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What previous participants have said:

“I discovered that I was invisible to my self but yet visible to others. I did not see myself as I presented to others.”

“For ten weeks, I explored concepts and ideas and took the time to reflect on various parts of my life. What I gained from the experience is almost like a whole new life or a rebirth. I know it sounds stupid that a 44 person can be reborn but I feel like I am new, powerful, and so ready to live the life that I want to live. I have never experienced such joy and peace as I have in the past month from recognizing not only what is beautiful and wonderful in my life but from knowing that I have the power to create and write the rest of my life story the way I want it to be.”

“It works right away, easy to implement. Lasting impression.”

“I came to the course with little direction, unemployed, not sure of the next steps and feeling inside exhausted and beat down by life. Like I had already been through so much and the journey or the place that I wanted to get to, was so very far and so very difficult to get to. If only, I would always think, if only someone or something could get me there. The course has ended and I have a real direction and a point to direct my passion, energy, and focus that is truly in line with my heart and my dreams. I deserve the life that i see for myself and I have the tools to achieve that. I believe what Noreen provided in the course was a way to allow me to see that I was in “spot” in life and that I had the power and all the possibility to direct myself to where I chose to be and the life I want for myself and my son.”

“After a perfect storm of major life events, including divorce, career change, and lifestyle change to fitness, I was struggling to regain focus. I had all my goals set, but had so much ambition to get ahead again, that I was overburdening myself. Noreen helped encourage me to keep focused on what’s important to me, to stay positive, and not focus on external negatives that aren’t worth worrying about. The Ten Tips Course provides the ability to see and tackle personal weaknesses, so you can achieve success. Integrating the values from the weekly tips into daily life gives you immediate results from a more positive mindset. A weekly deadline for review reinforces what you have learned, while moving the course forward at a staggered pace which builds upon itself week after week. I would highly recommend the Ten Tips Course, and Noreen is wonderful to work with.”

“Before this I was always in the future and planning steps today based on my own critical thought process of the future. After Noreen I try to stay/show up in the present because I am not a fortune teller and the furor is wide open.”

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