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Join Noreen as she mashes up the place with DJ Stormin’ Norman on Tuesday on Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way.

DJ Stormin’ Norman originally hails from East London, UK and is now a resident of Harlem, USA. In the 90’s, he was part of a groundbreaking DJ collective who brought the Thunderstorm Mix on WBLS 107.5FM NYC, introducing live mixing to daytime radio, previously reserved for weekend nights broadcasted from night-clubs, setting a new precedent in national radio.

For over 20 years, he’s played major New York clubs, exclusive downtown spots, elite private events and world tours. Currently, DJ produces the most anticipated event of the Summer season in New York City- Sundae Sermon, bringing thousands of attendees together in Harlem parks… termed by many “the Woodstock of Harlem”.

Continuing his brand, DJ Stormin’ Norman hosts his own show entitled Sundae Sermon Radio on WHCR 90.3fm, has a record label (Sundae Sermon Recordings), and for 2015 the not-for-profit Sundae Sermon Foundation. DJ Stormin’ Norman is also the DJ resident of Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster in Harlem.

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Segment #1:

Noreen greets our guest and immediately dives into Norman’s early life in East London. Norman worked his way through education through acting school at Iona, but soon found himself totally preoccupied with Djing. The two of them speak on the pressures of notoriety and celebrity life. Through Djing Norman ran into Idris Elba.

Segment #2:

The DJ lifestyle kept Norman occupied until a sudden loss of inspiration for Norman. From here Norman transferred to a career in real estate. Norman goes into how he was able to continue playing at his home. His neighbors loved it. With his rekindled enthusiasm for music Norman decided to get back to Djing. Norman speaks on Sundae Sermon and Noreen weighs in expressing the familial quality this party carries with it. A glimpse into the club kid scene from Norman as he recounts his earlier club experiences leaves us before commercial.

Segment #3:

Norman continues to talk about the evolution of Sundae Sermon. Norman loves the impact that this event has on the people that come and the light that it brings to their lives. Noreen went for the first time recently and said she loved it. Sundae Sermon is now at St. Nicholas Park, but Norman believes that soon they will need to change locations and find a bigger space. While this may move the show out of Harlem he says it’s necessary when something grows so much. Norman talks about how the digitalization of music has changed the industry, especially with the spread of house and disco music. Norman especially loves these genres of music because there are no rules to the dancing, you just do whatever your body tells you.

Segment #4:

Norman gives detail about the only Sundae Sermon of the year which will occur on August 11th from 1-6 P.M. at St. Nicholas Park in Harlem. Norman then talks about his massive record collection and how the art of record collecting and using records for DJ’ing has decreased over the years. This has completely changed the culture of DJ’ing and clubbing and made it more one dimensional. Noreen asks Norman about the possibility of him creating a documentary about DJ’s. He says that he’s been in multiple focusing on the history of dance and hip-hop music.