As I grow as a person/human being, it is important to understand values from which I develop my world and my life. No one has to agree with my values.  However, I have to share them.  These are the 20 core values that I choose to live by.

Fun, laughter and joy are important to me.
Fun, laughter & joy are important to me.
  1. I love myself freely so I can love others
  2. Making myself right so I will not make others wrong
  3. Embracing my dreams, so I can live into my visions
  4. Honoring my difference and rarity
  5. People can say whatever they want as I am in control of the meaning I make in my life
  6. Having a curious mind and trusting myself
  7. Being a lifelong learner and discovering what works for me
  8. I am enough and I have enough and there is enough
  9. Expressing my passion, owning and being responsible for my drama
  10. Having the courage to have courage and knowing sometimes I have fear
  11. I am grateful for my life and all that happens
  12. Knowing I have free will
  13. Knowing I have choice and I make my own choices
  14. I am a blessing
  15. I am a reflection of the beauty and the beauty that surrounds me
  16. I have many gifts and I am generosity it is an important tool for me
  17. Having healthy relationships are important
  18. Fun, laughter and joy, happiness with myself
  19. Compassion with myself and others
  20. Living life my way, with my truth, is important

What are your core values and what do you choose to live by? I would love to hear them.

Live Life Your Way,

Noreen Sumpter Life Coach