I Can’t Bloody Believe It! 3,544!



In January, I had 3,544 listeners on my radio show.  I want to say thank you to all of the people who have listened to my show.  I am excited! 3,544 just for January. Come on! I cannot believe it!  Thank you to all the guests who have been on the show. Thank you to the people who have snored and said something snotty about it. I don’t care; my belief is no matter what people say about my show- positive or negative- it’s something. It is better to have people say something than nothing at all. It is still better than nothing. Thank you for all of it.  I am a cowboy, or in my case a cowgirl, in the Wild West, which is the radio- the good, bad and ugly of it.  Let me tell you, at times it can get ugly, way ugly. But, I love it.  

Taking on the responsibilities of working, being a personal life coach, and having all the other responsibilities that I have taken on, it is not easy. As I said in one of my shows, It ain’t easy having a radio show- none of it. Finding the guests, creating topics/subjects, presenting or anything about radio. I have to give a big shout out to Oprah, Jimmy Kimmel, Larry King, Ira Glass, and This American Life. ( I have been on This American Life that show). Now, I see why my interview on This American Life was so long, and then they cut it down to a small segment. Being interviewed for an hour for a 10-minute radio segment takes time, and I am not a professional.  So shout out to Howard Stern and all the others.  Nuff respect.  I raise my hat to you all.  Being on the radio is not easy. Being in the public eye is not easy. However, it is exciting. Guys, last week I got my first call-in from a stranger.  It was amazing.  A stranger- that’s big time. You have no idea how that feels, but it felt good.  

Radio is learning; I genuinely have no idea how I sound. A few nights ago, I had a conversation with a neighbor who told me that me she listened to 3 of my shows.
I asked, “How was it?”

She said, “Err.”

I pushed.

“It was ok.”  

Gosh, okay, I thought.  Just okay?  “What worked and what didn’t?” I said.  

“I love your laughing. It makes me laugh. But, one show you were laughing too much.”

Well, what can I tell you?  It’s funny sometimes. I can’t take myself so seriously. I get it. Some people are funny. The truth is, I am enjoying myself.  However, I have made a note of that and will curb the laughing or keep it to a minimum. Not. I will be natural.  I cannot be what I am not. I live life my way which means being happy.  

Beyond Potential Live Life Your Way The radio show is a testament to the kind of person I am.  I just jumped in and took a risk and am still risking it. I have a thing that I say when I am going to start something new: “Jump, Noreen, Jump!” It’s usually something that I have been thinking about a while, and then I just jump. I have been a jumper since I was 16 years old.  I knew at 13 that I wanted to visit New York. It was a dream. I had seen it on television millions of times.  So, when I turned 16, I left school and got my passport together, saved some money, then told my mother that I was going to New York on Friday.  My mother looked at me and said how you are going to do that.  It’s already done I said. Friday came, and I jumped.  Then when I turned 19 after going to NY a few other times, I jumped again, and the rest is history.  Beyond Potential Live Life Your Way show is a lot like my life. I’m a jumper. My guests are jumpers.  Yes, it is scary to face my fears and do it anyway.  What I know is that if I don’t jump, I will not experience new and different things that live as dreams in my life. Then, I would be a hypocrite, and my clients cannot get what they want. So I jump, and I live life my way.  

Most entrepreneurs that I’ve met, worked with, or read about are people that took risks and jumped in.  They enjoy/love what they do and get involved and engrossed in projects that they are working on.  Most entrepreneurs get engaged. Furthermore, being an entrepreneur is the last thing on an entrepreneur’s mind. They want to be successful. They know what they want to do, like Mark Ruben, who wanted to be rich and mastered being a salesperson. It’s about doing what they love, putting their heads down, and getting stuck in. They burn every kind of oil- midnight and the rest. Being involved and stuck in can mean no food, no bathroom breaks- just love.  They are totally tuned in.

So thank you to the 3,544 people who have listened to my show in January and the people who have listened since the beginning.  Here’s to more laughter, fun, and massive growth.  I am still reeling, and I want to tell you it ain’t easy, but I am happy.  So, thank you for your contribution and thanks for your ears.

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