My Perfect Client

  1. My clients inspire me to do great work, and, in turn, they produce great results.
  2. I have high expectations for my clients, and I’m hardcore with them.  I don’t baby them.  
  3. When clients reach their goals, I help them go beyond their potential.  (If Richard Branson didn’t go beyond his potential, he would’ve gone down with Virgin Records.)
  4. My fees inspire clients to invest in themselves so they know their value and know how much they’re worth.
  5. My clients develop confidence and are never lonely at the top of their game. They ask for what they want.  Their energy is abundant, and people want to be around them.
  6. I turn up the heat by asking thought-provoking questions that top performers crave and dig deep to get answers that help my clients meet their desired goals.
  7. I work with interesting, extraordinary people who are committed to being happy in their life.  This is my goal.
  8. I build trust, take risks, make bold requests, lead (powerfully), hide nothing, and hold nothing back.

Connect with me if you are ready to own your voice, speak your truth, and Live Life Your Way!

Let’s Go Beyond Potential!



Focus on what you can achieve. You are human, and you can have whatever you want.  Look at your life and notice that everything you’ve got, you’ve created. All of it.  The things that work and the things that don’t. If the things in your life aren’t serving you, start the change process by owning your voice, speaking your truth and living life your way.  

If you believe you can, you will. Furthermore, it’s none of your business what people think about you. Teachers, parents, and friends say terrible things when we’re young and those words, if you believe them, will crush your spirit.  Don’t let them.