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I had no idea how fat I was until I lost weight. When I look at pictures of myself, I look like a completely different person. To people that know me, they have done a double take, creep slowly up to me and say my name. “Noreen, is that you. Oh my. I did not know it was you.” That is the constant conversations, I am hearing these days.

Well heck, I don’t even recognize me. I do a double take when I see my reflection. Where on earth did my body store 52 lbs? I had no idea what 52 lbs looked like. I thought it was all in my tummy. I thought that I could keep my butt and lose my tummy. Fat is everywhere and it was in every aspect of my body. Omg, the places where I did not know fat lived it lived. I have never heard anyone talk about where fat lives. Well, I am her to tell you that I had fat on my vagina. My vagina had fat on it. Yes, that might be too much information, but it was information that I would have liked to know about. We talk about bellies and butts losing weight, and it is on my vagina that I noticed a significant amount of weight loss. I had no idea that I would lose weight on my vagina. It was shocking. Not only was my butt going through a transition where it never really felt what it was like to sit on a chair and feel my butt bones reacting. My vagina, or my Fopa (Fat Outer Pussy Area) as my sister and I like to refer to the fat on our public bone also vagina. It was thinner leaner, like lean beef. I have not test driven my new thinner vagina yet. However, I will let you know when I do. I am a little afraid and excited all at the same time.
Anyway, go forward, I lost weight in my cheeks, my armpits, and every place that you could think of where fat lived. Ears, nose, every place. I have bone touching bone.


Yes, I am flabbergasted. I would be lying if I said that I did not miss it. I do, I miss the warmth of my fat. I could wear a tee-shirt under my coat and be warm. Now, I have to layer. Ask me if I like layering, I do not layering is uncomfortable plus it produces way too much laundry.

Losing weight is a strange experience and I am here to tell you that dieting does not work. I thought it would be difficult and actually it was not when I just did it and did not obsess about it.

What I learned in the fat loss experience is that being consistent even though you might not see movement of the needle on the scale changing from day to day one have to be consistent. Some weeks you can lost 2lbs and other 1lbs and sometimes none at all. Consistency is the key to fat loss.

You know what else is funny, people love weight loss stories, and people get really excited for you when you lose weight. I like to say release weight.

Anyway, I am still releasing, shedding and losing. I will keep you posted about my weight loss journey.

Just a quick note. I loved my body when it was fat. I will let you know how my new experience with this leaner body is going.