Choice is an amazingly powerful tool for creating what you desire.

However, it has to be pure choice, devoid of ambiguity.

Be Bold, Responsible and Direct.  You have to feel it deep; you have to own it with responsibility.  Responsibility is about ownership – ownership of your life.

Sometimes you may be afraid to make tough choices or to realize your dreams because you don’t want to fail and take the necessary action to fulfill and manifest them.  Fear feels so real and runs so deep for people that many don’t know that fear is running the show the suffering that comes from this.  Fear is not personal, and it affects each and every one of us.

Your beliefs and self-image are woven into the very fabric of your reality.  Your self-image lives inside your subconscious mind and is always leading the way for the life you are creating.  If you have a certain self-image of someone that is always failing or losing, you may create a similar looking universe where you are always failing or losing.

For myself, I discovered that I created a world in which I never attracted the right man.  I always got the wrong guy.  I created beautiful men who were picture perfect when I wasn’t dating them.  But the moment I start dating a man – whoever he was – he quickly became the wrong guy for me.  With this discovery, it became imperative that I raise my awareness of my self-image.  My self-image was running the show.  We looked awesome together, and then, he was wrong. I had to choose if I wanted to keep this kind of self –sabotaging of my self-this world where I always choose the wrong guy.  This self-image impacted all of my life.  Wrong guys led to wrong friends, never enough, wrong areas, wrong apartments, never enough, and not good enough. All of these were beliefs that I had to decide if I wanted to hold on to or change.

This self-image concealed the best that life has to offer, and I could no longer picture what the best looked like.  This kind of discovery of the self takes courage to put us directly on Front Street, aka exposure, transparency, truth, or whatever we wish to call it.

Personally, I do not want to put myself out there and be vulnerable and transparent.  My tiny self would rather hide out than risk exposure.  However, my big self, my powerful self-image desires amazing relationships with an abundant life, and concealing myself and not knowing what my self-image is will not afford me the life that I truly desire.

If I maintain this self-image and let it take over, I’ll never experience positive change and growth in my life or anyone else’s. I’ll have a tiny life and be a tiny, miserable, ball of yuck! That’s not a life for me. I am committed to having a powerful, loving, supportive self-image and respecting myself. That is the life that I’m observing right now.

What about you? What are you observing and creating in your life?  If it is not your best life… then quit it. 

Calling in the One Unapologetically is for women who are ready to live and recreate themselves by expanding their capacity to give and receive love in their live and live their best life.   So make sure your self-image is really yours and exactly what you want to live your best life.