Bitch, what a Bitch, I cannot believe she’s so Bitchy, She is one hard Bitch. People will say all sorts of thing about you, Have you noticed when a woman is confident and feels truly good about herself, knows what she wants, has clear concise boundaries, is on her way to developing her personal power and awareness in a healthy way she is often referred to as Bitch or something else quite negative. Some of her friends might even say things like she has changed.  Of course she changed who wants to stay the same. Who wants to remain ignorant and insecure?  I don’t think any woman wants that.  Life is a series of choices and so we change. 10407999_10202924996459871_1227667475578912505_n

Well, I say to hell with it.  It is time to stop seeking external validation, being nice and living in guilt and being afraid and people pleaser, by downplaying your needs by putting yourself last. It’s time to own your personal power and deal with yourself by:

  • Owning the Power
  • Standing up for yourself,
  • Learning to be Selfish and pleasing yourself
  • Going for your desires.
  • Playing a bigger life game
  • Bringing forth your personal power

Yes, so what. The word Bitch might have negative connotations; but in some areas of life if you’re a woman on a mission and up to big things at some point you will be called a bitch to your face, but more often than not it’s behind your back.  It’s important to become okay with yourself the way you are and not feel you have to defend yourself against stupidity.

Human’s gossip, it’s normal. When people don’t know you they will make up all kinds of stories about you until they find out the truth.  I have a saying, if no one is talking about you, you really not up to much.  but, when you’ve learned to deal with fear and yourself the term bitch, will no longer have control over you and you’ll experience major growth and personal power, that any comment made about your persons will no longer produced a negative feeling or result, it will be like water of a ducks back.

A Woman Owning the Power Within

Loving your power within, In order to love the bitch, you have to know and own that bitch.  In this article, the power I’m referring to or creating is a strong, confident loving person that has healthy boundaries, knows that nothing is personal.  This Bitch accepts herself for all she are and all she is not.  She is grateful for her mind, potential and life and is willing to create anything she wants and experiences she know the mistakes she makes are a part of the journey of growth and development, knowing that nothing is ever really wrong, she is responsible for their life the way it is and the way it is not.  She is open to living a joyous life knowing that things happen for her greater good.  She knows she has choices and can complain or be a victim in a continuous cycle of negativity and righteousness rightly or wrongly.  However, she knows that life is a series of polarities.  The Bitch I speak too she is someone that has experiences in her past that cause her to have a limited perspective.  However, she has chosen to let go of them over and over again and remain present in her view of their life when the past presents itself, and having the past and all its negative experience fall off her like water off a ducks back.

Standing up for self

This Bitch she is okay with herself.  She sees no need in fighting fights of no possibility. She is smiling more often than not.  She is aware of the noise in her head and can silence it when it presents itself.  She has compassion for herself and lovingly let’s go when she is not being compassionate over and over again.  She knows how to use her past as a reflection of what she’s learned and knows that she has learned it so well that it will never have to be relearned again, she does this by acknowledging her positive past.  She is confident and can stand for herself and her beliefs without making another wrong.  Her belief are her beliefs and she shares them knowing that no one has to have them or agree with them.  They are hers until they too are discarded with her growth.

Learning to be Selfish and please self

She knows how to be selfish, however, the kind of selfish that she is, is knowing that she does not come from a deficit in any area in her life.  She is abundant in her way of being.  She does not give away what she cannot and does not have.  She gives 100% because she coming from a place of self-love, abundance and generosity.  Love of self, self-value, honoring and of worth.  Self-love is a heartfelt experience, being kind, gentle and giving unconditionally the love she has 100%.  This is not the kind of woman that is aggressive and negates other people’s rights.  She is empowered and thus empowers others.  She is willing to take responsible for her life and give up making excuses.  This is not the kind of selfishness that does not care about her effects on other people.  She is not aggressive with self-dominating or controlling others.  Being Selfish means that you make sure that you take care of self and when you are completely taken care of intuitively you have an abundance of self to give away.   When you say yes, you mean yes.  When say no, you mean no there is no questioning of choice.  Everything is sent out for the highest good and everyone receives the highest good back.   Now that’s not to say that you have never screwed up.  Screwing up help you see where you have no power.  So those nights and days spent upset afraid and hurt, have help you grow and develop yourself and your power.

Going for your desire.

She goes for, knows and asks clearly for exactly what she wants.  She also knows that clarity is one of the keys to having so she does not have to settle for less than what she wants.  Saying, she does not know is okay because she’ll find out.  She also knows that if she has the right to go for her desires so does everyone else.  Abundance is not just for her it is for the world.  Being fulfilled in all of her desires is important.  Furthermore, she has the power to reject rejection on all fronts so with that everything she desire is hers for the asking and expecting because rejection doesn’t really exist.  Rejection is really an inherited concept rooted in fear that’s been passed on and is rooted in one’s concept of life.  Desires are important.  She will ask as many times as it is necessary to get what she really wants.  She knows when she stops asking for her desires, it not that she cannot have it.  It’s that something better has shown up and taken it place. Desires are continuous and so we keep on asking until old desires are met and new ones are created.

Playing a bigger game

She knows that playing a bigger game in life does not have anything to do with size or amount, it means being authentic and honest with one’s, thoughts feelings not being attached to anything and any one.  Having the freedom live in expectation of one’s dream but always being unattached.  Being happy with her choices so that her energy can be directed where she would like it to be and free of anxiety.  She believes in herself and she believes that all things are possible.  She knows to achieve the life she wants and the game she wants to play believing in herself is a choice.  It’s an attitude that she has developed for herself overtime.  She does not blame her family for the hand that she was dealt, or the race, physical size or class that she was born into or with she knows that she is responsible for her own concepts and she can change them.  Her game in life is personal to her and no one ever has to agree or want to play.  She is okay about other people’s opinions about her games as she knows their opinions are none of her business.  She knows that opinion as like bellybuttons and everyone has one.  However, playing her game in accordance to her truth is paramount it’s a peaceful process so that her energy can flow so her thoughts and idea can come easily.

Bringing forth your personal power

The Complete Bitch has personal power is personal power she needs no reason, she just is.  It is your very own.  It is hers and hers alone.  She knows that I speak too knows that if she is going to be successful in her life in her own right, she knows that it’s the way she handles herself that has her be who she wants to be and Owning the power within.  She says who she is and it is none of her business what people think about her.  Personal Power is within us to create the lives want, the life we dream about and the life that we were born to live.  You have to claim your personal power.

Consider, what if you owned the Bitch within, gave up complaining, took responsibility and started being your full power. would your life look like?

Live Life Your Way,

Noreen Sumpter