Calling in the One Unapologetically (CITOU) is an event for people who want to expand their capacity to give and receive love in all areas of their life.

It is a 9-week workshop that is held every Thursday at 7:00-9:00 pm.  It is for people who are frustrated and stymied by relationships and would like some help with it. CITOU is an opportunity focus attention on the areas you need.

In CITOU  you will take responsibility for clearing away obstacles that have been holding you back, transform your mindset and have your inner self-match up with your outer self. Rid yourself of those things that have been holding you back from expressing yourself and creating the life to bring in the perfect partner for you.  In CITOU you will become a creator instead of a reactor you will use your imagination to create your personal reality instead of using it to escape from Reality. CITOU is truly wonderful, conducted with amazing teamwork and exciting experience You will want to think about your life, love, and choices. For further information contact 917-945-5907. This workshop is a coed space and it is gender and sexual preference safe. It is a space to grow, share and develop.

Class begins Feb 22 and ends April 19

Early Bird pricing ends Jan 31: $497

Standard Registration: $997


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