Your Biggest Organ | Live Life Your Way

What’s the biggest organ on a human being? It stretches. It protects. It is beautifully designed.

With the weather changing, find out some way to protect the skin you’re in. Seven Brown, Owner and Founder of Harlem Skin Clinic, will be talking about the secrets – good and bad – of the beauty industry.

Segment 1:

Tonight’s guest is the beautiful, Seven Brown. Seven tells us a little bit about herself. She is a native New Yorker, however she traveled a lot as a kid, due to her dad being in the military. Seven talks about how she started off as a Global Skin Agent. Seven currently owns Harlem Skin and Laser Clinic. She tells us how she originally started her business. She actually rented a small place in a yoga studio and began doing facials. Seven ends the segment by telling the audience about how being an entrepreneur is way more than the product or service. She says she would do it over again, but would go by it a different way, if she had the opportunity again.

Segment 2:

Seven opens up this segment by discussing the laser technology and the science behind it. She delves into a discussion about the different ingredients in laser treatments. She explains how laser can be used for more than hair removal. The human skin is the next topic of discussion. Seven recommend sunscreen for EVERYONE. Seven discusses the history of the human skin and the importance of sunscreen. Seven shares a beauty tip with the audience of how LED light can be a remedy for swollen and burnt skin. Seven’s ends the segment by telling the audience to keep it simple with skin care; cleansing, makeup remover, moisturizer.

Segment 3:

We come back by dissecting the metaphor of how the face is like a mattress. A dent in the mattress is similar to a wrinkle on your face. Seven talks about collagen and the ways it can be corrected. According to Seven, skin products are recession proof. Noreen has Seven discuss the number 1 thing that people complain about when it comes to their skin: dark spots. Seven continues by explaining facial peels. Seven lets us know how most beauty treatments have a calculated injury and why. Seven ends the segment by discussing different skin care procedures. She gives us a little gem about how a specific type of doctor is better for the face/skin, than a plastic surgeon.

Segment 4:

Seven opens up with an anecdote about one of her clients and body dysmorphia. She continues by telling us of how she educate her clients on their skin care; it’s about feeling, not about what you think you look like. Her business motto is a quote by Coco Chanel: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” The conversation transitions into a discussion about plastic surgery and society. Seven ends the segment by informing the audience about her next endeavours.