In the end, what do you really want for yourself and your life?  What are the results and benefits that you want to accomplish and why?

Consider what you will do in your life to have you walk away a winner, having what you want and designing your life the way you would like.

Below is a list of the tangible examples, measurable benefits and results that you may want:

  1. Accomplishment of your personal goals
  2. A strong self-esteem that rockets
  3. Trust in yourself and trust in others
  4. An experience of happiness with yourself
  5. Creating your own truth and thus making it your reality
  6. Freedom
  7. Strong, generative, passionate relationships
  8. Feeling grounded, connected, and at ease with life
  9. The past is in its place
  10. Abundance of health, wealth, love, power, success and creativity
  11. Creating your passion or passions and sharing them unabashedly  

There are some very simple answers and actions to take.  Is there anywhere in your life where you are not recognizing your power, your strength?  Would you be willing to think about it?

Do you know who you are?  

Do people really know you?  

What do you like about yourself?

What do you love about yourself?

What don’t you like about yourself?

What are you willing to do about it?

Who do you have disagreements with and are you willing to clean them up?

What are you tolerating, putting up with, or suffering through?

Are you willing to create a new image of yourself that reflects your true being?

What would it take for you to express your courage, compassion, love, trust, etc?

How will you develop those qualities and what is in the way?

What would you look like with your new quality? What would it provide for your life?

Make your life a priority.

Disempowered thoughts keep you trapped and rob you of your life.