There are parts of the past that we love to dwell on and sometimes wallow in. The present is where life exists; it’s what is happening now and is alive. The future is what we pray, hope and desire to live into and get to.

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The past has teeth – or maybe dentures

The past has really strong teeth. The bite of the past can be one that is either relished or resisted. The bite depends on whether your teeth are real, or dentures.  The strength of the past is clever as it works with all human emotions; it works with our perceptions of the world – not the way it is but the way we believe it is (or was). If we are stronger than the bite of the past, we have courage to let go of the past, not feed it the nutrients it requires to feed off our memory and have us make unworkable choices. Our minds automatically use only the parts of the past that it thinks are valuable and rarely allows us to play in the now, and before we realize it we take small steps into the future one step at a time which rapidly become our past again.

The past can be like an elderly person who has lived life from a place of complete joy or can be from a place of complete sadness. One of them is happy and full of life, able to see life newly in a way that continues to bring happiness and joy; they age but continue to grow. On the other hand, the person who has chosen to live from an unhappy, distressed place sees life as a burden, everything is difficult, life is heavy and they are depressed and angry and don’t want or cannot transform their situation; they are dying. They aren’t willing to attempt anything new or see life as an opportunity.  The past runs their life and they are not growing.

The present is full of possibilities

Life in the present is spontaneous, open and full of possibilities.  The past is worthless and has no real place in the present other than it needs to be there (it thinks) in order to “protect” us.  It’s a good thing, because otherwise we would get run over, or fall down the stairs, etc. The present is committed to the things that bring joy and moves life forward step by step, moment by moment.  It is full of endless possibilities where issues are forgiven and put aside; when a lesson is learned, what occurs from that situation can always be useful. There is never any right or wrong: only what happened. The present allows life to be lived from a very powerful place with a sense of awareness that creates a life of creativity, imagination and wow! The present makes room for trusting intuitions where many doors are always open in the now; living with a fresh outlook. In the now, life issues become easy and accessible bringing your goals to you faster.

The future makes no promises

The future makes no promises; it only depends on one’s perceptions of life. Its view depends on how one holds that gentle glimmer of hope. The future has lots of different textures.  Some are soft, hard, rough and smooth. The textures of the future are like the textures of life.  It all depends on the ones that are wanted or attached to.  It also can be held in the grip of the fear of the past. The future makes no promises that your goals will be met, and it is always met in the now.

The future is patient; it allows for one step at a time in the now.  It likes the structure of making plans.  However, it is more likely to work out when a plan is flexible yet unwavering in its commitment, and dedicated while being free from any type of attachment.  No easy task!

The future likes that you are clear about your requests and does not operate from complaints. In combination with the present and the universe (life unfolding moment by moment) such a way of operating can only bring what is desired. It is required that you monitor your thoughts and remain present, free of doubt and fear, meticulous and present to negativity (they come from the past) into your thoughts. Being free of all concerns is truly an impossibility – what is possible is noticing that you have doubt (or fear or any kind of concern or consideration) and put it to one side (do not operate from those concerns/considerations) because that is where you have power. This means you can just be human and be superhuman at the same time to the degree that you catch yourself doing (or thinking) the things that don’t work for you.

The more authentic you are, the more you become aware of the powers of the past on what is in your now; only then can you can feel the present clearly and the future will just take care of itself because of the observations and declarations you make in the now. You will see that the trio will be obedient to your requirements, keeping in mind that the past is always poised to infiltrate into whatever way you go.

The past, present and future have power. By using your mind to catch yourself, you can learn discipline that will help you handle and work with them in the now! The key is working only in the NOW – as everything else is just either in the past or in the future where you have absolutely no control, so there is no need to be concerned about the past or the future at all!

Noreen Sumpter
Personal Life Coach
718 834 9450