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Stephanie Gunning, a 34-year veteran of the mainstream publishing industry, specializing in books on the topics of health, spirituality, personal growth, and new thought. She has lost track of the number of books she has written. Her creative endeavors are dedicated to individual empowerment and the conscious evolution of humankind. “Working with visionary thinkers gives me an advanced education in human potential,” Stephanie says.

“Each day they inspire me to contribute my own talents and message to the world, as best as I am able.” Her clients include publishing firms, literary agencies, small presses, and entrepreneurs. She is a writer and ghostwriter for some today extremely popular books and publishing houses.

Join us as Stephanie Gunning shares with me why she writes for people and who can write a book and what it takes to do it. Even you can do it. Yes, you can write a book. Find out why Stephanie stays the writing is an unstable business. Receive a copy of her structure and layout of how to write your book successfully.