Brooklyn: Living the Dream Larger Than Life

Over the next few weeks, Noreen Sumpter, a Personal Life Coach will be interviewing people in a series called “Brooklyn: Living the Dream Larger Than Life.”

Brooklyn: Living the Dream Larger Than Life’s Noreen Sumpter will be talking with amazing people who are doing just that: living their dream. “Living the dream” means going after what it is you say you want to do, who you want to be and what you want to have in your life.  You are creating your life by doing the things that you are passionate about.  You’re taking risks and receiving what you want.

This week, Living the Dream Larger Than Life features Tony Taylor, owner of the Brooklyn hosiery, Look From London.
Tony can be described as a man who loves, adores and worships the legs of women.  He loves to dress women’s legs, ankles, thighs, and feet.   Winter for Tony is his best and most favorite time of year.

Lokk For London
Tell us why you think you are living the dream larger than life.
I am living the dream larger than life because I’m doing what I love and making a living at it.  I love working in hosiery.  I love women and I love their legs.  My hosiery makes things beautiful and edgy.
Why is winter the best time of year for you?</strong>
Winter is when the hosiery business comes alive. This is the time of year when I become a super hero to women’s legs.  It’s when my mission takes effect.  My mission is beauty, protection and empowerment.  I protect and beatify women’s legs from the harshness of the cold, wet and winter weather.  It is during winter when I can get into action and enjoy the fruits of my labor as women begin to wear my designs and new orders come rushing in.
How did you get into the hosiery business?</strong>
While in the music business and looking for a record deal in London twenty years ago I saw a lot of interesting legwear in London that I did not see in America.  I was a singer in a Reggae band at the time.  Women were wearing amazing hosiery at the record companies.  We purchased a few and brought them back to USA with us.  Music and fashion go hand in hand.  The rest is, as they say, history.  Look From London was officially started in 1989.  It was music, sex and rock ‘n roll. a winning combo.  I love dressing women.  But most of all I love dressing their legs.

<strong>How come you love dressing women’s legs? What is it about legs that fascinates and inspires you so much?</strong>
Well, the waist to toes is a huge area.  Hosiery draws a lot of attention from men and women, especially when one is wearing a great design.  With a pop of color, the legs get transformed into a vibrant expression, coupled with shape and motion – ready for business.  Hosiery adds a taste and flavor to any fashion trend.  Also, in times of recession, hosiery can transform and update your closet in a very refreshing way by brightening and enlivening any outfit by recycling it and making it perpetually new.  It tells people to focus on my legs.

<strong>What are you passionate about?</strong>
I am passionate about my family, my daughter and my creations.   I love my designs from conceptualization to actualization to when a woman is wearing Look From London in the street, strutting her stuff.  I just love it.
What separates your hosiery from the other hosiery companies?
My hosiery is loud, bold and not for the faint of heart.  Look From London calls for a person who is confident, open and fully self-expressed.  We service everyone in all communities to wear Look From London.  All genders and all sexual orientations wear our hosiery.

<strong>Your hosiery energy is so bold and big.</strong>
Well, what’s the point in skirting on the edge of life when you can be in life making a statement that packs a big punch?  Look From London hosiery makes a strong statement. Look From London is for the person who is edgy. I sometimes hear that Look From London is a little too much for some people, but there are items that may appeal to people who when ready want to stretch the boundaries.  If you know yourself as loud, proud, and living larger than life, then Look from London is for you.

<strong>How long have you been in Brooklyn and why Brooklyn?</strong>
Brooklyn is and has always been a place that has a lot of power and is filled with all kinds of things going on with different kinds of people and it is because of its diversity that Brooklyn has always provided me with a lot of inspiration and creativity.  One of my favorite things to say about Look from London is “Born in London; raised in Brooklyn” That is my motto and that’s how I see it. It took being in Brooklyn to raise my company.

<strong>How long has Look From London been around? </strong>
Look From London has been in Brooklyn for twenty years.  We employ people from Brooklyn, we create almost everything in Brooklyn.  Our factory is right here on Hart Street in Clinton Hill.  We are “Brooklyn Massive.”

<strong>Do you think it is important for you to do what you love?</strong>
Absolutely, without a doubt.  I could not think of doing something I do not enjoy or that does not challenge me.  In business just like my hosiery, I have to be bold, creative and self-expressed.  I love what I do and it’s not up for discussion. Things that I don’t enjoy I don’t give energy to.
Is your voiced expressed in the business?

Not only is my voice expressed, but the voice of everyone who wears hosiery from Look From London is fully self-expressed.  I still sing and create music. Hosiery provides me another form of expression.

Visit Look From London at or call: 718 403 9035