Noreen Sumpter is my Name

Noreen Sumpter is my name. I am a personal life coach and the host of Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way, a 2-year-old live radio and podcast. I am past Vice President of NAWBO NYC, President of Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, Business Referral Group, Board Member of Fort Green Park, friend, colleague, Founder and Partner of Lunch Lady NYC, and a lover of life. I have been featured in Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine, Reader’s Digest and was a guest on This American Life.
I founded Live Life Your Way, a program to address the demands of successful and amazing people who are stuck in their lives in ways that trap and inhibit their personal and professional growth and self-esteem. The higher you go in life, the less you can talk and share what’s going on with you. I am a lover of life and people.  I believe that no matter what you do in your life if you love it and you are working at it, the work is your love made visible. “Work is love made visible,” says Kahlil Gibran.  
I have been in the United States (NYC) since 1985, and I have loved every last minute of it.  I love the people. I love the reputation that we have as New Yorkers because not one bit of it is true.  We are loving, caring, straight-forward, no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is people.  However, we will take a moment out of our hustle to help a fellow human being on their journey who is in a fix.  We all know that we have a purpose to live, and when we find it, we go hard to manifest it. When we find it, we live life by it.  I know and I have seen that when we find out the purpose, we live by it and our wealth will come by it a lot more easily and joyfully because we will love our work and we love our life.  Our purpose has a trickle-down effect which causes and spreads happiness.
After being and living in New York, from London since 1985 and arriving in NY with $60 and the love of a good man. I chose to exercise my right to become a citizen of the United States of America.  So on January 3rd, I took the Oath of Allegiance and became a citizen of the United States of America.  Swearing the Oath of Allegiance was a challenging experience.  As a non-American that became an American,  I promised to bear arms and fight for the United States of America. However, living in New York, I always thought I had the right to be a part of the American Dream. However, on January 3, I realized that it did not fully belong to me.  After taking the Oath, I feel connected.  I feel authentic that the American Dream is really and authentically mine, and it is now my reality to create my dream however, I choose. That is my bearing arms, that I will fight and defend the constitution and laws of the United States of America… a very strange feeling.  I will also bear arms in my work, continuing to stand for my clients so that they will love their life and value themselves and live life their way.
I am excited and happy not just with becoming as US Citizen, but with stepping heavily into a new decade and starting newly and leaving my mark in and on the lives of the people I meet in America. I now have a vote, and I will be contributing and doing my duty.  Happy New Year!

The Social Media Guru | Live Life Your Way


Alexandra Gebhart is a social media strategist, Google Analytics strategist and featured speaker for Lunch Lady on November 19th.

She is the Chief Strategist for Inside Media Networks. She delivers years of tactical hands-on experience promoting brand content on emerging social and mobile platforms, media, content marketing, web/blog development, SEO, email marketing, marketing automation, podcasting/monetization, and online content distribution.

Most people want to be good at social media and still many people do not understand the real value of social media and the tools they provide you with, the knowledge that you are winning in your social media game.

Join Noreen on Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way as she chats with Alexandra.

Segment 1

Noreen opens up the show by discussing her past week’s activities. She talks about how humans love company. Noreen then introduces her guest of the night, Alexandra Gebhart. Alexandra begin to talk about her dog. She goes on to discuss how she likes living life by her own rules. She talks about how she loves helping people and not having to work a corporate 9-5 job. Alexandra ends the segment by informing the audience about her background and where she grew up.

Segment 2

Alexandra starts this segment by telling the audience about what she loves about her current jobs (Google analytics, social media, etc). Although she works from home, she meets several interesting people and learns of a plethora of things. Even though her job is a “mysterious” online job, she is proud to be apart of this modern internet era. The conversation continues by discussing how technology is constantly changing and evolving. Alexandra discuss how analytics are important to look at, so entrepreneurs will know where their audiences are coming from, demographics, and other basic information about their audiences. The segment ends with Alexandra informing the audience about your Bounce Rate.

Segment 3

Alexandra opens this segment by continuing to discuss how people should look at their Google analytics. She interprets some of the analytical categories for the audience. She actually tells Noreen her top 6 Google searches that led people to her website. Alexandra says people should look at their analytics at least once a week. She then delves into the many other things that you can look at within your analytics, ie location, laptop or PC, male or female, etc. Alexandra ends the segment by discussing how you can test many things on your website to see if you get different results in your analytics. We should leverage our analytics.

Segment 4

Noreen opens up this segment by discussing Lunch Lady; her new venture. Lunch Lady is a community that empowers and educates women entrepreneurs. Since Alexandra will be apart of Lunch Lady, she begins to discuss what she will share with the Lunch Lady audience at its upcoming session/forum. Alexandra explains how there are different types of content creators. You have to make your online content work for you. Different strategies work differently for each business/website. Alexandra ends the segment by reminding the audience that you can live life your way, when you have the right information behind you.