Social media has infiltrated our lives in a big way. And with social media comes being able to communicate in ways that people receive your communication in a matter of seconds. You only have a few seconds to make an impact.

Join Noreen and Donatella Giacometti, CEO of MEDIA COACH, Inc, as she shares how she prepares individuals to make an impact when communicating to large groups of people, either by video or in person. Join Noreen as she finds out what it takes to make clear, persuasive messages to motivate audiences that are important to you.

Segment 1 

Noreen introduces her guest for the night, and talks about her second Lunch Lady event. Noreen talks to Donatella and her background and family and how it has influenced her career today. Donatella and Noreen talks about her voice, and how it affected her life as a CEO media coach. She talks about the importance of having a strong voice and literally being the “voice” of your company.

Segment 2 

Donatella talks about the world of modern media. She talks about how there is always more work that needs to be done behind the scenes before you make an appearance or do a keynote speech. Donatella talks about her relationship to executives and how she works with them and talks to them about their background so that they feel like they’re in their element. Donatella talks about the struggle of speakers and how it’s hard to hear yourself.

Segment 3 

Noreen comes back in to talk to Donatella about how she got into the industry. She talks about narrowing down her interests and that started with advertising. Her passion and joy come out when talking about her career and what she loves so much about it. Noreen asks about her favorite clients and favorite experiences in this industry. Donatella talks about how a lot of the media industry is truly just showing up, and being there when people need you. She talks about intellectual curiosity and why it’s so important.

Segment 4 

Donatella talks about how to get people to bridge the gap and get people to care about something. Noreen moves on to talk about the optics, pictures and graphics of a presentation. Donatella talks about the small details that can go into your visual look and how a visual conversation can show before you even open your mouth. She talks about how keeping your things uncluttered will keep others intrigued.