Caveman With Club Cartoon CharacterI love sex and really, I cannot fathom what has had me go without it for so long. I wrote an article before called “how long is too long without sex.” I can answer that question. If you are an active person, any amount of time can be too long, it’s personal. I love and really enjoy sex. I think I am pretty good at it. I know I am good at it for myself as I know what I like and I am confident enough to request it. I have even been known to command it.

I am actually gearing up for some good sex, but I have no idea with who. However, I see myself in a very engaging and fantastic relationship with an amazing man very soon. Ladies, it’s okay to tell a man or partner what you want in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen or where ever you want to get it on, what you desire.

I love that word desire, it just zips across my tongue.

To have an amazing time while having sex, you have to be willing to do a little training, to get what it is you desire. Confidence is really important in all areas of your life and confidence is even sexier in the bedroom. It provides you with the idea, answer and everything you could possibly want or don’t want.

I dated this guy who I had known for a really long time, we were good friends and he had always wanted to date me. I liked him and he was kind of sexy. Key word there was kind of sexy. In life one has to learn a few things and gosh did I learn. It helps one discover what works and what doesn’t. Well, we started dating and low and behold sex with him was terrible.

He was like a frigging Cro-Magnon man. Sex with him was horrible and sex and horrible are not two words I like to put together. He was rough and terrible it was like he was running a race with a sack of potatoes on his back. Honestly, the relationship ended right there. He was not willing to take direction, he had these belief that sex was supposed to be rough and hard and he did not want to be told what to do with MY Vagina. So no more to be said, that was the end of the experience. It did impact our friendship. However, me being me we were able to re-establish our friendship after he got over his embarrassment.   Lovely, guy but not for me. We were very different.

It is important to know what you want and what you will deal with in the bedroom. We all have our likes and dislikes and one has to know what they are willing to do and want to do. If you choose to do what your partner wants, make sure it is because you are participating freely so you don’t have any resentments.

I could be okay with my friend, the Cro-Magnon man because I am secure and know what I will do and won’t do. I am not willing to feel bad about myself and can stop any action the moment if does not fit or suit my needs.

I love and enjoy sex and I think that it is important that we all find our sexual groove.

  • Love your body the way it is and if you do not love your body the way it is, do the work that will have you grow to love it. The truth is it’s the only one you have.
  • If you don’t like the fat on your hips – take action and lose it.
  • If you are holding shame in some area of your body – take action and go see someone to help you work it out – keeping it in will rub you of your life.
  • Your sexual energy is your power express it freely, honor it – do not abuse it.
  • During sex be present and enjoy the ride – there is no one sexier than you. Different yes, they have their sexy and you have yours. Ask for what you desire.
  • Drunken sex – go figure.
  • Get close and personal with your Vagina. Use a mirror take a look – so that your partner can get close and personal with it and you can be comfortable.
  • Use your hands and explore yourself through masturbation. It’s good and healthy for you.

Take the steps and get to know yourself fully.

Live Life Your Way,

Noreen Sumpter Life Coach


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