Did you know that happiness is a choice and you can make up your mind to be happy today? Happiness is a moment to moment choice and with that choice it becomes your expression.

Omg when a women is happy, it is the sweetest thing on the planet. Happiness brings health, which brings wealth and abundance. When you are happy everything that could be wrong is immediately in that moment made right. I am so happy. I am generating myself and creating my mission had having a life filled with Truth, Voice, and Power. “Happy Woman Happy World.” Is alive and well on the planet. Its, Monday morning and I am great. I had my coffee, my allotted 2 pieces of toast that was dripping in butter, and a hardboiled egg. Now, I am at my desk and I am in action.

In my life there are things that are working and things that are not working. Things like, credit card bills, basic bills, I have not yet unearthed the man of my wildest dreams or should I say that he has not yet unearthed me or heard my enormous joyous laugh which will lead him to me. I still have Diabetes and 16lbs left to release off of my body and yet my heart is busting at the seams with joy. I have this vision of stars and fairy dust being sprinkle all over the planet from my heart. Yeah!

Anyway, that’s me. What will it take to have you make up your mind to be a happy today?

You can be happy no matter what your circumstance, the key is to accept them.

  • You can be overweight and happy,
  • Single and happy,
  • In debt and happy,
  • Going through a divorce/breaking up and happy
  • Losing your job and happy
  • Sick and happy

_DSC0008-4All of these things can be happening and you can still choose to be happy right here right now.

You can also support a friend who might be going through these things with your happiness. Happiness is an energy that is shared and expressed. Just as being around someone who is miserable is contagious. Being around people who are happy is also contagious. I used to be a black cloud. I had no idea how I affected others when I was being miserable, until I discovered that I am energy and I can choose to be happy no matter what is going on. I was such as black cloud that people were afraid of me. They could not contribute to me. When I found that out I was really sad. However, the confession to me was proof that I was no longer that person because they had space to share how I impacted their life. Whew! Thank God that’s over.

I have experienced divorce and breakup and I was still happy.   I am single, looking and I am happy, I am living with a dis-ease Diabetes and I am happy working on managing it.

I have found that if I can be happy with all of these circumstances, I can just be happy. Most people feel that they will be happy when the master some desire or need they think of happiness as a side effect. I am here to tell you that happiness just is. Be happy and create a life that lights you up like a bottle rocket.

  • Think about something that makes you happy
  • Make yourself a happiness log
  • When feeling down, remember 2 actions that will make you happy
  • Smile no matter how your feeling – Smile at 5 strangers – Smile for 60 seconds
  • Think of a silly song and hum it to yourself

Stand strong, make an affirmative choice to be happy today! Love you.

Live Life Your Way

Noreen Sumpter Personal Life Coach


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