At our March Lunch Lady Event, we learned how to clearly and confidently articulate our ideas so we can be experts in the room.

We learned skills to overcome nerves, increase our awareness and presence, and craft a message that motivates and inspires our audiences.

We received tools to:

  • Increase our stage presence
  • Manage our anxiety & stage fright
  • Create content that resonates with our audiences

About the presenter:

Madeline helps creative professionals articulate their vision so they can be the authority. She has been described as a lifesaver and a secret weapon and possesses an extraordinary ability to turn complex ideas into clear, concise and compelling presentations.

Before starting her business, Madeline spent 15 years in the creative world. She ran the publicity department for a design book publisher and then spent a decade designing and building window displays and brand experiences. Now, she trains people to communicate their stories and invite audiences into their world.

Madeline’s mission is to bring all voices to the table, to create diversity in leadership, and to allow introverts and quiet leaders to effect change in their organizations and the world.