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Valentine’s Day is an idea of celebration of how much you love someone or how much you are loved by another person. Valentines can be a double-edged sword. This is the time of year when people get engaged, receive tons of flowers on the job. Receiving flowers at your workplace might make you feel good. However, it might make the other single women want to run and hide. So women/people who have not received gifts might internalize their self-loathing of not have received flowers because they don’t have a significant other.

This is the time year where your local restaurant turns into massive orgy of a place for gluttony of chocolate, dinner and torrid sex. (Yum) If you’re not in a relationship you might feel that you want to escape the all-around experience of happy lovers on Valentines. You might experience feelings of bitterness. Watch that. Bitterness create ugliness. You don’t want to be ugly. Put your hater feelings in check.

Sure, people celebrate Valentine’s Day to show how much they love that very special someone in their lives. This Valentine make yourself special. Be your special person by being your own Valentines this year. Feel good about yourself and celebrate with yourself and or friends.  

  1. Organize a Valentine’s dinner with a group of friends and express your appreciation and love for your friendship.
  2. Indulge in your pleasure’s on Valentine’s Day and enjoy
  3. Get out your favorite sex toy and lubrication if needed and have a torrid sexual experience on your own.
  4. Send yourself something you would like to receive from a lover
  5. Have a night in with friends and watch romantic comedy.
  6. Empower yourself and go out alone spend an evening by doing something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. 

What you should not do on Valentines:

  1. Disempower yourself and make yourself wrong for not having a relationship for the umpteenth.
  2. Drink yourself into a stouter to numb out some fictional relationship pain.
  3. Isolate yourself
  4. Buy yourself a ton of chocolate guzzle the whole lot and then complain about how fat you are. Instead guzzle the whole and share the pleasure you got.
  5. Do not ruminate about lost love.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Live Life Your Way,

Noreen Sumpter Life Coach