Jelani Anthony

Working with Noreen has been truly enlightening. She has a keen eye and an ability to listen which is unparalleled. One of the main things you hope for in a life coach, and in fact the true reason one might seek out this sort of assistance over a simple chat with a friend or family member, is in the hope that they might be able to truly see you and your situation differently. Noreen is able to see your story from the two angles that matter, your own troubled perspective and the perspective of the strategist. When we engage in this type of work it is important to feel heard, lest you receive advice to an issue that is simply adjacent to your core desire . Ones own troubles often prevent them from fully seeing the honest picture of themselves and this limitation can hinder the expression of their troubles to another. Noreen has the ability to fully understand the view one has adopted, and because of that, she is able to intuit details left unsaid, and feelings left unexpressed or unexplored. You feel as if she is able to role play you and, more importantly, walk forward through her own power and expertise charting the next few steps of your journey. No one can engage in your own personal growth for you, but Noreen is able to hold space in a way that at least sets you facing a clear direction toward your goals. Though it is always up to you to take the steps, speaking with Noreen can provide the sense of direction which precedes the work you'll need to do.

Stephanie Benedetto
Thank you for being you and sharing your voice with the world. You are a powerful leader in the community and it is an honor and privilege to know you and work with you.
Queen of Raw
Jene Elzie

I came to Noreen with a simple challenge: In the past, I had trouble articulating and asking for what I want.  I have always been a goal-oriented person and had no problem creating and realizing what I would call “impersonal” goals for myself – whether it was a sports-related goal (e.g. winning a competition); work-related  (e.g. achieving a promotion or title); or life-related (e.g. moving to a new city by X date.)  None of those goals, however, were truly personal.  None were about asking for what I believe I deserve at a person to person level.  Whether that is in personal or professional relationships, I realize now that I didn’t ask for things because I didn’t know or believe my worth.

Noreen has helped me step into space where I now know how to ask for what I need on a personal level and it has changed everything.  Difficult relationships – especially those where people had made me feel insecure or doubting of my own value - have become so much easier; when I am clear from the get go on what I need and what I deserve, I simply ask for it knowing the worst anyone can say is no.  And, things have begun showing up in ways I hadn’t imagined.  Men have been appearing where they hadn’t before; my relationship with my family has deepened in ways I couldn’t have expected, career opportunities are presenting themselves on an almost regular basis.

Best of all, I have become more accepting of the way things and people are – I don’t resist what I cannot control.  I spend more time in the world instead of in my head.  I feel more present and aware of what is developing around me and just generally appreciate the journey instead of focusing on controlling the outcome.

All of this – and it has only been four months!

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