The Big Release

2020 is about to kick in, it’s reflection and creation time. What worked and what did not work for you in 2019?

About this Event:

What do you intend to create and ask for in 2020 -2021. Create it in the Big Release. The Big Release Rocks Hard!!

How was your 2019? What happened. Financially, emotionally, mentally, physically. Was it a success. Were you successful. If not why not?

2020 is about to kick in, It’s reflecting time for yourself. Time to look at what worked and what did not. This is the Big Release 4th year at Pearl Studio. It is time to play and play with an intention. People who have attended have created and fulfill amazing results. Join us and see for yourself.

Time to celebrate your wins and release the losses so they don’t infest yourself by staying in your head and taking up space.

Time to change yourself and your change your future. What are you strong desires

Your future is determined by what you want and intend to create.

The Big Release is an opportunity to intend and create powerful. It is time to create tremendous growth and have fun doing it. See yourself and the desire you want. Living the life that you want by focusing on you and your life.


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The Killer Pitch Master | Live Life Your Way


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Precious, the #Killerpitchmaster, is a world-class master communicator. She has had a life, and like a huge ball, she bounces back. She is generous authentic and committed.

Join Noreen as she mashes it up with Precious, and she shares her journey thorough life.

Segment 1

Noreen kicks off the show by talking about how grateful she was for an event that happened over her weekend. She continues to talk about another she has coming up where the main topics will be surrounding women and money. Noreen then introduces her guest Precious, the Killer Pitch Master, who does her own pitch on air. Precious talks about her personal and professional life, and how she went from Missouri to New York. Precious talks about her reasons to come to New York, and how her family background influenced her decisions growing up. Precious tells an emotional story about how she wanted to, and eventually how she got to her dream college.

Segment 2

Noreen came back asking Precious how her time in college was. Noreen then asks Precious why she wants to be the “Pitch Master”. Precious talks about the time she went on the Shark Tank TV show, where she showed off her pitching skills and got praise from Mark Cuban. Precious then talks about her lowest point in life and how she became an alcoholic. She also talks about the man that she dated back in 2010 who inspired her to create the Curvy Girlz Lingerie.

Segment 3

Precious talks about when she hit rock bottom. It got so bad that she stopped taking showers and taking care of herself. She talks about being a people pleaser due to the fact her parents never gave her approval as a child. When she woke up in the hospital after her suicide attempt her father was there and told her he loved her and that he messed up as a father. After her suicide attempt, she was in a psych ward in St. Louis and then went back to New York. She had lost everything and was homeless but had support from The Bowery Mission, where she stayed for a year and a half. She left the mission a year ago and her life has completely changed for the better and she now has a beautiful home in Brooklyn. Precious talks about how her life experiences have affected her work with her clients.

Segment 4

Precious says that “she’s here to live” and that she feels many woman are dead inside and aren’t living to their fullest potential. She always makes sure that her clients know that they have value and no matter how far you’ve gone down in life, you are somebody. Precious’s dream is to be a nationally syndicated talk show host and be able to send five kids to college. Precious has a book coming out about branding and pitches and how to win at the game of life and build a business career. Precious spends a lot of time talking with God and being grateful for being alive.