In this 9 week workshop you will expand your capacity to give and receive love in all areas of your life. The theme and vibration of CITOU is LoveX4 Expanded.

CITOU is attracting love in all of life. It is about being love, having love in all areas of your life.  Your career, finances, health and well-being in area of your life.  It’s about creating what love is for you.  It about you’re having appreciation of who you really are, it’s about expanding yourself, going for everything that is important to you being bold owning your power.  CITOU helps you live your life and loving it without apology.  It is about getting started now! from where you are in your life.  It’s about having the things you want passionately, focusing and clarifying with your goals and having them materialize.  It about owing that you are creator of your life and the things you desire.  That you have value and are valuable, that you’re past is the past and that you have and are no such thing as failure.  Come release fears, empower yourself and your life, developing your self-awareness by being courageous.  Finding your rockets of desire and shooting for them.  Creating your life deliberately and ride.  Don’t know what you want, stuck in conversations.  Blank to your desires.  Bring it all.  Calling in the one will have you muddle through and create what you want authentically from yourself and your life.

January 20th   Brooklyn – The Herb Shoppe
Cost: $390.00
394 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY
January 21st NYC –   Pearl Studio’s
Cost: $497.00  
500 8th Ave New York, NY

Times: 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm.  
Please RSVP  
917 945 5907 or