Back from Britain | Live Life Your Way

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Noreen is back from her vacation in Britain. Tune in and listen!

She will share what she discovered while she was away, and update you on the latest in her life.

Segment 1: 

Noreen starts by talking about the great time she had in London. She unplugged and slept in, which she said was a great and relaxing feeling. The purpose for her going to London was to celebrate her mother’s 90th birthday. She says it was great to spend time with family. The only negative experience was her flight with Norwegian Airlines. Noreen details a fun experience she had with one of the kids in her family, named Storm. She was also able to reconnect with some of her close friends that she hadn’t seen in around 40 years.

Segment 2: 

Noreen compares the New York and London subway environment. She says that New York has a much more lively and energetic vibe. Noreen also jokes about the New York smell that hits you the second you get back to the city. She compares the laws in England and the US, specifically regarding the safety of citizens. She uses biker safety as an example where there is some discrepancy, in that it seems England takes more of a “people first” approach. She then talks about some of the different cultural food and music experiences she had when she was in London.

Segment 3: 

Noreen says that this trip made her realize that she needs to travel more frequently. Her business has trapped her with clients and meetings and she wants to get to a point in her life where she can separate her personal life from her business. She wants to create memories and have more fun experiences with family and friends. Noreen then switches gears to talk about England’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson. From what she saw is that most people don’t like Boris. Even though she had an amazing time in London, she says she’s glad to be back in New York.

Segment 4: 

Noreen brings it back by talking about the food in London. She says that the food like meat and vegetables taste cleaner and fresher than in New York. This is due to the fact that it’s less processed over there. She then talks about some of the culture shocks she had when she came back to New York. Noreen says that the people in London look a lot prettier than they did when she lived there. This weekend as Noreen came back to New York she went to Sundae Sermon hosted by previous guest DJ Stormin Norman.