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My guest this week is Mary Clifton, M.D., a board-certified, licensed, internal medicine doctor practicing in Manhattan and a recognized expert in CBD, Cannabis and the founder of

Dr. Clifton is also a leading voice in telemedicine for bridging the gap in healthcare availability and affordability for acute care, long-term wellness, and disability.

She works in telemedical cannabinoid consultation and helps companies find telemedical solutions for their platforms and regularly sees patients from around the world on telemedicine platforms.

Her complimentary video library is available at no cost to help patients use cannabinoids safely and effectively for medical and recreational purposes.

Her training tools teach healthcare providers and experts how to provide guidance and recommendations for their patients and clients.

Segment 1

Our guest, Mary Clifton, M.D. opens the show by telling the audience about her childhood and where she grew up. Mary talks about what brought her to New York. She then begins to explain what Telemedicine is. She talks about the history of telemedicine and the obstacles doctors had to go through in order to practice this type of medicine. Mary discusses different studies regarding telemedicine and how there are different laws in each state regarding the legalities of this type of medicine.

Segment 2

This segment opens with Mary discussing her book and her online videos. Her online videos are useful high-quality videos that help people use different medicines, among other things. The ladies then discuss the cannabis treatments and how useful it is to certain illnesses. The conversation transitions into the different types of CBD products. Mary believes that in just mere years, we all will have some type of CBD in our medicine cabinets. Mary informs the audience of how the HIV epidemic really pushed the CBD formulas to the forefront of the medical world. The segment ends with a discussion about the benefits of CBD.

Segment 3

Noreen begins this segment by opening up a conversation about how you can figure out which CBD treatment works best for you. Mary talks about how companies are now labeling their products differently, so consumers will know which product to use form their particular issue/illness. Mary starts to discuss the CBD industries and how several people are getting into the business. She would like there to be more regulation around the CBD industry. Mary begins to discuss the current vaping epidemic. The segment ends with a brief discussion on weed.

Segment 4

Noreen and Mary discuss weed and how it has an impact on the male’s sperm. Although, Mary cannot say that weed causes negative effects regarding the quality or quantity of sperm, she says it changes it. She informs the audience that CBD products are mainly for handling anxiety. Mary then discuss some laboratory studies that are looking to treat other types of  more terminal diseases, such as alzheimer’s. Mary discusses her recent trips overseas, and prison reform around non-violent weed offenses. The show ends with Mary giving out her information around where you can find her.

The Social Media Guru | Live Life Your Way


Alexandra Gebhart is a social media strategist, Google Analytics strategist and featured speaker for Lunch Lady on November 19th.

She is the Chief Strategist for Inside Media Networks. She delivers years of tactical hands-on experience promoting brand content on emerging social and mobile platforms, media, content marketing, web/blog development, SEO, email marketing, marketing automation, podcasting/monetization, and online content distribution.

Most people want to be good at social media and still many people do not understand the real value of social media and the tools they provide you with, the knowledge that you are winning in your social media game.

Join Noreen on Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way as she chats with Alexandra.

Segment 1

Noreen opens up the show by discussing her past week’s activities. She talks about how humans love company. Noreen then introduces her guest of the night, Alexandra Gebhart. Alexandra begin to talk about her dog. She goes on to discuss how she likes living life by her own rules. She talks about how she loves helping people and not having to work a corporate 9-5 job. Alexandra ends the segment by informing the audience about her background and where she grew up.

Segment 2

Alexandra starts this segment by telling the audience about what she loves about her current jobs (Google analytics, social media, etc). Although she works from home, she meets several interesting people and learns of a plethora of things. Even though her job is a “mysterious” online job, she is proud to be apart of this modern internet era. The conversation continues by discussing how technology is constantly changing and evolving. Alexandra discuss how analytics are important to look at, so entrepreneurs will know where their audiences are coming from, demographics, and other basic information about their audiences. The segment ends with Alexandra informing the audience about your Bounce Rate.

Segment 3

Alexandra opens this segment by continuing to discuss how people should look at their Google analytics. She interprets some of the analytical categories for the audience. She actually tells Noreen her top 6 Google searches that led people to her website. Alexandra says people should look at their analytics at least once a week. She then delves into the many other things that you can look at within your analytics, ie location, laptop or PC, male or female, etc. Alexandra ends the segment by discussing how you can test many things on your website to see if you get different results in your analytics. We should leverage our analytics.

Segment 4

Noreen opens up this segment by discussing Lunch Lady; her new venture. Lunch Lady is a community that empowers and educates women entrepreneurs. Since Alexandra will be apart of Lunch Lady, she begins to discuss what she will share with the Lunch Lady audience at its upcoming session/forum. Alexandra explains how there are different types of content creators. You have to make your online content work for you. Different strategies work differently for each business/website. Alexandra ends the segment by reminding the audience that you can live life your way, when you have the right information behind you.

Your Biggest Organ | Live Life Your Way

What’s the biggest organ on a human being? It stretches. It protects. It is beautifully designed.

With the weather changing, find out some way to protect the skin you’re in. Seven Brown, Owner and Founder of Harlem Skin Clinic, will be talking about the secrets – good and bad – of the beauty industry.

Segment 1:

Tonight’s guest is the beautiful, Seven Brown. Seven tells us a little bit about herself. She is a native New Yorker, however she traveled a lot as a kid, due to her dad being in the military. Seven talks about how she started off as a Global Skin Agent. Seven currently owns Harlem Skin and Laser Clinic. She tells us how she originally started her business. She actually rented a small place in a yoga studio and began doing facials. Seven ends the segment by telling the audience about how being an entrepreneur is way more than the product or service. She says she would do it over again, but would go by it a different way, if she had the opportunity again.

Segment 2:

Seven opens up this segment by discussing the laser technology and the science behind it. She delves into a discussion about the different ingredients in laser treatments. She explains how laser can be used for more than hair removal. The human skin is the next topic of discussion. Seven recommend sunscreen for EVERYONE. Seven discusses the history of the human skin and the importance of sunscreen. Seven shares a beauty tip with the audience of how LED light can be a remedy for swollen and burnt skin. Seven’s ends the segment by telling the audience to keep it simple with skin care; cleansing, makeup remover, moisturizer.

Segment 3:

We come back by dissecting the metaphor of how the face is like a mattress. A dent in the mattress is similar to a wrinkle on your face. Seven talks about collagen and the ways it can be corrected. According to Seven, skin products are recession proof. Noreen has Seven discuss the number 1 thing that people complain about when it comes to their skin: dark spots. Seven continues by explaining facial peels. Seven lets us know how most beauty treatments have a calculated injury and why. Seven ends the segment by discussing different skin care procedures. She gives us a little gem about how a specific type of doctor is better for the face/skin, than a plastic surgeon.

Segment 4:

Seven opens up with an anecdote about one of her clients and body dysmorphia. She continues by telling us of how she educate her clients on their skin care; it’s about feeling, not about what you think you look like. Her business motto is a quote by Coco Chanel: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” The conversation transitions into a discussion about plastic surgery and society. Seven ends the segment by informing the audience about her next endeavours.

Younger Than Last Year, Again! | Live Life Your Way

This week’s guest is Robert Troch, Founder of Younger Than Last Year.

His clients are older people who have not worked out in a long time. He trains people and helps them develop their strength to feel younger than they were before, focusing on body and spirit.

Join Noreen as she welcomes him back on the show to talk about his principles of health.

Segment 1

Noreen introduces the guest of the night, Robert Troch. Robert gives us an update on his progress since the last time he’s been on the show. His gym has become very successful. Robert explains the mechanics of his classes; he says it’s more about movement and less about “exercises”. Robert continues by informing the audience of how the movement is his class isn’t hard. He ends the segment by discussing the first things to “go” when you first begin exercising.

Segment 2

Robert starts by explaining in great exactly what it is that does being that he doesn’t consider himself a “trainer”. He has 7 core foundations in his program. He goes through each foundation and explain why it is essential within his program. He explains “getting older” versus “aging”. The conversation continues by Robert explaining how you exercise differently in your 20s than in your 60s. Noreen opens up a conversation about exercise machines vs outside training. Robert explains how while on exercise machines, the body and mind are not aligned. The conversation ends by both of them discussing all the new exercise equipment that has come to the market…i.e., the Mirror.

Segment 3

Noreen begins the segment by asking Robert to explain how exercise/movement can slow down the signs of aging. Robert tells us of how certain things we do in life can speed up the signs of aging. He continues the conversation by talking about stress, sleep, and eating habits and their effects on the body. One specific movement that Robert using in his classes is Crawling. He explains his reasoning for incorporating it into his classes. He gives the example of how babies get stronger by crawling. The segment ends with a discussion on how consistency is key when exercising.

Segment 4

We open up the last segment by discussing stretching, mobility, and flexibility. Robert shows the audience how they can test their flexibility vs their mobility! Robert goes on by discussing the Five Tibetan Rites (you can learn more on his website). He also gives the audience details on how the Five Tibetans came about. Robert ends the show by informing the audience of upcoming classes he is hosting.

Lunch Lady: The Secrets Google Analytics Can Reveal About Your Business

About this Event

Understanding Google Analytics and regularly reviewing the activity reports is one of the most important things you can do for your business as it tells you whats working and what is not working in your overall digital marketing efforts. It can help you clearly define and target where and how you should spend your time in attracting new business.

Every business owner has pressing questions which include;

  • What do you see when you Google yourself or your business online?
  • How do your potential customers find your business website?
  • Who is visiting your website, and when?
  • What are they looking at when they visit?
  • How much is a click worth to you?
  • How long are website visitors staying on your site?
  • Which pages or blogs are most popular or drive the most lead conversions?

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This Lunch Lady event will teach you how to answer these questions as we take a deep dive into the world of Google Analytics!

  • We’ll review some of the most important steps to improving and setting up your Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and Search Console properties and show you how to connect them to your Google Ads account if you have one.
  • You’ll learn how to set-up regular reports that focus on just the information important to you, and get them delivered to your inbox as often as you like.

Learning to navigate Google Analytics is one of the most important things you can do for your business.

About the presenter:

Alexandra Gebhardt is the Chief Strategist for Inside Media Networks, her digital marketing firm. In her current role, Alex delivers over 10 years tactical hands-on experience promoting brand content on emerging social and mobile platforms. She helps startups and Fortune 500 firms develop their content strategy, build online communities, encourage conversations, and generate leads. An evangelist and active member of the tech community, Alexandra is considered an expert in social media, content marketing, web / blog development, SEO, email marketing, marketing automation, podcasting/monetization, and online content distribution. She was also Executive Producer for a range of technology broadcast and online programming. Prior to starting her own agency, Alexandra held global senior marketing, sales, and tech positions at Agfa and was Manager Digital Color, Pantone, Inc.

Her contagious passion for technology, marketing, and social media helps her advise her clients on how to best integrate the latest tools into their business plans to drive results and ROI. Her unique insight into new media technologies brings a fresh spin to traditional communications, PR, and media content. Alexandra delivers the experience, content, and edge that empower content strategies her clients employ or seek to implement.

Alex has worked with a broad range of firms across multiple industries. Some of the companies she’s helped include; Apple Inc. (FileMaker), Microsoft, HP, Olibra/Bond, Beddit, Bendheim, Looker, Tamr, Nifti, Carpooling (before being purchased by BlaBlaCar), Oomnitza, AVCON,, Phottix.

Ms. Gebhardt is a also seasoned speaker, who for most of her career has presented technical, marketing, and social media related topics regularly at global industry conferences such as; CES, National Association of Broadcasting NAB (Post|Production World) Conference for 8 years, and Photokina’s Business Forum Imaging conference in Cologne, Germany for 3 years.

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Who is the Lunch Lady?

The Lunch Lady is a platform for women (and man-bassadors) in business. Lunch Lady is about education, networking and creating opportunities that grow and develop yourself and business.

What is Lunch Lady’s Mission?

The mission is to provide a courageous space for you to access your internal blueprint to grow your life and business by connecting you with people who will be a demand for you to have money, grow your business, and discover what it will take for you to live your best life. Lunch Lady wants you on the court, not the sidelines of your life, talking about your business or talking about what you need, whether it is finding your magic number that flips your business over to profitability, creating and finding your ideal client, or getting clear about the kind of business experience you want to have. It’s about learning to view your mistakes as an opportunity for success so you don’t stay stuck and can continue to grow and succeed in your business using your higher purpose.

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans.”

~ Peter Drucker

Lunch Lady knows:

  • You started a business to do what you love and get paid for doing it
  • It is not easy
  • Crippling fear can stop you from taking action
  • Business has a language all of its own. We want you to find your own language and create the courage to share it so that you can have an impact on your business, finances, and world.
  • For many women, there is no plan B.