Younger Than Last Year, Again! | Live Life Your Way

This week’s guest is Robert Troch, Founder of Younger Than Last Year.

His clients are older people who have not worked out in a long time. He trains people and helps them develop their strength to feel younger than they were before, focusing on body and spirit.

Join Noreen as she welcomes him back on the show to talk about his principles of health.

Segment 1

Noreen introduces the guest of the night, Robert Troch. Robert gives us an update on his progress since the last time he’s been on the show. His gym has become very successful. Robert explains the mechanics of his classes; he says it’s more about movement and less about “exercises”. Robert continues by informing the audience of how the movement is his class isn’t hard. He ends the segment by discussing the first things to “go” when you first begin exercising.

Segment 2

Robert starts by explaining in great exactly what it is that does being that he doesn’t consider himself a “trainer”. He has 7 core foundations in his program. He goes through each foundation and explain why it is essential within his program. He explains “getting older” versus “aging”. The conversation continues by Robert explaining how you exercise differently in your 20s than in your 60s. Noreen opens up a conversation about exercise machines vs outside training. Robert explains how while on exercise machines, the body and mind are not aligned. The conversation ends by both of them discussing all the new exercise equipment that has come to the market…i.e., the Mirror.

Segment 3

Noreen begins the segment by asking Robert to explain how exercise/movement can slow down the signs of aging. Robert tells us of how certain things we do in life can speed up the signs of aging. He continues the conversation by talking about stress, sleep, and eating habits and their effects on the body. One specific movement that Robert using in his classes is Crawling. He explains his reasoning for incorporating it into his classes. He gives the example of how babies get stronger by crawling. The segment ends with a discussion on how consistency is key when exercising.

Segment 4

We open up the last segment by discussing stretching, mobility, and flexibility. Robert shows the audience how they can test their flexibility vs their mobility! Robert goes on by discussing the Five Tibetan Rites (you can learn more on his website). He also gives the audience details on how the Five Tibetans came about. Robert ends the show by informing the audience of upcoming classes he is hosting.