Rubber ducks can help your give up the past and its problems.  With a duck you can end a constant complaint that you have in your life.

Wait. “What you talking about, Willis?”

Well, last weekend I assisted at a Wisdom Seminar. Wisdom is a yearlong course where we the members meet collectively every quarter to talk about things we love in our lives and want, it is a training and development seminar like no other.  The workshop gives you tools to dream, create and play in your life.

Ducks were used to change negative constant complaining conversations. 



We were throwing ducks (aka playing). The idea was when I threw a duck I had to say quack and when I caught a duck I’d say quack.  We coupled that with a complaint.  The gist of the game is I find a complaint that I cannot let go one that I really complain about and then complain about it for 5 minutes then throw the duck. I threw it intensely as I do not get an opportunity to throw things ever. So throw it for 5 minutes then go back and talk about the complaint again.  I discovered when I went back to talk about the complaint, it was as though my mind had rewired the complaint and it did not have the same flavor. The complaint disappeared!

The irony is that Ducks can help you get rid of your complaints.  Who knew?

Live Life Your Way,

Noreen Sumpter Life Coach