How to rediscover what you really want

Photo by EvelynGiggles
Photo by EvelynGiggles

What is right for you – that is the question.
When you know what you really, really want, you never have to worry about what you don’t want or what’s not right for you.  However, what you don’t want is a reflection of what you do want.  E.g., you cannot know ‘up’ without knowing ‘down.’  You cannot know ‘right’ without knowing ‘left.’  However, many people get stuck in repeating over and over again what they don’t want and get stuck, not creating what they do want.
What do you really, really want?  When you find out what you really want it provides you with passion.  You start to take real action, regardless of any fears.  You receive the opportunity to open your heart, trust your ability, and succeed.   When what you want is right for you, there is a sense of knowing that cannot be explained; it can only be expressed.
When you know what you want to do and you don’t do it – you do what your parents want you to do, your friends want you to do, and society wants you to do – it stifles your self-expression, energy, thoughts and creativity.  You experience a loss of power, creativity, personal success and abundance.  You become bogged down and you can lose sight of your passions and dreams.   You don’t know where to start.
Start by setting goals.
The first goal is being of service.  Everything you create that provides service for others is a contribution to others.  Set that goal in your mind.
Look at what kind of life you would like to live.  How much money would you like to make?  Set it as a weekly, monthly or yearly goal.  You have to be able to believe with every fiber of your body that you can achieve that sum of money for yourself.  The beauty is that you do not have to know how to get it.  What this will provide is the energy which will fuel the actions you need to take to bring the money to you.
Set a clear picture of how many clients you need to achieve your goal, or how many units you need to sell to reach your goal.  Then get yourself energized.  Find out how you will provide and service these people.
Everything we want starts in our imagination. We have to be able to see ourselves creating it.  We have to visualize the clients you want and the money we want.  You have to be ready for what you are creating. You have to be able to have the structure in place to be ready.  Create a picture of what it would be like to have what you desire or want.  Get straight with yourself.  Notice and look at your fear of success or your fear of failure.  It does not matter that you have these feelings.  It is just a feeling, not a fact.
As you begin to create what you want, you will notice new situations and new people coming into your life.  It is important to create time to do what it is you want to get done.  You must not forget to create time to play, be happy, healthy and balanced.  It is important to be diligent and not quit.  It is important to manage your thoughts, opinions and experiences.  Follow your intuition and listen to your ideas.  Follow your inner guidance when you follow what is true for you.  Honor yourself and others.  Everything you do is a win and you are able to look at your life through the eyes of those you serve and those you love.  How do you want your life to serve you?  Using compassion, put yourself into the shoes of others to serve yourself and others in a peaceful way.
What do you really want and what are you willing to give up to get it?   Have a look at what you want and you will certainly find the answers as you have all the tools inside you now to have what you want.