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It is ok to allow yourself to be human by allowing yourself to mess up, dress down, fall short, bomb out.  It is okay to do what you want with you yourself, your life, body and dreams.  Understand that there a chance that you will not please everyone all the time not even yourself.  There will be times when you will disappoint people and with that they will be people close to you such as your parents, friends and relatives and again even yourself.  It is important to know that life is always changing and transforming.  You are transforming in ways that you will or will not see.  There are things that we’ll experience, for instance, we’ll be economically, emotionally, educationally and physically challenged.  I was recently, economically challenged after not experiencing any challenges in years.  In addition, I have also, been physically challenged with Diabetes and weight gain.  I have been overweight for years.  I triumphed over both these physical challenges and will continue to overcome them for the rest of my life.  Hence, lifestyle changes. I never once thought that being economically challenged, would be an opportunity to grow.  It is, I am still learning and exploring. There is an ebb and flow up and down experience to money.  It is not static experience, even though it is not something, that is tangible it is a mindset conversation that I am learning the fundamental shifting.  I never once thought that I would ever say that being economically challenged is interesting and that I could learn about and transform.   Also our dreams can take a turn and become difficult to manifest. It is also a learning experience.  We have choices and we can choose to be successful or unsuccessful we will be successful or unsuccessful positive and negative of our overall success. Within the realm of success there are times when success does not feel the way we think it should be.  It is an individual discovery.

Last week was week 3 of Calling in the One Unapologetically. It was The Release, we released ways, behavior, thoughts etc. that no longer worked for us like blame, shame etc., and we embraced forgiveness, power new behaviors and experiences. We created an environment fit for the intention of   release to happen.  We released through a water ceremony and used candles. We supported each other in ways that we needed.  So that we could choose newly and live life and see vast array of gifts the universe has to offer.  I’m was and remain excited about life and its constant changes.  I released many experiences that no longer fit in my life or that I no longer have space for.  Below are a few things I removed from my life.

I released: worthlessness: Worthlessness came from my Jamaican father who called me (Watless) worthless because I did not do wash dishes or chores, I sucked my thumb and played with my hair, or that my room was always messy. The haunting of worthless gave me no peace even into adulthood and rears it head from time to time when things in my life are not working or going as well as I’d like them to.  I have had to always prove my worthiness even though my father has been dead well over 20 plus years. His words still rang and something ring in my ear when or if I did not meet a certain standard.  It provided me no freedom.  So I am ever vigilant of the noise.

Some the things I released and embraced were as followed:

I embraced:  That I am worthy, I have purpose and I bring light.

I release: Shame and being shamed

I embrace:  There is nothing about me to be ashamed of.  I have an opportunity to pass through whatever shame I have made up to experience the other side of what I desire and see the miracle I am.

I release: myself from negative conversations about money and results.

I embrace: Positive and negative energy around money as an opportunity to see what I am dealing with and as a result to use them as a tool.  I honor myself and my energy to constantly create from nothing everything I desire and to know that results are always changing.

I release stories that are made up about me and that are not mine

I embrace: Accepting that people will make up stories about me and that the only story that matters are the ones that I make up about myself.  I have choice

I release: All thoughts, feelings, ideas, and actions and ways of being that I have not yet released and don’t know I am to release

I embrace: Courage to release things that are not for my higher good, people, places and things.


I am also letting go of some of the kind of friendships that no longer serve or inspired or where I am not being inspiring.  However, letting go does not mean ending.  It just means releasing them in a way where I have space to recreate what I truly desire.  We cannot hoard relationships like objects, waiting for them to shift.  The shift must happen with you.  We cannot expect anything from them we have to have the freedom to create and love freely.  We all have needs and expectations that are different they arrive at different times when you are able to learn, and experience our needs.

Live Life Your Way,

Noreen Sumpter