I met Toni Hatton at a conference a few years ago.  We had always “threatened” to do something together and had not up until now. 

I will be participating in her “Strengthen What Remains” Speaker’s Summit on Monday, June 29th.

Who Toni is for me is a dynamic lady who cares about people having what they desire in life.  She is about manifestation.  Toni is a woman who enjoys creating partnerships with everyone she meets.  She loves to share and she is shiny.  The beauty is that she does it  about being an Attractive Thinker. Hence her company is the http://www.theattractivethinker.guru/

It’s not that we cannot have what we desire.  It is that we have a difficult time holding onto our dreams. We get caught up in the time it takes to manifest them.  We get caught up in having them exactly the way we create them and it provides with no room for magic to happen. Everyone has confidence where they are strong. However, there are areas where we are not and in this talk you will discover there is power in pain, nothing in your life is wasted. 

Together, we will break down limiting beliefs, have straight communications, be transparent and most of all we will have fun.  I am offering a free 15-minute consultation to you. You will come away excited to have a conversation that will be the beginning of a life transformation.

Live Life Your Way,

Noreen Sumpter