At our August Lunch Lady Event, we learned how to turn our efforts into consistent, organic leads that can be generated and used on a variety of platforms to reach our most desired customer so that we can reach our revenue goal.

Cat Stancik shared her lead generation talents with the group to show how they can drive business, close sales, and reach their revenue goals.

We learned:

  • Fast Action Connections: The fastest path to uncover clients that are ‘hiding in plain sight’ and learn to convert your current connections into sales.
  • Money-Making Content Matrix: The end of “content generation frustration,” this strategy transforms ONE piece of content into 8 client-attracting posts.
  • Ultimate Lead Generator: This money-making tool helps you generate the leads you want (or need) in less than an hour per day.
  • Client-Centered Conversion Roadmap: The proven roadmap will help you to close business confidently.
  • A strategy that serves the client and closes the sale 80% of the time.

About The Presenter:

Cat Stancik, The Lead Boss, is the go-to Business Coach for 6+figure coaches, consultants, and service providers who are ready to say NO to time consuming, overly automated, bro-marketing, shake you down strategies that leave everyone feeling less-than; and ready to say YES to a simple strategy that saves you time, uses your unique voice, passion and expertise.