Photo by neverendingx1
Photo by neverendingx1

Giving your word helps your creativity soar.  I am as guilty as the next person – saying I am going to do something, start creating it and not finishing it. Whatever reason I had for stopping what I was creating, my reasons are never real. My reasons are things that live in my head and impact the way I communicate.  I speak curtly to myself. I get annoyed and irritated with myself. My energy feels dis-empowered and I have no self-compassion.
When I look at this, what it came down to is that there areas of my life that are important but at the same time difficult.  I noticed I was rarely honoring my word to myself.  No matter what I created, whatever needed to occur, was not going to happen because my word was weak.  In order to break this pattern, I created a stand for myself called “The Royal Word.”
It was not that I did not deserve to be treated well; it was that I did not get the impact of keeping my word to myself.   I just made myself wrong for not finishing the things I said I was going to do.  Why? Because I made up the idea that along with my new ideas, I was supposed to know how to get them done.  How could that be?  My new idea was something I never did before and something I never created before. I would see it in my mind’s eye, but when it came to manifesting it, I was making myself wrong because I thought I was also supposed to know what to do.  Because I could not make it happen, I believed I had failed myself and therefore hid the idea from myself and others. I moved on, however I would repeat this pattern over and over again.   Duh!
What I recently learned to do was to forgive myself and let go of my need to know how to do something.  How many of you have a need to know how things are supposed to go?  Millions of us.  When I had a need to know I felt dis-empowered, and experienced a loss of power. With the loss of power I felt confused, upset and angry at myself.  My anger at myself was like having a low grade fever.  I felt ashamed, and just plain bad.


What I learned was to switch myself on full blast.  I learned it works to share my upset, and tell on myself.  With this I also discovered that when I am creating something new, I can give myself permission to not know how it is going to go. I can be like a newborn baby that came into the world.  My new idea is just an idea. I have a general idea and I will develop it and give myself permission to fail.  I am allowed to get it wrong.  I give myself permission to be like a child is learning to walk, it falls down a million times.  I don’t have to worry about what my peers are going to say about me.  I can just fail and fail and fail, until I get it to succeed.
I have learned to give my word to my friends.  I give my word to people who are on the same path as me.  Have you noticed how it is easy for us to provide for others and when it comes to ourselves we just give up?  Well, I am committed to being a success in all areas of my life, doing the things that I deem successful.


What works for me is giving my word to another person.  It lives like when a close friend asks you to do something, you do it, no matter how long it takes for you to do it.  You get it done on the wire; you meet the friend’s deadline, right?  Have you noticed how that happens?  Now, on the flip side, when you have to give your word to yourself, you fiddle around and almost never get it done.


I give my word to a friend – someone who I respect – so that I now have an anchor for my word.  This anchor has been helping me fulfill my word.  I am learning and taking on my dreams. It helps me not to forget that I count, that I am important, and that I have a unique and special contribution to make in the world.  I know that my dreams, fantasies and goals are as important as anyone else’s in the world.  So, Give Your Word Away.