do something silly that makes you laugh until you tummy hurts

Go and see a really stupid move, there are a ton of them out there.  When you go to this movie, you should laugh naturally, when I mean naturally I mean at your own level and length of time.  Be you, do not go to the movie and do what everyone does, the movie laugh track, when everyone starts are the same time and finishes at the same time.  So unnatural.  That is censoring a natural emotion.  Laugh until you are completely done.  I went to the movies, with this guy once it was a date.  We went to see Fat Albert  The movie was everything and corney. It made me laugh so much that even after people stopped laughing I was still laughing.  It was great to just laugh.  However, the guys said “Note to self never take you to see a movie again”  as me if I cared.  I think that laughing in a movie is a compliment to all the hard work it took to bring it to the movie, I had a great time and was completely expressed and free.  Laughing is good for you . Laugh often and laugh loud its contagious. Make jokes, engage your peeps, share jokes and laugh at lot.  It makes you feel better and is good for your health.  Every time you laugh a comedian get his chops. Lol.

Be emotionally okay

Be ok with your emotions, you have to emotions so that you can express them.  Unexpressed emotions can cause a lot of emotional pain. If you sad, express it.  However, express it a way that allows you to complete the cycle.  Do go digging for sadness, don’t go dregging up old relationships and add them to your new ones.  If you need a good cry, cry and complete it.  Do not blame other people for your sadness your need to cry or for your crying.  If you stressed out, look at what is causing the stress and create new actions to take to relieve the stress.  Stress in a big killer and I am sure you don’t want to die or suffer some stress induced illness.  Do not cover your emotions express them.  She them responsible.  Release all the emotions, frustrations, and the anger in a responsible way.  You will feel so much better with the release and so clear actions to take.  (Here’s an action step call me and ask me how to clean your stress and get your in action).

Write things down

Conversation and thoughts disappear, so write them down.  Get yourself a little book and save your brain cells, ever get those times when you get a great idea, or your hear something.  Or someone gives you the name of something and you think you can remember it.  Well you cannot.  If you have a full life, it is rare that you will remember the thing.  Also, when you can whip out your little book of remembering you actually are telling the other person that what they are saying is valuable enough to write it down.  Don’t waste time trying to remember stuff write it down.

Accept yourself as you are and as you’re not.

Make an agreement with yourself to appreciate, validate, accept and love yourself every moment of every moment.  Don’t think about things that you have not achieve yet.  Love yourself and accept yourself without reservation.  You are very different  and unique from every one else.  You are one of a kind and quite beautiful.  Accept your uniqueness your path is different from everyone eles.  Start loving yourself by stopping the comparisons of yourself to others.  Loving yourself means stepping outside of guilt.   Detach yourself from the reactions of others. Assert yourself with a some compassion.  Show people who you are.  When you show people who you are they get a chance to share themselves with you.  When you judge yourself you stand in the way of your self-love.  Every time you judge yourself you separate your-self from others.  Stop separating and accept yourself now.  You do not have to change anything about yourself.

Live Life Your Way,

Noreen Sumpter

Removing Emotional Armor

I first noticed I was hiding behind emotional armor with a friend of mine that I loved very much. It was difficult and I choose to give up my emotional armor and become vulnerable.  We used to go skating in Central Park every Sunday, she, her husband and my husband (now ex) and I.  They were all good at skating. I was awful and gradually over time I became better. One Sunday we had a skating picnic for a friend’s birthday in the Central Park. My friend wanted me to skate with her like we always did and I said “in a minute.” However, that minute never happened she got angry because I didn’t skate with her that Sunday.

We lived in the same building; we were neighbors, so I couldn’t avoid my friend who got really angry at me and we started fussing, me standing my ground that I did not have to skate.  During those times I did not have the context of having it all, I lived in a one-or-the-other world. We both went home to our respective houses upset.  However, the fussing continued with our respective husbands until they became fed up.  My husband called friend’s husband and they both came down to our apartment and we all came together.  Our husbands knew that they would not be getting any peace while we were upset with each other.  They let us hash it out. I was by the bathroom with my arms crossed and my lower lip pushed out sulking, she was on the corner of our couch, arms crossed in a slouched position.

Keeping on your emotional armor creates a whirlwind of emotions.
Keeping on your emotional armor creates a whirlwind of emotions inside.

I loved my friend very much, and I felt the love and the upset I could feel both emotions were whirling around inside me. I did not want to acknowledge either of them.  It was in that moment that I accepted that I had armor. I wanted to be right, and upset, rather than ask her to forgive me and admit that she was disappointed. I knew that if I continued this way I would lose my friend, which would meant losing all the fun that we had together, the skating, parties, cocktail hours, conversations in the garden, shopping, everything and most of all the intimacy and trust we ever had.  This was the first time that I realized that this is the way I acted when I felt attacked or made wrong.  I would just cut off the relationship.  I saw that I was prone to suffering rather than cleaning up the messes.

I took a leap of faith and took responsibility for my armor. It was a protective shield that I had created years ago to avoid feeling vulnerable.  Being vulnerable for me was a weakness and I didn’t want to look or feel weak.  Accepting my fear of vulnerability opened me up to a sense of power. I became honest with myself and my friend. I’m human, at some point in my relationships and interactions I will experience or cause upsets, disappointments and communication breakdowns. Life is not black and white and my fears were valid, and my actions or inactions have consequences.

I’ve learned that anger is an important emotion and if not expressed it ends up becoming resentment.  Anger is here to help us deal with our perceived violations and perpetrations. I can choose to express it or repress it.  If repressed it becomes a vicious cycle and I will continue experience lack of control. I feared my anger because I felt that it was bigger than me. I repressed anger not knowing it was the same experience, Ieaving me with feelings of constant defensiveness.

Today, I feel that there really is nothing to be fearful of about my anger.  Owning anger and using it as an alarm system to realize when our boundaries have been breached. Note that when we are angry it looks like we are angry at the other person.  However, if we are honest with ourselves we see that we are angry at ourselves when we distinguish this, it become a form of sadness, and I have now learned to deal with it in a way that supports me.  I can be with my anger.  I listen to what aspect of my boundaries have been breached. Katherine Woodward Thomas so eloquently says:

“Listen to its power and its fury.  Underneath the resounding whirlwind of rage is a very important message that we obviously need to hear.  When anger consumes us, there is information present that is much like gold that must be searched for and minded.”

We can then restore our integrity and personal safety.  Anger becomes an opportunity to take positive action – where relationships thrive, friendships are maintained and love is present.  It is a powerful opportunity for balance in relationships.

We cannot have or keep love and friendship alive without experiencing our emotions and growing without doing the work we are resisting.

You do not have to answer the questions below – however, by doing so and taking action you might be able to put your boundaries back in place and restore your personal integrity.  You might see and opportunity for true forgiveness.

  • Who are you angry at?
  • What are you most afraid of?
  • What are the violations of your boundaries?
  • What is your responsibility?
  • What if any actions are you willing to take or not take?
  • What could happen if you take no action?
  • When will you take these actions or have the matter be complete?
  • Is there a place for forgiveness of yourself or the person involved?

I would love to connect with you on social media. Please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter and Facebook.