What have you in mind for New Year’s Day, 2014?  What do you need to say and do to have 2013 be finished so you can step into this shiny New Year of 2014?
What doubts and concerns do you have right now, and are you willing to accept and let go of them?  How do you want to spend the brand new days ahead?  The countdown starts at 12 midnight the last day of December. Take your time and ask yourself, who will you be kissing and counting down the seconds with?  Will you be at a party reveling with others celebrating?  Will you be at home settled in with friends or family.  Will you be home watching TV or sleep through it?
How will you bring in the New Year?  Will you have paper and pen at the ready to create your new resolutions?  Do you even create resolutions? Will it be the typical conversation you have with yourself about weight loss, losing the excess weight that has been stuck to your body for the last few years? Or spending less on lattes and frappes?
So we have a New Year. What are the goals that you want to set to have your mind take massive actions to achieve them?
What is the vision that you will create for yourself so that you will live a life of fulfillment and satisfaction?   Create a vision. Live your vision.

Photo by Brett Jordan
It’s 2014 soon, and ahead you have 365 brand new days to Live Your Vision.
The past:

What is the past?
Where do you think the past lives?
What is the past to you?
Is your past in your face, like it is going on right now in the present?
If you put your past where it is belongs (in the past) what do you have available?
Is there anything that your past can contribute to your life in 2014?
If you were to put the past where it belonged, what is it that you think that you might have that’s new or different from before?

The Future:

What do you have in store for those brand new 365 days ahead?
What will you ask for in 2014?
What will you create for yourself and your life in 2014?
What are you willing to throw out of your life this year and put in newly?
What unreasonable requests will you be willing to make in the New Year 2014?
What fears, upsets, hurts are you willing to learn from and release in 2014?
What and who will you choose to forgive in 2014?
Now imagine: it is 2014 and this is a brand new year.  Many things will happen in 2014. 2014 will have 524,160 minutes in total for the year.  When we break it down in this way what is your experience of time?
However, it is the same amount of time that each and every one of us on the planet is allotted if we are lucky.
Will you do what you love this year or will you sit around judging yourself and being afraid that if you do what you love you will be judged by others for it?  What comes naturally for you and what do you have to work on?  This year, is it time for you to look at what you are passionate about or just be a member of the Complaining Committee.
What is your reason for the New Year?  If you take a look at your life, what do you think you are here for? When I say “here for,” I mean in this life.  What are you on this planet for?
•        I am here first and foremost to experience a life that I create.
What does that life look like?
•        I am here to learn and grow in all facets of life.
•        I am here to help and be helped.
•        I am here to expand my human capacities.
•        I am here to heal and forgive
•        I am here to love and be loved
•        I am here to be kind
•        I am here to be happy and share happiness
•        I am here to learn to take risks
•        I am here to learn to trust life and others no matter what
•        I am here to experience life fully no matter what
•        I am here to live in the moment
•        I am here to give up the past
•        I am here to revel in my joy and the joys of others
•        I am here to know that it is okay to fail and it is through failure that I recreate and learn
Can we just be quiet for a moment and start looking at life in a way that focuses us on the things in life that make us happy?
Happy? What is “happy” to you?  People talk about being more happy/happier in their life; they want to be more happy.  How do you become more/happy when you may not have distinguished the happiness that you already have?  There is no such thing as “more happy.”  There is only being happy.  Happy is expansive, happy is our natural way of being.  Happy is all there is.  When we are happy we are being with what is.  We are being authentic and living in the present which is our natural state.  We are at peace with ourselves and all that is happening.  We are not making ourselves wrong, by tearing ourselves down piece by piece.  We are living in the moment.  Oh so happy.
When we are not happy we are asking someone, please show me more happiness.  Happy is like more chicken please when you have a whole roasted chicken on your plate and you have not even stuck your knife in yet. You have not even tasted it and yet you want more chicken, not knowing if the chicken that you have on your plate even tastes good.  Consider that if you work with the happy that you have, the more happiness that you want is already there. It will expand and you will be happy.
Who is responsible for your happiness?  The only person that is responsible for your happiness is you and only you.  No one can make you happy.  (Corollary, no-one can make you unhappy!) Happiness resides in you or not.  Anyhoo, I love that anyhoo, anyhoo, anyhoo, I feel like an owl when I say hoo.  Back to the story at hand.  We as humans talk about peace and happiness in the world and often times we look out into the world for that peace, not realizing that the peace that we seek outside ourselves cannot be found until we find peace and happiness inside ourselves.  The longer we live in upset and not look at what it is that has it be there, the longer we will be upset.
I am the only person that is responsible for my happiness, I am the only person responsible for peace.  Peace lives inside self and when peace is not present inside of self then there comes a time to ask, whose responsibility is it to put it in?
I have friends who are upset with me. We all have friends who are upset with us.  I have been upset, disappointed and sad with this situation.  I don’t like to be upset with anyone.  My friends are wonderful and there are times when our relationships take a turn and they can get ugly.  I do not profess to be an angel.  I am a life coach and I am always learning, expanding, growing as a human being.
I have a commitment to be open and honest with myself and my life.  I have a commitment to be powerful, successful, creative and abundant.   I have a commitment to never cause harm to another person.  Am I guilty of all of these things?  Yes.  I know it can take a lot for me to keep all of these agreements and will I falter?

Absolutely. I do know, however, that there is peace and happiness as I maintain this commitment now and throughout the New Year.
Noreen Sumpter is a Personal Life Coach who works with High Achievers who have dreams and gifts.
What’s one of your aspirations?  Maybe it’s a dream that you have forgotten or you have begun to give up on.  If that vision were awakened and alive today, what would your life look like?  Take a moment to dream and think about what you want for your life so you can take deliberate steps, owning your voice, speaking your truth, having the freedom to live life your way. “Live Life Your Way”
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