If someone asks you for a favor, be clear that you want to do this favor. When you’re doing things you don’t want to do, this only creates resentment towards the other person and yourself.  Many of people do favors they don’t want to do, but when you live like that you go against your feelings.  When you choose to be honest with yourself by honoring yourself, expect that some people will not like it, or you.  People might say you’re selfish.  No one wants to be called selfish, everyone wants to look good and not suffer losing face, so you feel obligated in some way or another.

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It is important to make your life, thoughts, goals and time important.  It is important to commit to yourself.  If you do favors you don’t want to do, you will can be lost in the world of other people’s desires, and expectations which will only lead to bitterness and upset. Which cause uncertainty of where you will be and feel uncertain about your own choices. I think it is critical to be clear about what you will and will not do and who you are.  You can make your life a priority by being responsible where you acknowledge your thoughts and feeling which lets you be free to make choices and take actions, thereby providing you with a strong sense of who you are and allows you to be happy with the choices you make for yourself and your life.

If you do not honor yourself, you will not be able to honor others. You will know when it is important for you to be selfless and when to flow with things.

No, you cannot hang out at my apartment at 8:00am.  That might seem harsh to some people, but be honest with what one will and will not do. It helps one feel better about oneself.  It is not one’s intention to hurt another’s feelings and does not want to hurt one’s own feelings by saying yes when no is what is really meant.

Being honest with my desires provides me the respect for your desires, as it frees me from resentment of myself.  I have trained myself for a long time to be honest with myself.  Sometimes, it does not feel good to refuse a friend or a loved one.  However, when you respect your own choices, feeling good or bad has nothing to do with it.  You are just honoring your higher self and you learn that you are not responsible for everyone’s happiness, and you know that you cannot choose another’s happiness.

Live Life Your Way,

Noreen Sumpter


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