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In this week’s episode of Live Life Your Way, Noreen speaks with Sara Slagle about fishing. Yes, fishing, fly fishing for that matter.

Fishing is on Noreen’s bucket list – maybe also on yours? Find out why Sara has such a passion about fly fishing. It’s not an easy sport and is mostly practiced by men. However, today many women are taking in the sport.

Why not? It brings nature, peace and patience together. Join Noreen and Sara and find out more as Noreen learns about fly fishing.

Did you know that it is named fly fishing because of the lure that resembles a fly?

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Segment 1

Noreen begins the show talking about how she had fun the past Sunday. Then she introduces her guest Sara Slagle. Sara Slagle is a fly fisher, woman fisher, angler. Noreen first talks about how she thinks Sara runs the cafe shop that she works in. Noreen then asks Sara what brings her into fishing. Sara mentioned that her family does fishing and that made her begins to fish at the age of six. Sara then talks about ‘Angling’, a method of fishing.

Segment 2

Noreen came back asking Sara what got her into fishing. Sara’s family went fishing all the time and it is passing from generation to generation and she grew up fishing with her parent so it brings her into fishing. Sara also mentioned that she enjoyed fishing because it connects her with nature. Noreen then says that she searched up online why Fly fishing is called fly fishing and its because the fish eats the fly. Noreen also talks about the history and techniques of fly fishing that she knows.

Segment 3

Noreen came back to talking about fifty-fifty underwater. Sara talks about women and men fishing together and different supplies to stay underwater. Noreen then mentioned how she saw people ice fishing in the movies and Sara talks about how she doesn’t like ice fishing because of the coldness and the unknown things going underwater. Sara then talks about how she only saw women always go fishing with men because people think it is not an easy sport for women.

Segment 4

Sara talks about there are fishing clubs that would teach people how to fishing. Sara also talks about the fishing book that she read and it also teaches people how to fishing. Sara then talks about how she wants a fishing club where men and women are treated equally because she had been into fishing clubs that men and women are treated the same way. Sara encourages people to try and enjoy nature through fishing.