I was diagnosed with Diabetes on October 8, 2014. I went into my doctor’s office for a routine blood pressure check. Routine for me because my blood pressure had soared and I could not distinguish what has it go so high? I was afraid and got myself in action to lower it. However, on this day it was lowered. The nurse asked me if I had any pain. I did, I had a slight pain in my stomach. You know one of those ones that you know will pass nothing serious. She said give me a urine sample, gave me a cup and off I went.

Copy of _DSC0173-86Anyway after a little while the nurse came back gave it to the my doctor, who is absolutely fabulous I might add and she broke the news that I had Ketones in my urine and wanted to know if I had any systems. Well, I had and I had been monitoring them. I had told myself if they continued for more than two weeks I would go visit Dr. Allison. Well, Dr. Allison told me I had classic systems of Diabetes. Tingling in toes and fingers. I was not thirsty and I was not peeing a lot. She told me, she was going to do an A1C which is a Diabetes and Hemoglobin test. I should make an appointment to come back in the morning. Seriously though, I knew I had Diabetes.

Fast forward, the next morning at 9:00 am. I am sitting in Dr. Allison office and she tells me I have Diabetes. She was so sad. I think she was sadder than I was. I’m sitting thinking “oh boy I’d wished it had passed me by”. Then I retracted my thought “no because I am the perfect one because I’ll right this situation.” My brothers and sisters might not and they have not. Anyway, I did not know if I should react, was I numb. I listened carefully to what Dr. Allison was telling me because I know enough to know I could have been checked out of the conversation that Dr. A. was having with me. So I listened acutely. She said don’t worry we can fix this, we can manage this.” I asked can this be reversed. She said “Yes”. However, I’m going to start you on Metformin”. Which is what is given to people with Diabetes. She also told me if my glucose was just a little higher she would have sent me to the hospital where they would have shout me up with Insulin and I was to take 2 Metformin a day.

One in the first week and increase to two the following week. I asked if I could do this without meds. She said that you could with medication, diet and exercise it can be reversed.

As I sat in her office, I made up my mind right there that I was going to reverse this situation. I asked her to give me 6 months. As In six months, I knew I could have this shit beat. Fuck that. This girls got work to do. Life to live and I need all my finger, toes and my sex drive. Seriously, it was my sex drive and looking good that got me into action. I like mittens and I want to wear them with choice not because I don’t have fingers. My toes are ugly to me, and I want them so I can wear sandals. I literally sprung in to action. Lose 10% of my body weight in fat and I would see a difference. Well I in that moment choose to lose the 52lbs that was living on my body and not paying rent.

She signed me up for diabetes education with Toni Aronstein. Toni a hippy like woman, which I liked immediately because she was weird. I love weird people. I made and appointment to see her and actually got to see her almost immediately. Toni, wanted me to take 4 tablets per day. I said not. In turn, I told her that I could have this beat in 6 months. She said “it’s was recommended’. I said “no”. It’s recommended. It is not required. Since, October 9, I have been taking 1 tablet per day and I have only missed 3 days.

I educated myself and learned a lot about Diabetes, created a video, enrolled my friends in my journey with Diabetes to support me and call me out if I don’t live inside my commitment. The saying goes that “It takes a community to raise a child”. I discovered, it takes a community to help me heal. Especially if we can’t heal on our own. The people in my coffee shop supported me, they don’t sell me cakes. Today, March 30, 2015, I am back in the normal range of a person that never had Diabetes.

People, I am a Personal Life Coach, I motivate people to take on their lives and live with Freedom and power. I believe in Happy Woman Happy World, can you imagine what that would look like. Women being able to accomplish anything that they desire. I have lost 39lbs thus far and have 16lbs to go. I love my work, I love what I do. I run workshops for women in New York City. As with anything some people just will not change. I believe that, I have to walk my own talk. If I cannot walk my own talk than for me what is the point. I might as well take down my shingle and go the hell on.

Some people will take on what I provide and transform their lives, others will put the information in the closet and continue to do things their own way not even giving what they paid for a shot or take action. While, this can be heartbreaking it comes with the territory. Some people are terrified and scared of change and other believe that they are set in their ways. All of it is fine. Not everyone will benefit for having a coach.

My Diabetes educator, loves me my doctor loves me. Why because I have made her job worthy. They job is to educate me to take actions to get the results I desire. I desire to be healthy. Of the 100s of people that she works with only a handful will do what she had prescribed. A small amount will do exercise, eat correctly and get the sugar down. They did not believe that I would do what was needed to reduce my sugar. The thing is I know me. I was committed to doing it. Most people want change in their lives and they do not want to take the actions to get the change they desire. I don’t want change. I am creating transformation. Most people do not want to take the steps to create the results they want. Most people want the quick fix, the get rich schemes, instant health which does not exist. So they give up. They give up on their dreams, desired, health, love in some cases everything that is important to them. My being healthy, has my doctor fulfill on their dreams for being doctors and making a difference and I am happy about that.

They is a large turn around in the field of motivational help and coaching, health wellbeing, relationship, finances people have interest and are curious. However, most people are still not willing to do what it takes to heal themselves.

The bottom line is I am a personal life coach, I love my life and my work. I am committed to myself and my life and I am committed to the people I work with.

Thanks for the knowledge I have and the commitment I am. Diabetes, AKA Betes stay the hell out of my yard.