How to Manage an Event Perfectly | Live Life Your Way

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Join Noreen Sumpter as she mashes it up with Cheryl Gentry, CEO and Founder of Glow Global, a full-service and award-winning event management agency.

Last year, Glow celebrated their 20th year in business. Cheryl Gentry and Glow provide passionate seamless planning for her clients. She is knowledgeable. Her company has received 12 awards. Cheryl has created and established a name for herself by perfecting even the most minor event.

This week, on Beyond Potential: Live Life Your Way, Noreen will be discussing all the in’s and out’s of what it takes for Cheryl Gentry to run an event planning business and, most importantly, what is it that makes her so detail-oriented. Find out if she was born this way and how she got to be the way she is.