When I want to start or create something that I have never done before- be it exercise or something that calls for growth, development, and consistency- I find that it is important for me to take a look at the whole picture and then take bite-size pieces that I create instead of trying to figure out.  Why not figure out?  Well, I can only figure out things I have done before.  So if it’s something that I have not created before, there is no way to figure it out. You need to be honest, committed, and supportive which can show up in many different ways that I have not yet figured out.  Take myself, for instance, I have been working out on and off for years.  I have been consistent with my inconsistencies.  Long periods of working out then stopping.  However, the stopping periods have become shorter. I have learned that I stopped because I wanted to experience immediate success and then got discouraged. (Folly) Well, I know and have rediscovered that immediate success is possible and not possible.  You might ask, “What is Noreen talking about?”  Let me just say that exercise gives incremental success.  With exercise it is something I feel.  However, I cannot see it.  Let’s look at doing push-ups.  Doing 10 in the beginning was difficult.  However, when I had a coach, or I was being responsible, my coach would not let me stop.  His name was Dr. Evil.  I’d do 10 push-ups 3 times a week in my overall workout.  Then the following week, the same amount of push-ups became easier. Let’s look at me running on the “Dreadmill”, or treadmill. Five minutes was forever when I started – lungs busting out, wanting to vomit down my T-shirt and on the coach.  As I continued, it became easier. I was looking for instant results in my body. Did I lose 1/4 inch? No.  What I have since learned with my on again off again workout pattern is:

1. I do not like working out.  However, working out loves me. 
2. My BMI does not happen in the gym or on the “Dreadmill”; it happens in the kitchen.
3. I have committed to an overall vision of my health- big picture of what I need to do to create better health.

This means I do not have to like working out. I can enjoy working out. I can create a good understand and structure for what I put in my mouth.  I will get fitter, tighter, leaner and experience overall greatness inside my body.  So, I have learned to cut myself a good amount on slack.  Stop when I need to and start again when I’m ready and be responsible for the results I get or do not get and the pain I have to experience when I don’t wash, rinse and repeat the process I have learned. In conclusion, everything I do is a commitment, and my commitment is consistency. I do not have to do anything alone. I don’t have to like it. It lives in my commitment to my health.