At our July Lunch Lady Event, we learned how Money is in the Follow-Up and how growing your business is possible when you understand how to implement the buying process and automation in your business.

Tina explained how many people neglect the area of their lives that calls for following up because they think there is an expiration date. They do not understand the money is an idea in action and following up is a part of the process. If you don’t follow-up the money or miss any part of the process, the money will pass you by.

We covered:

  • The different stages of the buying process and how to effectively move your prospect toward the sale
  • Why using social media without lead capture and nurturing automation is leaving 97% more sales on the table
  • How to re-engage with all of those business cards that are collecting dust

About The Presenter:

Tina Brinkley Potts is an award-winning author, business strategist, online marketing trainer, and success coach. Coaches, consultants, experts, and small business owners from over 70 countries watch and apply Tina’s video trainings and strategy sessions to grow their businesses and careers to expert status. Tina’s expertise includes creating client attraction systems that integrate your desired lifestyle and personality to hone and market their storehouses of knowledge, education, and experience so they can chart their unique path to the dollar amount they desire.