We all have business setbacks, disappointments, and moments of being thrown off course by the constant changes around us.

Our options: we can stay stuck or use these moments as opportunities to learn, grow and create something better.

Let’s commit to moving forward into the new year with a commitment to continuous learning and improvement!

Jen Slaw taught us to think like a juggler: Set clear goals, embrace a growth mindset, and implement deliberate practice….all while staying flexible in the face of change.

She shared her unconventional career path from structural engineer to professional juggler to speaker and her 4-step framework for greater performance and fulfillment in life and work.

We had FUN tossing some balls around as we:

  • Focused & Prioritized efficiency and presence. Juggling is NOT multi-tasking.
  • Improved Collaboration & Communication. Teams should always be getting tighter.
  • Identified Stumbling Blocks. The same mistakes yield the same results.
  • Created & Mastered New Strategies. Commit to a growth mindset & continuous improvement.
  • Heard Inspirational Stories – from party-clown to Broadway!…and 3 steps you will apply to your own career growth.


“People left energized and inspired by both the actual practice & deep metaphors of juggling.” – Exponent Philanthropy

“Left a lasting impression…a memory our team will continue to share in future conversations.” – Bristol-Myers Squibb