What To Do When You Drop the Ball

We all have business setbacks, disappointments, and moments of being thrown off course by the constant changes around us.

Our options: we can stay stuck or use these moments as opportunities to learn, grow and create something better.

Let’s commit to moving forward into the new year with a commitment to continuous learning and improvement!

Jen Slaw taught us to think like a juggler: Set clear goals, embrace a growth mindset, and implement deliberate practice….all while staying flexible in the face of change.

She shared her unconventional career path from structural engineer to professional juggler to speaker and her 4-step framework for greater performance and fulfillment in life and work.

We had FUN tossing some balls around as we:

  • Focused & Prioritized efficiency and presence. Juggling is NOT multi-tasking.
  • Improved Collaboration & Communication. Teams should always be getting tighter.
  • Identified Stumbling Blocks. The same mistakes yield the same results.
  • Created & Mastered New Strategies. Commit to a growth mindset & continuous improvement.
  • Heard Inspirational Stories – from party-clown to Broadway!…and 3 steps you will apply to your own career growth.


“People left energized and inspired by both the actual practice & deep metaphors of juggling.” – Exponent Philanthropy

“Left a lasting impression…a memory our team will continue to share in future conversations.” – Bristol-Myers Squibb

From Learning Disabilities To Business Owner | Live Life Your Way

What were you doing at 17?

Join Noreen and find out what 17-year-old Joshua Conrad is doing. Owner of JCSURGE Marketing, Joshua was diagnosed with a learning disability and was failing in school, not because he couldn’t learn. He learns differently.

Joshua said, “Fuck it! I’ll learn my way.” He graduated in the summer 2019 and is now full-time in his SEO business.

Segment 1:

Noreen starts the show talking about her wonderful weekend spending time in one of her friend’s apartment. Then Noreen introduces her guest, Joshua Conrad and talks about how they met. Joshua then talks about his background and childhood. Joshua’s family has a different culture. Joshua then talks about how he found himself having difficulty learning when he was a child. Joshua then talks about how he started to know what he wanted to do when he was in his junior year in high school.

Segment 2: 

Noreen came back asking Joshua how he gets motivated. Joshua talks about how he started exercising and wake up early in the morning and take a cold shower to get more motivated. Joshua then talks about how he first started his business. Joshua then talks about how his learning disability affected him but he still overcame and started talking with others and looking for business opportunities.

Segment 3:

Joshua came back to talking about his SEO business. Then Noreen asks Joshua what he imagines himself after 5 years. Joshua talks about how he liked to learn different languages and in the future, he wants to integrate technology to help people to learn the language better. Joshua then talks about he wants to move out soon and start exploring. Joshua then talks about he is living his life differently from the teenagers that are the same age as him.

Segment 4:

Noreen came back talking about how she thinks Joshua lives his life the way he wants to at this young age. Joshua talks about his family supported what he does makes him thankful. Joshua then gives advice for people that is the same age as him today to go for it and do what they want to do to live their way.