Vulnerability is much easier when you have a large dose of self- love.

There was a time in my life that I felt that being vulnerable was a liability. I would have rather have eaten a mouth full of glass than be vulnerable because I did not have the courage to share myself and my emotions.  Emoting was something that I just did not do.  I was closed off and it was okay for me to be in control and always on the defensive looking out for the enemy.  But the truth was my heart ached and longed for peace.  The peace within the area of my relationship with myself and my heart. I was bankrupt and could not give of myself as it was too painful because it called for me to share my heart.

Being in a space of vulnerability is a place where many of my clients have difficulty and often get confronted by the very thing that they say they desire. Then when they receive what they desire, they have bouts of doubt and fear that enter their lives which causes them to start self-sabotaging the very thing that was desired.

Vulnerability takes courage and a large dose of self-love.  When you self-love, you are able to be vulnerable and share yourself without judgment because a large sense of openness appears.
I choose to be vulnerable.  Why you might ask? Why on earth would I do that?  Well I do it to honor myself and accept all parts of myself: the good and the bad that makes me different.   I choose to be loving to myself.   I choose to be with my fears, (false evidence appearing as real), be with my vulnerabilities.

 In the face of fear and doubt when I am in relationships, I have allowed my vulnerabilities to be just that vulnerabilities.  My love and relating comes from a place non-judgment of myself. I can be free to love and recreate my love newly every day.  This happens because I am fully accepting myself every moment and every day. If I am not accepting myself, I cannot accepting of another it.  Choosing vulnerability gives me a sense of freedom. 

It is true for me, I have found that vulnerabilities show up when I’m experiencing closeness or having feelings on a human level.  What I share with you, I give to you courageously and totally uncensored.  I desire and want with every fiber of my being on a primal scale to be loved, adored and accepted. I know that during every moment of my life it is important for me to experience these feeling with myself intact. I have respect for myself. I am able be honest and share myself and have respect as a root of my happiness, where my power and creativity is honored and I in turn recognize yours.   

I know that I am not different from anyone of my readers. We all at some point want to have the feeling of being loved and adored where we feel heard, understood and gotten by the people we care about.  We all want to be okay and feel absolutely perfect with ourselves and that we are wonderful just the way we are.  I know I do.  Do you?

The feelings that I am enjoying and I want to keep a hold of.  It calls me to be open, trusting and vulnerable.  It calls me to be honest with my feelings and to ask questions about the things that I desire within the relationship. 

I am a confidence and self-esteem expert and I am always under a microscope looking and cleaning up my messes, looking at what can and will destroy your confidence.  I am open to be vulnerable with you so that you can experience something for yourself.  Each one teaches one.  So pass on this message.
1.    Vulnerability is easier attached to self-love.
2.    When you love yourself, love every part of you even you fat thighs.
3.    Vulnerability is a life-long experience.
4.    Vulnerability has many amazing rewards that are immeasurable.
5.    When you’re authentic with yourself, life shows up to meet you.